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Chapter 204 - Dagger The Competition

Hisssss! The serpentine princess leaned closer to him.

”Here I was wondering who dared to possess my pearl and even use it! So it was you! The person who was foolish enough to rob me! ”

I guess she remembers everything. Liam tried his best to remain calm.

The last time he had seen this lamia she was only around Level 20 and now somehow she was Level 80! 

Her level was actually not that high as even the royal guards were Level 100 and above, but it was still high enough for her to thrash him around without working a sweat.

She wasn ’t someone whom he could command, or exploit. 

At the same time, she was also a powerful weapon that he could use to get out of this current predicament.

Without her, the situation would most probably get extremely sticky and even include a couple of deaths, but her unexpected strength could help him out a lot.

If she wished, she could take care of the entire group with the snap of her finger. But would she be willing to help him? 

Liam ’s brain whirred to think of something and he decided not to ask for the naga ’s help directly. He had an inkling that she might do the opposite just because he requested her.

There were all sorts of NPCs in the game and from the way she was glaring at him, anyone could tell that she hated him.

This was a precarious position and he needed to move his pieces carefully.

”Please, your highness. I need your help to kill the evil enchantress. She has destroyed my entire village and killed all my family. ”

”Please, I am begging you. Please help me avenge their death. ” Liam muttered with sincerity and sadness in his voice.

”I have indeed wronged your highness the last time, but please forgive my ignorance and show mercy on me. Please don ’t take your anger toward me out on my brethren. ”

”I am willing to do anything to repent for my actions. Please seek vengeance for my friends and my family. ”

He was very careful not to mention his sister or Shen Yue and willingly admitted his wrongdoings, being as humble as he could.

There was also a hint of a teardrop threatening to fall out of his eyes. He looked like someone who was in unbearable pain after having suffered a terribly tragic loss.

Even after saying his piece, he did not look up at her face to see if she had bought his acting or not. He just patiently waited.

Did it work?


Liam once again heard the loud hissing of the lamia princess.

Her tongue danced around and her fiery gaze was locked onto Liam ’s face. She wanted to see some sort of fear on the thief ’s face.

However, the other party ’s unexpected emotions left her feeling conflicted. Since when did demons and dark practitioners have a right and a wrong?

She had already given her word by giving him two of her pearls, so she was going to help him.

But that didn ’t mean she wasn ’t planning to kill him at least once before leaving.

And now after seeing how righteous and selfless he was behaving, mourning the loss of his fellow brethren, she couldn ’t help but rethink her opinion of this person.

She also knew that it was not a lie as she could smell the stench of death everywhere in the area.

”Alright. Your actions as a being of the nether realm surprise me. ” The lamia hissed.

”Even though you took advantage of my people the last time, I see some goodness in you. I will help you out just this once. ”

Hook. Line and Sinker. Liam grinned inwardly while continuing to look very sad and depressed on the outside.

”I don ’t have much time as I can only stay in this realm for a few seconds. So I will go ahead and take care of the sinners sullying this temple. ”

Liam solemnly nodded. He was very obedient and humble as if he was just a step away from worshipping her.

This satisfied the princess a lot, appeasing her earlier grievances. She hissed with a content look before turning away and slithering into the temple.

Instantly several shrieks sounded from inside and the low dull murmur in the background because of the continuous chanting came to an abrupt halt.

”Someone is attacking us! ”

”There is a naga in the temple! ”

”A naga! ”

”Priestess! Please save us! ”

The dark mages hurriedly started hurtling out some attacks at the intruding naga but she smoothly eructed a mana barrier preventing anything from touching her.

The next second, her lips parted slightly and from within inside, purple vapors emerged. Seeing this all the dark mages started panicking even more. 

Hissss. The lamia grinned. With a twinkle in her eyes, she opened her mouth a bit more and started spewing out big mouthfuls of purple gas! 

The dark mages tried fighting back but the venom was so toxic that it only took a couple of seconds before its effect showed.

Totally helpless and choked by this poison, one by one, they started dropping dead like flies. 

The others who watched this struggled to fight back while simultaneously trying their best to avoid the poison swirling around them.

But the naga ’s moves were so swift and potent. 

Almost the entire place was filled with dreadful venomous air as soon as she entered the temple. There was chaos everywhere.

