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Chapter 196 - Welcome To The Dark Side

Seeing the constipated look on Abraki ’s face, his friend quickly interjected.

”Guild leader, don ’t think too much. I remember the price the potions got sold last time, about 100 gold coins. Let ’s just use the same amount. ” 

”If we run the dungeon and get the first clear, the price should be worth it. 20 potions is a lot. With this, we can do several trials and finish it for sure. ”

Abraki froze. ”This is a good idea. Ahem. Thank you. ” He was very nervous and he had ended up unnecessarily overthinking things.

He immediately entered the price and much to his surprise and relief, Liam also quickly accepted it. The next second, he received the stack of 20 fire-resistance potions in his inventory. 

”Got it! ” Abraki excitedly exclaimed.

Just as he was about to ask Liam if he had more potions for sale or any other special items, another message popped up.

”That ’s all I have for now. ”

”Oh? ” Abraki couldn ’t help but feel disappointed. However, almost immediately another message popped up.

”But for every member of the guild Divine Retribution taken down from the leaderboard, I will give you the chance of buying 20 more potions. ”

”Of course, I also have other useful potions that are not available anywhere else right now. ”

Abraki almost couldn ’t believe his eyes. 

This deal… was too good!

This meant that as long as he needed potions, all he had to do was find one of the top players in the Divine Retribution guild and kill them once.

This might be too much to handle for the smaller guilds for a guild like Assassin ’s guild, this was nothing. 

They were all still assassins in their core and this was what they did anyway.

”Thank you. I will contact you again. ” Abraki sent his reply quickly.

”What happened, guild leader? ” His friend asked and Abraki smiled. ”Someone else ’s misery is going to become our luck. He He. ”

Abraki truly felt sorry for the guild. If Liam was going to offer this chance only for their guild, then it was a different story but he had a feeling that it was not going to be so simple.

”That guy is probably going to make this offer to a whole bunch of guilds, reversing everything. Heh. I really wouldn ’t want to be that guild leader right now. ” He muttered, chuckling to himself.

”Huh? What is going on? ” The other person was confused to see the guild leader talking to himself and laughing about something.

”Nothing. Nothing. Forget about other things and quickly, find out the whereabouts of all top players of the Divine Retribution guild. ”

”Divine retribution guild? ”

”Yep, divine retribution guild. They are going to be our new rare elites. Ha Ha. ” The two of them then hurriedly left the city on Abraki ’s insistence.

He did not want to be left behind in the dust by the numerous other guilds that were all soon going to be hunting down the damned guild ’s members.

At the other end, Liam casually closed the message interface. 

He stretched his hands lazily, feeling bored from all the tedious business transactions.

”I guess this is better than farming for stuff personally. ” He hummed and then pulled up the auction house interface again.

He hadn ’t yet collected the money from the previous time when he sold another batch of fire-resistance potions. So that was sitting there in the deposit and waiting for him.

Liam quickly accepted it.

Right now when everyone else around him was scrambling to make gold and get ahead in the game, he was probably the only one who did not even bother to collect the sales from the auction house.

He also had a huge chunk of wealth in his hands that could fetch him a few hundred thousand dollars. However, he had no intention of exchanging this gold.

Be it gold coins or money, they were both going to be worthless really soon. There was no point in accumulating either.

Instead, he once again speedily went through the different items for sale in the auction house and he bought out all the herbs and other raw materials that he could lay his hands on.

Unlike other games where certain raw materials from the beginner areas would become obsolete and cheap, the materials here were valuable even at the later stages of the game.

This was because every single precious her or ore had an abysmal spawn rate and irrespective of the level of the player, they had to deal with this spawn rate.

Sitting for hours together just to pluck a few stalks of herbs?

Liam did not want to do that. So he hoarded all the raw materials like there was no tomorrow. 

He spent quite a bit of time on this as he was recently flush with cash and finally stood up with a low grunt after an entire hour. 

He once again stretched his hands and legs, still lugging the huge bag along with him as he started walking away.

The person sitting next to him gave him the stink eye, frowning at his disappearing figure. ”Useless trash. I can ’t believe idiots like him waste time like this. Well whatever, not my problem. ”

Liam smiled as he could faintly hear that guy ’s words, but he continued walking away. He had too many things that he needed to go. He did not have time to entertain random people.

He directly went to an old square building next to the auction house, which kind of looked austere and empty as opposed to the crowd in the auction house.

This was the warehouse of Yleka city. Not many people used this facility as the inventory space itself was quite huge and if not there was always the guild vault.

This warehouse was mostly meant for the use of individual players. However, currently, there was no individual player who had a need for this.

Raw materials were selling like hotcakes, thanks to Liam. So everyone was selling everything on hand if they were not using it.

And Liam who was the person buying everything was the first real customer of the warehouse.

Everyone who had come here before him had just bought a spatial storeroom to quench their curiosity. 

Players were doing everything that they can to trigger secret quests and special quests so there were quite a few who rented space here and made conversation with the accountant with the hopes of getting something in return.

But Liam already knew that there was no such thing. So he did not bother doing any of that and directly purchased a slot. It cost 1000 gold and it was a one-time purchase.

So he paid the amount and dumped all of his items inside the gigantic inventory interface. The plus point was that this was huge with the capacity to hold millions of items.

The drawback was that he could only access it within the Yleka city. So he kept all the consumables on hand and dumped all the excess raw materials and gear.

He did not auction off the gear just yet and wanted to wait a bit more. The time wasn ’t ideal just yet. 

In a few days, the main nether realm event will start and that was the most fortuitous time to place all these items for sale.

He took a few minutes, transferred everything, and when he walked out, for some reason he felt light and free. 

In his last life, he could only look at this warehouse and comment about how it was a waste of gold. But in this life, he was actually using it!

Liam smiled and walked out. 

And as for his next destination…

He stared at the giant tower at the heart of the city, the PVP tower. This was also one of the major changes post the update.

If he completely ignored this and just focussed on the nether realm event, he had a feeling that he might be making a mistake.

So as long as he was here in the city, he decided to take a look first.

Just as he was about to head in, suddenly he got a new message from someone on his friend list. So he paused and opened the message to see that it was actually from Derek!

Liam looked shocked for a moment but after reading the contents of the message, his lips revealed a big fat shit-eating grin.

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