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Chapter 194 - Dealing With The Devil Is Bothersome

In one of the restaurants in Yleka city…

”Are we ready to raid the ’Stone Mountain ’ dungeon in 3 days? ” A short and chubby-looking young man in his twenties took a sip of his beverage, speaking absentmindedly.

Though he was in the middle of the conversation, his eyes were glued onto the waitress who had a plump bosom and was cleaning the adjacent table revealing her bouncy mounds.

His hand was itching to reach forward and grab the melons but unfortunately, he had already suffered the consequences of such a thing and did not intend to make the same mistake again.

After all, he belonged to the prestigious Gu family. So he couldn ’t let himself be humiliated like this, especially now that their family hierarchy was up for grabs.

If he wanted to compete with his other talented and outstanding siblings, he needed to control himself for now.

In the end, when the family was in his hand, then he could do as he pleased. 

Countless women would throw themselves at him and he could sleep with whomever he wanted whenever he wanted.

But now. He needed to exercise caution for now. All his plans depended on this game and everything had to go perfectly.

With a long sigh, he reluctantly withdrew his eyes away from the bouncy temptations and looked at his underling. ”What? Why are you silent? ”

”Umm… That… Actually… ”

”WHAT? ” Gu Donghai suddenly felt that something was not right.

”A few of our raid members are… they need some more time to level up. ”

”What the FUCK are you saying? Are you telling me that we cannot enter ’Stone Mountain ’ in 3 days? We can ’t get the first clear? ”

”Where is everyone? Tell me everything right now! ”

The underling wiped the sweat off his forehead and tried to explain what had happened as best as he could. However, he also did not know too many details.

”Sir, I heard that they ran into some unexpected elite and got wiped out. Gulp. Several times. ”

”How could that be possible? Why were they brainless enough to keep attacking it again and again? If it was not possible then they could have retreated and called for backup! ”

”Umm… that ’s true… ”

”What you are saying doesn ’t make any sense! What level are they right now? ”

”Sir… that… ”

”Are you going to make me ask again? ”

”Between 2 and 5. ” The lackey blurted out. He was just the messenger but he doubted if their group leader would consider that right now.

He looked up at Gu Donghai ’s face like a scared little mouse and the other party was seemingly in some sort of confusion.

”You mean 25? ” He asked again.

”N… No. Sir. Level 2. ”

”Did.. you… say… 2? ” He slowly asked, his entire body shaking. 

”Umm… Yes, sir. They were wiped out quite a few times. So… some of them are 2 and some are 5. ”

Gu Donghai ’s blood pressure instantly rose sky high as he abruptly stood up from the chair, banging the cup on the table.

”Bring me Gu ZUI! NOW! ”

The lackey squirmed in place. He did not know how to respond to this as he was caught between a rock and a hard place.

”Sir… that… some of our members are not feeling too well. So… ”

”So? ” Gu Donghai growled like a lion. ”SO? ”

”So… they haven ’t logged back into the game. They called in sick. They are… ummm… resting. ”

”Resting? Huh? RESTING? FUCK! ” In his anger, he tossed the table on the lackey who was sent flying backward. 

”What the fuck do you mean they are resting? Get them to log back in right this second! Useless piece of trash! Bunch of pussies! Get them all here right now. NOW! Do you hear me? ”

However, before the underling could respond, another voice sounded from behind them. 

”Ahem. Ahem. You are both creating quite a ruckus here. Take this outside. Both of you are no longer welcome in this restaurant. Get out. ”

A big burly man stood, his figure towering over them like a mountain.

Gu Donghai ’s face became bright red from the utter humiliation but he knew that he couldn ’t talk back to this person. So he silently gnashed his teeth and stepped out.

Behind him, his underling as well trembled and followed him.

”Get everyone here fast. If not… you know what will happen. I will be at the brothel. ” Gu Donghai gritted his teeth and left the place.

His underling could finally take a breather and the poor guy sighed in relief. 

Since no one was online, he could only log out and try contacting them on phone or make a personal trip to each of their houses.

”Sigh. This is going to be a long day. ” He as well left the city by logging off.

Meanwhile, the person who was responsible for all of this… just now arrived at the city. 

Liam happily hummed a tune as he mingled in the crowded city, hiding in plain sight. 

Though his inventory was astonishingly full right now, everything he wore was plain and cheap and could even be called scrap.

Not one person gave him a second look, not at his gear and not at the big smile he was displaying.

He had neither expected nor planned to deal with the Gu family lackeys completely.

What went down was more or less the ideal situation for him. Before the portal activated, he had killed them enough times, bringing their levels to single digits.

This was kind of perfect. So he was slightly more upbeat compared to his usual serious self. 

He also did not stay behind in the nether realm and decided to take a break as per his previous plan. 

Four of the five demons had survived the mission. So, he paid them their remuneration and promptly returned back to Yleka city.

”Haaa… The air here really does taste better. ” 

Liam first went inside one of the many restaurants lining the street and ordered for himself one of the high-end delicacies.

”Now, let me see what to do next. ”

He opened his communication interface and was instantly flooded with several messages.

Liam chuckled, his eye speedily glancing over all of them. 

He only made this extra effort because he was expecting to hear back from the person he was most interested in right now, Derek.

However, there was nothing from the other party. Absolutely, no communication at all from his side, neither yes nor no.

Liam sighed and then closed everything. He already knew that this was going to be difficult and might even take time so he was not in a hurry.

”Ok, maybe I will start with some potion concoctions then. ” He muttered in silent contemplation, thinking about the several messages he had received from Abraki.

Of course, forming such an alliance between him and the Assassin ’s guild would be helpful in one way or the other, but that was not his main purpose in doing so.

Someone had messed with him. How could he let it go just like that? There needed to be suitable consequences for actions.

He could sell these potions in the auction house and make some gold or he could sell these potions to the Assassin ’s alliance and along with gold, he could also…

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