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Chapter 203 - Dealing Fire With Fire

Liam ’s mind spun. Time was tight and he needed to figure out the best way possible to act. But before deciding anything, he first needed to take a look at the condition inside the temple.

There was a huge hole in the wall a few feet ahead of him, so he walked over to that spot and peered inside while preparing to act if something unexpected happened.

Luckily, there weren ’t any guards on the other side to sense his presence and he was able to take a look inside.

The inside of the temple looked equally broken down and the walls were adorned with multiple torches. 

At the center of the temple, there was a circle of dark mages chanting something under their breath.

And in the middle of this, Liam finally caught sight of his sister and Shen Yue!

”There you are. ” He muttered, observing everything carefully. 

The two of them were tied to a structure like an altar and next to this altar was an extremely beautiful woman. 

Liam had never seen anyone as mesmerizing as this person in front of him. It was as if every single one of her features was sculpted to perfection.

She had long black hair cascading down like waterfalls, a slender waist, and voluptuous curves that could entice any man.

Her facial features as well were extraordinary, her eyes capable of evoking passionate emotions.

Compared to her, Shen Yue, Mia, and Alex were nothing. They couldn ’t hold a candle to this person ’s mature and seductive aura. 

As his gaze dragged on her, Liam couldn ’t help himself and continued to look at her, almost forgetting the reason he was here.

A certain part of him was rock hard as well.

Only when she muttered something in a language he didn ’t understand and sprinkled some blood on his sister ’s and Shen Yue ’s unconscious faces, he snapped out of his trance.

”Damn it. Is this the effect of charm? ”

”Even at such a distance, I was swayed, and that too from her mere appearance. I need to be more careful. ”

He peeled his eyes away from the enticing woman, not daring to look at her anymore, and observed the other areas inside.

There were only two floors to the temple, a ground floor and the first floor with a staircase at the end of the hall, leading up to the first floor.

In total, there seemed to be about 30 to 40 Dark Mages, all of them around Level 50. 

As if this was not difficult enough, he also had to deal with the enchantress herself, who was Level…

Liam had no idea. He was so mesmerized by her beauty that he didn ’t get a chance to look at her level.

As for checking her out for a second time, that was out of the question.

This was the first time Liam felt as if he had no control over anything in front of him. He was as helpless as experiencing everything for the first time.

Moreover, these charm-type skills seem to have an impact on him.

Just how the hell was he supposed to fight this enemy?

If all the Dark Mages were around Level 50, she would also be either around that Level or higher. 

Originally, Liam thought he would summon the two golems, create a distraction, attack her, but now… he no longer had the confidence to fight against her.

These were the special mental attack type bosses. 

He doubted that she would permanently have a hold on him but she was definitely likely to trap him at least for a few seconds.

And for a higher level being like her, these seconds were more than enough to take him for a ride and leave his corpse behind.

So how the hell was he supposed to fight her?

Just as he was racking his brain about this, Liam suddenly remembered another woman whom he had come across, almost equally beautiful but not a human being.

The naga royal princess!

He had almost forgotten about that item which he had acquired a while back. He didn ’t think he would have any use for it. 

He also didn ’t think they were genuine because the naga ’s level was so low.

But now was a good time to test it. If it worked, then it would be of great help to him in this endeavor. 

If it didn ’t then, he would only have to use the golems and grenades and blast everything inside. 

In that way, Shen Yue and his sister would only suffer one death and that was not too bad, considering the situation they were in.

Because the more he looked at everything that was happening, he had a feeling that they might lose more than just their lives.

Liam narrowed his eyes and took out the small white pearls. He had two of them. He only needed one right now so he placed the other one back into the inventory.

”Will this witch ’s charm work on other girls too? Well, whatever. I should try it. ” 

He then looked at the item description for the pearl which was rather vague.

[Naga Pearl] – Summons the naga who produced this pearl

”Ok. Here it goes. ” He let out a deep breath and activated the summon spell attached to the pearl. 

Almost immediately, the space in front of him distorted and a silver mist started spreading. Liam became alert and quickly took a couple of steps back.

The silver mist slowly became thicker and thicker and the next instant all the wisps suddenly condensed together forming a figure shaped like a lamia.

However, the mist didn ’t clear and continued to linger. Nothing was happening.

”Hello? ” Liam mumbled, looking at everything curiously.

Almost instantly, a long-forked tongue lashed out, Liam instinctively taking a few more steps back. 

A loud angry hissing sound reverberated in the empty corridor, the mist finally clearing away, revealing another ethereal beauty, albeit an angry-looking beauty.

Her eyes stared daggers at Liam, eyeing him top to bottom.

Just her gaze was powerful enough to make him nervous, so much so that Liam couldn ’t help but wonder if he had made a mistake.

”Did I just summon another enemy? ”

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