Because of all of this ruckus, the enchantress was forcefully broken out of her stupor and she stopped her spell casting. 

The incomparably beautiful woman snapped her eyes and a frown appeared on her face as she saw that everything around her was going to shit.

And just as her gaze fell on the intruder who caused all of this, a spear came flying at her. 

She quickly moved to avoid the attack. However, it was too late and the spear grazed her shoulder, drawing blood.

The enchantress gritted her teeth in anger, staring back at the naga. ”Naga, this is not your fight. I have done nothing to offend you or your people! So why are you here? ” 

She had waited a long long time to take revenge on this kingdom and now when everything was coming together, she was not willing to lose!

”Fine. That doesn ’t matter. Name anything that you want. I will pay you whatever compensation you require! ” She tried her best to plead her case.

However, the lamia princess had an indifferent look on her face as she slithered closer to the altar. She took out a long trident and thrusted it forward.

”You are going too far! ” The enchantress jumped back and took out a pitch-black staff. 

The sound of a thousand wailing souls echoed from the staff which made everyone in the temple shiver in fright.

These were all clearly human souls as the agonized ghosts with human faces fleetingly appeared and disappeared.

Just the mere sight of it was terrifying. Seeing this, the naga princess finally opened her mouth. ”Hissss! How many people did you sacrifice to make this weapon? ”

A huge swirling mass of energy started forming at the tip of the trident. This energy was like a lone twinkling star in the dark sky, a single candle in a dark room.

It was a divine-type attack!

Liam was shocked. Divine-type attacks were usually only very thin and spread out. It was an impossible task to gather so much divine power.

This was the first time he was personally witnessing such a condensed thick divine-type attack.

[Ding. You have been afflicted with the divine. All your attributes are reduced by half.]

”It ’s powerful enough to give me a debuff? ” Liam was once again shocked. But he did not have the time right now to stand here and admire this high-level fight.

Seeing everything that was going down in front of him, he had another small idea. He was not sure if it was going to work but it was definitely worth a try.

While the naga was unleashing hell on the enchantress and her cult group of dark mages, he activated stealth and hurriedly tip-toed into the temple, approaching the altar from the other side.

Liam then started wreaking the altar and all the items, incenses, and formations placed on it. 

He destroyed everything that he could and finally when he broke the blood-outlined formation, both Shen Yue and Mei Mei started stirring awake.

”I guess that did the trick? ” 

Luckily, they hadn ’t died, but both their stamina and health were very close to bottoming out. So he gave them both some recovery berries and healing potions.

”Brother? What happened? ” Mei Mei sleepily asked. Shen Yue also looked groggy and faint.

”Let ’s first get out of here and then I will explain. ” Liam smiled.

The two of them readily agreed to this as near them loud earth-shattering sounds reverberated.


It looked like the entire temple was coming down and by now the whole place was filled with purple venomous gas.

”Yep. Let ’s get out of here, first. ” Liam quickly lifted both the girls, throwing one on each shoulder, and dashed out.

It would be really tragic if, after summoning a high-level naga and somehow surviving a mysterious inheritance quest and a kingdom quest, they still died in the end due to the poison effect or the building crumbling on their heads.

So Liam hurried and got the hell out of there. 

On his way, he also heard a shrill sound which was definitely from the enchantress, and another arrogant laughter which was probably from the naga princess.

Surprisingly, he did not hear any quest notifications.

”Hmmm… ” Liam silently pondered as he continued running out of the temple. 

There were some dark mages still remaining, but their complete attention was on the naga so he also did not bother with them.

He only stopped when he was outside in the open air.

And it looked like he had just gotten out in the nick of time as the ruined temple building completely gave out and collapsed right after he left the premises.


Only the arrogant and proud naga princess slithered out of there, not a speck of dust or injury on her enticing figure. 

However, her figure was once again starting to look like it was made of silver wisps, indicating the end of the summon.

She gazed at Liam with a lofty expression in her eyes and her full lips parted. ”I have taken care of the enchantress, it is time for me to- ”

However, her words abruptly stopped as her gaze landed on the two girls next to Liam. She instantly understood everything.

”You only wanted to rescue these two from the beginning. You lied to me! You dared to play a trick on me for the second time!? ”


The lamia princess seethed with anger, but she and her hissing noise disappeared completely the next second.

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