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Chapter 192 - Unique Quest

The giant ape fell down with a thud and several sparkly items fell out of the beast.

Liam ignored all the item drops, quickly tossing them into his inventory in a hurry. 

He did not have very much time right now because the people who died will most definitely be back soon. 

An elite close to its death door was not something anyone would ignore. 

Moreover, it was not hard for them to guess his handiwork. So they would surely be back for revenge.

However, as Liam grabbed everything in sight, there was one item that stood out, something that he couldn ’t just ignore despite the urgency.

A small deformed blue-colored stone. 

It looked like a pebble that was punched in.

Yet, Liam treated it so cautiously. He bent up to carefully pick it up in his hand.

”A partial mana core? ” He let out a gasp as he eyed the item with shock and disbelief. 

”How did this Level 30 elite form a mana core? ”

Even though it was a partial one, forming a mana core was something only the higher grade beasts could accomplish.

Such a feat required a lot of intelligence and more importantly bloodline strength.

It was impossible for a mere ape, who lacked even the comprehension to learn a single magic spell, to form such a thing.

”How did this happen? ”

”Is this because of that item at the back of the cave?

Now everything made sense and Liam turned to look at that very normal inconspicuous cave. 

From the looks of it, there was a treasure inside!

”It has to be something that benefited beasts. That little guy also wanted it badly. ”

Liam did not think about it anymore and decided to analyze everything later.

He hurriedly dashed into the cave, but beating him to the punch, Luna was already inside. 

She had her tail wrapped around the fist-sized gemstone that dazzled brilliantly with colors of the rainbow and was trying to lift it up awkwardly.

However, it was too big for her to lift the stone and she could only hug it with love and yearning.

”You little… ” Liam chuckled. ”Alright. Alright. This is yours. I will give it to you later, Luna. Not right now, okay? ” 

He tossed the gem into his inventory and the small fox onto his back and quickly headed into the forests.

The demons had all scattered into different directions a while back and Liam did not bother searching for them. 

If they were not capable enough to keep themselves alive until the portal pulled them back in, then there was no point in him training them in the first place.

Besides, there was something else he absolutely had to right now…

With his [Stealth] still on, Liam moved cautiously through the forest. 

The small fox also trailed behind him maintaining a safe distance and hiding thoroughly using the backdrop of the place they were in.

By now, he had the chance to finally take a look at the map, and it looked like, they were in the borders of the Oolong Kingdom, one of the neighbors of the Gresh Kingdom.

This was surprising because, in his last life, the Gu family had their base established in the Moonlight Kingdom, not the Oolong Kingdom.

So the chances of these people being here randomly were quite low. 

They were definitely here on some quest and Liam had a feeling that this quest was probably related to the gemstone he had looted.

”He He. That ’s just perfect. ” Liam grinned like a big bad wolf, continuing to move through the forests searching for a familiar place that was usually in all regions, the graveyard.

After he left the area where the waterfalls was located, the wind as well started picking up, and he no longer needed to watch his steps carefully.

Hidden in the rustling of leaves and snapping of twigs, he covered a lot of distance and not long after arrived at the spot that he was looking for.

Liam immediately slowed down his footsteps and made sure that he was properly hidden. 

He then positioned himself behind a tree and observed the graveyard from a distance.

Almost all of the dead players had already resurrected and they seemed to be grouped together having some sort of discussion.

Since no one else was present in the area, these people did not bother lowering their voices and Liam could clearly hear everything that they were saying.

”How is this possible? ” The leader of the party, the person Liam had recognized, spat out. 

This was Gu Zui, the person who had made it his life ’s mission to torture Liam in his previous time around. 

He was one of the lackeys of Liam ’s master and purposefully harassed him several times just to please the others and make himself look cooler.

Just the mere sight of him made Liam ’s blood boil and he clenched his fists. It took everything out of him to control himself.

He had the means to utterly destroy and erase everyone in front of him right this second, but he was not alone to do such a thing. He had to think about the consequences.

It was still not the right time yet to return his debt but that didn ’t mean he couldn ’t play around a little.

Even if he couldn ’t kill them completely right now, destroying and devouring their souls, he could always kill them enough times to make them sick and tired.

These were all young men in their prime but once he was done with them, they would be no longer the same.

In certain ways, this was a punishment worse than death. 

It wouldn ’t be bad to let them experience this punishment for a little while before he came back to claim their souls once and for all.

Liam raised his hand to properly fix the black mask on his face and prepared to move, but he stopped as the rest of their conversation caught his interest.

”How the heck is this possible? The quest is suddenly showing something different.. It says here that the quest is failed! ” Gu Zui raged.

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