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Chapter 207 - Daybreak Shield

The PVP tower in Yleka city was a mysterious place filled with treasures. The tower master of the building is even rumored to be a legendary figure.

One could gain profound insights and improve by leaps and bounds if they ever got a chance to spar with this tower master.

The player did not have to win. Just the experience of fighting with him and learning from him was reward enough. 

Not to mention, if someone actually managed to win that fight, the reward wouldn ’t be anything less than a legendary grade item or an over-powered skill or perhaps even an inheritance.

This was why everyone at the beginning had gone crazy about this tower. But slowly, something became apparent.

The tower might be filled with treasures, but the thing was… it was near impossible to obtain those treasures!

This was why after a while, another rumor had surfaced about the tower master. He was a legendary figure but he was also very eccentric.

Everyone who managed to climb to the top and face him failed miserably before even getting a chance to exchange a single move.

He never sparred with them, never giving them any insights or any rewards. 

This eccentric master only liked to tease and play around with the rankers, showing off his prized possessions and how he was head and shoulders above all of them.

So after spending weeks and weeks grinding the levels in the tower, the final hurdle was literally impossible to overcome.

This was why no one had bothered to struggle with this tower in Liam ’s last lifetime, and he as well never took it into his plans.

He simply intended to use it as a training tool for his sister and Shen Yue to learn some combat, and for Derek as a means to earn some quick money.

But now… Derek had managed to climb so far in such a short time! 

Not that Liam doubted his battle prowess.

However, even after taking that into consideration, the sheer time required for the grind was colossal. 

The first floor required a single victory to clear, the second floor required two, the third floor required three, and until the first hundred floors, it increased incrementally in the same pattern.

This meant that Derek had obtained 89 victories to clear the 89th floor and was currently on the 90th floor. 

And since they had registered together as a team, Liam would now be able to directly go to the 90th floor!

He did not have to waste a single second fighting with the lower-level small fries. Derek had saved him a tremendous amount of time and effort. 

The decision to recruit him was already paying off, and Liam knew that this would only keep exponentially increasing in the future.

He hastily opened the interface and sent Derek another message. ”Don ’t participate in fights anymore. On the 90th floor, there will be a few rooms for players. ” 

”Book one of the rooms on the floor and take a break. I will be there soon. I will tell you the next plan when I get there. ”

Derek did not question him and quickly replied with a simple ’yes. ’

Liam as well grinned and hurried over to the PVP tower. ”Perfect. Now all that is left is for trouble to start brewing. ”

After reaching the tower, he quickly arrived at the 90th floor and booked a room. However, he didn ’t book a standard recuperating room but a special forging room.

This was also one of the advantages of the tower. 

After the 50th floor, some of the floors had unique shops that sold rare items, and these floors also had various exceptional amenities.

The recuperating rooms had mana arrays that had denser mana than the other surroundings. 

The forging and alchemy rooms also had this array and other excellent benefits that could rival a top-tier room in the association.

The important part was that this room was cheaper than the association facilities. So one was able to use them for more extended periods.

Usually, these were fully booked, but it was not as busy since everyone was currently focused on the grind.

Liam went into the forging room and let Luna down on the ground. ”I promise. The next stop is the beast hall, okay? ” He patted her head and smiled.

The small fox nodded obediently and returned his smile with an even sweeter heart-melting smile. Liam couldn ’t help but be amused by this newfound maturity.

”Why don ’t you keep this with you until I am done with my work? ” He gave the fox the rainbow-colored gem to reward her patience.

He was not worried that she would break it as the little thing valued it more than he did. 

Her eyes instantly lit up on seeing the gem, and she quietly sat in a corner, hugging the treasure with her tail and looking at it lovingly.

Liam chuckled and finally got to the work he had postponed for a while now.

He stood in front of the anvil and took out all the required materials from his inventory space. One by one, each item he took out was more dazzling than the previous one.

So much so that the fox had to peel her eyes away from her prized gemstone and pay attention to what Liam was doing.

Thanks to the harvest he had obtained from Shen Yue and Mei Mei, who were running around and grinding rare elites, he now had a lot of precious materials in his possession.

This couldn ’t have come at a better time as most of his gear was outdated, and it was time to rectify it. 

Liam had also achieved more than he had imagined in terms of mana control and spell casting these past several days. 

He was itching to apply these to his forging techniques and see how much he had improved. This way, he could also hone in on all the weak points and adequately focus on the training.

Taking a look at all the materials, he separated them into the appropriate ratios and fired up the furnace in the corner of the room. 

It was not a large furnace, but the flames inside were roaring aloud as if they were alive. The intensity of the fire was also higher.

”I wonder what sort of mana array can bring out such an effect! ” Liam felt amazed. He cautiously melted all the ores first and then started the work.

Soon the rhythmic chimes of the hammer hitting the metal started ringing loudly in the huge spacious room. But this time, his movements were completely different.

His hands danced smoothly and everything that had been raw and unrefined earlier now looked like an actual forging master commanding the ore into submission.

The dense wafts of mana in the room circled around the hammer and the first forged item thrummed with energy as it slowly came to life.

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