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Chapter 206 - Tower Privileges

Watching Liam ’s surprised expression, Shen Yue bit her lips slightly. She then hesitantly spoke. ”So this is the next quest I got after that woman died, but I am not sure if I should accept it or not. ”

”Oh? Why? ”

Shen Yue bit her lips some more as this was going to make her look like an idiot. ”Ummm. Sorry, this is really silly, because this is just a game. I understand that. ” 

”But knowing how that person killed so many people to obtain power, I don ’t want to inherit whatever she left behind. ”

”It feels wrong. Like I am becoming an evil person or something. ”

Shen Yue explained her thoughts as best as she could but when she looked at Liam he was still staring at her as if there was spinach stuck in her teeth.

She felt very embarrassed.

Especially after speaking out her thoughts, even she felt as if they were stupid. 

”Ah. I know. I am being too prissy. This is just a game, right? This is a good thing and will help me become more powerful. I should accept it? ”

”But what if it ’s not a game? ” Liam suddenly smiled.

”Huh? ” Shen Yue was shocked and did not know how to respond.

”I mean. You have to play this game as if it is not a game. Think of it as your second life or something. Then only you will be able to make proper decisions. ”

”Oh. ” Shen Yue nodded with a vague look on her face.

Liam smiled and explained more. ”At the end of the day, I cannot tell you what decision to make. This is your life, so it is up to you to make a decision. ”

”But I can tell you this. Accepting this will definitely make you more powerful. That witch Ruth whom you killed. ” He chuckled, shaking his head, and then continued. ”She was probably doing something extreme to take revenge on the kingdom. ”

”You probably don ’t have to play your cards in the same way. ” 

”Besides, if there is a class that made me more powerful with every kill I made, I would accept it in a heartbeat. ”

”That ’s just me. Ha Ha. You should do whatever you want. Don ’t think too much. ” 

”You guys did seem to be having a lot of fun tricking everyone with your charm attribute, so don ’t tell me that you don ’t enjoy using your power. Heh. ”

Shen Yue instantly became bright red. She couldn ’t believe that this person would outright just point out the obvious. It was as if he saw through everything.

Just as she was struggling to figure out what to say next, suddenly a group of people jumped in front of the carriage, forcing the vehicle to come to a complete stop.


”Lord! Please run! These guys are cruel and merciless ”, the driver shouted loudly. It looked like he had personally faced them before or at least heard of them before.

So he immediately warned Liam about their savage nature. 

However, Liam showed no intention of heading his advice. He simply smiled and hopped out of the carriage. 

Shen Yue was at the back with Mei Mei so she did not see what exactly was happening at the front. All she heard were cries of pain and blood-curdling screams.

She let out a long sigh and then opened her system interface to quickly accept the inheritance. She did not want to think about this anymore. This was just a game after all.

[Ding. Ruthenia Alzaeria ’s dying wish is to pass on her heritage to you. Do you wish to accept it? Y/ N]

”Yes ”

[Ding. You are now able to select the hidden class ENCHANTRESS]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept? Y/ N]

”Yes ”

Instantly, a warm glow surrounded her body, and something tickled her. Before she realized it, Shen Yue received another set of notifications.

[Ding. Congratulations. Your class has now successfully upgraded]

[Ding. You have learned a new skill]

[Beguile – Charm an enemy to fight for you for 10 seconds; Cooldown 5 seconds; Limited to one target at a time]

[Ding. You have learned a new skill]

[Mesmerize – Charm an enemy to a stunned state for 5 seconds; Cooldown 1 minute; The target becomes vulnerable after 5 casts]

[Ding. You have learned a new skill]

[Distract – Charm an enemy to warp his time by 1 second; The slowing effect lasts for 30 seconds; Cooldown 3 minutes]

With her lips parted, Shen Yue gasped lightly, looking at the several new skills that she obtained. These were indeed powerful!

More importantly, nothing she had learned so far had changed and it looked like she could still use all of her warrior combat skills.

As she was looking at everything, she also noticed something different about her system interface. 

The charm attribute which was previously greyed out was now looking just like every other attribute. ”Does this mean I can add stat points to this one also? ”

Shen Yue tried allocating her extra stat points from her recent level up and it indeed worked. ”So maybe these skills can become more powerful if I increase my charm attribute more. ”

”You should make sure you balance your other stats also. ” Shen Yue jumped as she was caught surprised by Liam ’s sudden presence near her.

”Did you accept the class? ” Liam chuckled and asked.

”Ah. Yes. I did. ” Shen Yue nodded like a thief caught in the act. ”It ’s called enchantress. ”

”Oh! Sounds powerful. Can you show me your skills? ”

She quickly shared her skills with him in the party chat. 

This was the first time Liam saw special skills like these. 

In his previous time around, he did not have any memory of such a class existing. 

He wondered why Shen Yue received this class now? Did she not play this game before? What exactly changed? Nevertheless, it was good to have her as an ally.

”Ummm… Thanks. ” Shen Yue mumbled. ”Just like you said, the class was not anything evil. ”

Liam smiled. He wanted to tell her that these were just starting skills, but he decided to leave it for her to find out eventually.

There was also the other thing. This was a very bold class and from what he knew, Shen Yue ’s nature was different. So he didn ’t know how well she would adapt.

But these were things that did not require his immediate attention, so Liam put it aside for later, asking her the only thing that might matter now. 

”Is there any other chain quest after this? Or it ’s all done? ”

”No. That was it. ” Shen Yue replied. ”And the bandits? ”

”Already taken care of. ”

Shen Yue had originally wanted to help him out but now it looked like that was no longer necessary. 

Liam got back in and the carriage once again started moving. They now only had a couple more hours before arriving back at the center of the kingdom.

”You should also sleep like this one, ” Liam mumbled, closing his own eyes to adjust his state. 

Inwardly, he made a note to do some research about mental attacks and special skills and how to prepare for these.

For instance, if he was to fight against Shen Yue, even he would be highly disadvantaged. Putting aside [Beguile], [Mesmerize] and [Distract] were also equally over-powered.

Especially with [Distract], all of his sword moves and spell attacks would look like they were moving in slow motion and Shen Yue would only need to casually move to avoid them.

In return, her own attacks would become that much more difficult to evade and block. Just thinking about this and trying a mental shadow fight was very tiring.

Liam had a lot of experience from his last life, but for high-level skills and specialized classes, he was as clueless as anyone else. ”I need to increase my pace. ” He reminded himself.

The next few hours went by without any incident and the carriage smoothly arrived at Yleka city. Liam woke up the two women who had fallen asleep.

”You both should log out and take a rest. Get some sleep and eat, okay? ” Mei Mei yawned and nodded, drool leaking from the edge of her mouth, while Shen Yue also reluctantly agreed.

She was excited to try her new class and skills but as Liam pointed out, she was indeed tired. So the two of them readily accepted his suggestion and did the same.

Liam, on the other hand, sent a quick message to Derek. He had some more errands to run, like submitting the Kingdom quest but he first wanted to check on the guy ’s progress.

And as soon as he sent the message, he received an immediate reply. Liam was surprised by this. ”I guess it ’s been a while now. He must also be tired. ”

He was about to ask Derek as well to log out and rest when his eyes fell on the actual reply he had sent. ”I am on the 90th floor right now, Sir. ”

Liam almost did a double-take on seeing this ridiculous number. 90th floor?!

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