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Chapter 193 - Everyone Called In Sick

”Quest failed? What? ”

”Ummm… Are you sure, leader? Like did you look properly? ”

Gu Zui breathed in and out like a dragon and looked at the person who had just spoken. ”What do you mean by that? What FUCKING other way is there to look at something? ”

He directly threw a punch at the guy ’s face in exasperation.

”We came all this way, spent so many resources, and even killed off an insect who had somehow managed to arrive there before us, so how could we have still failed? ”

”Boss, someone sabotaged us. ” One of the healers hesitantly muttered.

”Oh, so now you are giving an excuse for being a colossal failure? Who is even here to sabotage us? ” 

”You guys couldn ’t fucking handle an almost dead ape and now you are bringing up a lame excuse! ”

”If you had done your job properly and healed everyone, we wouldn ’t be in this mess in the first place! ”

”Leader, we were healing like always. Ughhh. If there was an actions history I would have pulled it up and shown you! You have to trust me! Someone attacked us from the side. ” 

The healer did not know how to make this guy believe him and cried inwardly. Luckily, the others voiced their opinions to help him.

”I also saw that. ”

”Yes, there was a couple of fire blasts from the side. ”

”Hmmm… ” Gu Zui finally became silent contemplating a few things.

Listening to everything silently, Liam smirked from the sidelines. 

”I guess that ’s my cue? ” 

He wanted to wait and see if they would discuss more details about the quest, but it looked like that wasn ’t going to happen.

He also did not have much time. The portal could revoke all of them back to the nether realm at any given moment. So he decided to go in before it was too late.

If he didn ’t kill them a few times at least, he really wouldn ’t be able to sleep peacefully tonight.

Liam took a few deep breaths and then moved. Just as he did, he took out something from his inventory and tossed it first, right in the middle of the group.


The next second a huge explosion rang loudly. Dust, shrapnel, and rocks flew everywhere and a cloud of fire and smoke rose up into the air.

Everything in the vicinity was blown apart, including the tombstones on the graveyard.

And the people who had been obliviously discussing something just moments ago, also found themselves blasted away, huge chunks of their health removed.

A few weaker ones directly died on the spot, but most were just gravely injured.

And before they could even begin to recover, a figure blurred past the ones who were only barely alive and slashed at them with an incredible speed.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

The entire raid team was in complete disarray and they dropped dead one after the other as Liam made his rounds.

Within a minute every single member of that party found themselves dead once again.

Before the sound, dust and the reverberations of the explosion settled down, Liam had taken care of all of them. 

Not even a single member of the group remained, with only Liam standing amidst the dust and debris. His mask was still on and a smile danced on his lips.

”Not bad. ”

He looked at the ball-shaped item in his hand which was the same one he had just now used to cause the explosion. 

This was also the second item he had looted from the treasure chest in the mecha gnome valley.

[Grade C Grenade]

He had been wanting to try out the power of this item and it was not in the least disappointing.

”If the Grade C ones are so powerful, then what about the Grade B and Grade A ones? ” Liam ’s smile widened. 

He gazed at the three mecha gnome items in excitement. Each one was more powerful than the other.

His hands were itching to try those out too, but he didn ’t want to waste those precious items on this bunch of trash.

He had only managed to get 20 grenades of each grade. So they couldn ’t be carelessly wasted.

”Alright. It should be about time. ” Liam ’s figure blurred once again. 

Since the explosion, several seconds had passed and it was time for the group to start resurrecting one by one.

And as soon as they did…

”What was that explosion? Did you guys see- ”

Bam. Slash. Bam. Dead.

”Is everyone fine- ”

Bam. Slash. Bam. Dead.

”Wait, you guys died again? ”

Bam. Slash. Bam. Dead.

”Someone is here. ”

Bam. Slash. Bam. Dead.

No one seemed to understand what was happening around them. 

Liam used this chaos and confusion to once again round up all the members who resurrected one or two at a time and culled them all down again.

This was completely different from the time he had only dealt with a few players like a group of five or six.

This time he was dealing with a whole raid group of 30 players to be precise. 

So he did not rely on any spell casting and pushed all of his mana towards physical enhancement.

He boosted his speed, agility, and strength to the maximum and spun like a top, leaving bloodshed and chaos in his trail.

Before the group of players could connect the dots, they once again found themselves dead for the third time in a row.

Repeatedly taking in this much pain was agonizing, but at the same time, the equipment loss and the level loss hurt more.

Especially because they had pre-planned and over-geared, just to raid this specific boss for the quest completion, there were several good items on their person.

As Liam lazily collected all of them from the group one after the other, he even hummed contently. 

”This time the Gu family has invested in these idiots quite a bit. I didn ’t think that they would make my gold farming so easy. ” 

”I should be able to sell all of these for a huge sum of money. If Derek contacts me, this should be more than sufficient. ”

Liam happily looted everything in sight and the fox stayed a distance, still hidden but observing everything curiously.

For some reason, she felt as if her master was happier when killing other human beings when compared to fighting with ghosts or beasts.

She made a mental note about this and continued watching, keeping an eye on Liam ’s back. Not that he needed it.

Everything was going unexpectedly smooth. 

After finishing the second round, he took a breather for a few seconds and then commenced the third round and after that the fourth round.

Gu Zui was maddened with anger and frustration. ”Damn it! Who is doing this? This is my unique quest, you bastard! Stop it or I will find you and- ”

Bam. Slash. Bam. Dead.

”Oh? Unique quest? Interesting. Thanks for the information. ” Liam finished him off.

After killing these idiots multiple times now, their levels had already fallen down to below 20. At this point, he no longer bothered to even personally make a move.

He silently squatted on the floor in an impolite fashion and then used the system spell to activate [Lava Rain].

He combined this with the spell he was practicing currently. 

So as soon as the players resurrected, he started targeting them with multiple blasts of fire along with the lava rain that was pouring on them from the top.

With both the dot damages combined, the effect rapidly reduced everyone ’s health and the group was massacred yet another time without any survivors left behind.

They could only silently curse and cry inwardly without being able to do anything at all. However, these players were from a big guild.

So it was not like they weren ’t aware of what was happening to them. Someone was purposefully targeting them and slaughtering them.

It was just that even if they knew it, they couldn ’t do anything about it. They were not able to log out. They were not able to contact their friends.

They were just completely helpless.

The only way that they could be saved from this inhumane and unbearable torture was if someone from their guild noticed their levels dropping crazily and sent back up here to help them out.

However, why would the guild put so much effort into helping out nobodies like them?

Unfortunately, even Gu Zui ’s standing in the guild wasn ’t all that important. This was why he had selected this particular group for the raid.

This was a unique quest, so he wanted to hog all the rewards by himself and then, later on, reveal it when he increased his power level.

Otherwise, the upper echelons from the guild would immediately grab the quest from his hand and keep it for their own benefit, further solidifying their position in the guild.

For a bottom-feeder like Gu Zui, this quest was like a one in million chance. 

He had come here with high hopes and big dreams, but in the end, they had met this black-masked demon here.

And his precious quest was taken away from him just like that… like taking candy from a baby. All the pieces of equipment too…

Gu Zui felt miserable. This single endeavor had bankrupted him completely. He was done for. How could he now catch up to the others?

His level was dropping lower and lower every minute. Was this the same person they had tried to sneak attack? Was this revenge for the sneak attack?

If he had known this beforehand, he would have silently waited on the side for the fucking ape to spawn once again!

Mommy… Gu Zui wanted to cry out loud. 

However, just as he respawned he was once again sent back to the realm of the dead.

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