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Chapter 201 - Kingdom Quest

After the first two floors, Derek got the drift of everything and he continued to cruise through the rest of the hundred floors one after the other.

Liam did not even have to participate in a single battle. 

Seeing that he had everything under control, and there was some time, Liam decided to contact his sister to see what those two were up to. He hadn ’t heard from them in a while.

He didn ’t think that it was good to leave those two up to their own means for so long. It was always better to check in once in a while.

Besides, after watching all these noobs get slaughtered at the hands of the war god, he wanted his sister and Shen Yue to train here too.

Liam personally hadn ’t spent any time here. However, after observing things here, he thought that this wasn ’t too bad a place for learning.

Considering both Shen Yue and Mei Mei severely lacked combat experience, this grind would definitely help them.

”Let me see what they are doing now. ” Liam stretched his hands, leisurely opening the message interface. 

The last time he checked, the two were off somewhere farming rare elites in the west.

Liam ’s eyes perused all the small messages and updates and it looked like the last message was an hour earlier.

And to his surprise, once again their names were greyed out in their group chat.

”Hmmm? ” He immediately stood up in alarm. 

He refused to believe that even with the two golems, the duo had somehow managed to land in some sort of trouble.

But considering what happened last time when their names were greyed out, he did not wait and directly activated the cursed ring that connected him to his sister.

Immediately Liam felt a pull and his figure disappeared from the PVP tower, arriving at a dark and desolate place.

”What the hell? Where is this? ” He was shocked because he neither saw his sister nor Shen Yue near him. This basically went against the function of the cursed rings.

And as his eyes quickly searched the surroundings to make sense of this situation, he soon spotted the two broken rings on the ground.

Liam ’s eyes widened and a grave look appeared on his face. These two had come in contact with someone who was powerful enough to break the cursed rings?

He quickly opened the map and saw that he was currently in the western part of the Gresh kingdom, to be precise near the Redmoon town.

”Wasn ’t this the location of her chain quest? ” Liam ’s expression became even worse. ”I specifically asked them to wait before starting that quest. ”

Chain quests were never simple. There was no easy chain quest. Perhaps the one that led the player around by the nose and made them waste hours and hours gathering herbs or ores.

But even for those scenarios, the subsequent quests were always of high difficulty.

This was exactly why he had warned them.

However, it looked like his sister was entering a rebellious age where she was no longer listening to him?

Or did they have no choice in this matter, to begin with?

There were all sorts of quests in the game and some of them could even have an automatic trigger. If this quest was one such thing, then they could have been teleported here without their consent.

And that would explain why they hadn ’t contacted him about coming here as well.

However, thinking about these things did not do much good right now. He needed to figure out what to do next.

Liam started hurriedly searching the surroundings. He remembered the quest description and it said that Shen Yue needed to find that old maid somewhere near the Redmoon town.

The exact location was not given but this area was not too big. He only needed to search a bit. However, as he started looking around, something felt off. 

The place he was currently standing could not be called a town at all.

There were only empty houses and deserted streets everywhere, that too everything looking like it was burnt to the ground, leaving only the framework behind.

There weren ’t any people or NPCs around, not even trees, plants, or any vegetation in sight.

How could this be called a town? It was like someone had sucked every ounce of life from within this place.

”Was this place always like this? ” Liam had a doubt. Redmoon town was just another human settlement and he did not remember anything remarkable about that place.

He left the town area and started searching the surroundings. ”This would have been much faster if I had Talon with me. ” 

He then suddenly had an idea and looked up at the sky.

Since the entire place looked like scorched earth, other beasts and birds would at least temporarily stay away from here.

So chances were that nothing would be in the vicinity.

However, if his sister and Shen Yue were here, then Talon couldn ’t be too far.

And he hadn ’t received any notifications about Talon getting injured. That meant that he still had time to act!

Taking this into account, Liam also started searching the skies as he searched the ground.

Because of the high and low lands, it was easier to search the skies and bingo, before long, he spotted a bird flapping its wings at a distance.

”There you are. ” He quickly hurried over there and saw that even the places near the town were completely destroyed without any vegetation in sight.

Now, Liam was more than sure that something was happening here as he couldn ’t remember the western part of the kingdom having any places like this.

If there were, then there would have at least been some beasts or monsters specific to this place living here. 

The ecosystem in ’Evolution Online ’ was very competitive and such huge acres of land wouldn ’t have gone uninhabited.

The only explanation was that this landscape had only recently changed so nothing had migrated over just yet.

Liam used his top speed to arrive at the spot and just as he thought, it was Talon who was flying up in the sky. 

And in front of him, hidden amidst several thorny brambles, was a huge dilapidated temple. ”They must be inside this place. ”

Liam whistled and the bird instantly scooped down to greet him in joy and exhilaration. ”Stay away but not too far. I will go in and take a look. I might call you if needed. ”

The bird nodded and quickly made itself scarce.

Liam also activated [Stealth] and entered the temple through a broken wall at the side. However, as soon as he stepped in, another shock awaited him.

The dimly lit corridor had two cloaked figures guarding the area and each of them was Level 50. 

Even though Liam ’s current level was heads above the others, these would still be a challenge for him to handle. ”Just what is this place? Some sort of cult practitioners? ”

And moreover, if these guards were already at Level 50, the ones inside might be at an even higher level!

Liam had a bad feeling. This time it looked like things wouldn ’t go so smoothly and he might even be killed if he stepped inside.

But what other choice did he have?

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