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Chapter 21 - Hitting The Motherlode

”Are you ready to die bitch? ” Jin Wei muttered with a grin on his face, happy to see Liam confused.

”What? What are you looking at? Are you wondering how we all got here? ”

”I have been following you all along! Heh! I bet you didn ’t even know that. ” He placed his hands on his waist and laughed arrogantly sneering at the rich boy in front of him.

Liam, on the other hand, was busy looking around. He had a frown on his face as he busily ran through the different scenarios in his mind.

He had considered several things as he plotted to exploit this small treasure trove but never did he imagine such an outcome.

”Ptui! Why are you looking around like a monkey who ate ginger? Just die already! ” Jin Wei stepped forward waving his dagger around.

”After all, we don ’t have all day to waste on you. We need to explore the dungeon you showed us. Ke Ke Ke. Am I right? That ’s a dungeon, isn ’t it? ”

However, as he neared Liam, he noticed something weird.

The person in front of him did not look scared shitless as he had hoped. In fact, he did not look scared at all. Instead, he had a big grin on his face.

”Thanks for the help. ” Liam muttered.

”Eh? Have you lost it? ” Jin Wei chuckled and waved his dagger.

Behind him, another player had already cast a healing spell on him, as a green mist enveloped him.

Jin Wei had taken these precautions to make sure that he was not one shot killed like what happened to the other thief.

He dashed forward towards Liam and poked his dagger at him, aiming for his stomach, when suddenly a huge boom resonated from within the cave, high on the mountain.

Almost immediately, a gigantic red figure shot out of the cave like a bullet and directly jumped onto the ground with a huge deafening thud.


Niria raised his spiky dragon head and let out a burst of hot flames on the few players on the right side.

Everything happened in a few seconds and no one had expected this nor were ready for this.

They were still watching the huge dragon with their mouth wide open when the flames scorched them, taking down a chunk of their health.

A few of the players who had gathered even died directly unable to withstand a single attack from the dragon.

”Damn it. What the hell is that? ” Jin Wei shouted in shock.

He turned around to ask Liam what was happening when he noticed that the person whom he was in the midst of attacking had already disappeared somewhere.

”FUUUCCCKKK! That little bitch set us up! ” Jin Wei roared. ”Get in formation. NOW! ”

As Niria raised its head and roared again, revving up for the next flame burst, Jin Wei and the group of players finally managed to gather their bearings, and a volley of attacks showered on the dragon.

However, how could it be so easy to subdue a rare Elite monster.

Just by lashing out its tail here and there, the dragon created a circle of misery around it, not letting anyone near its body.

Its physical defense was also on par with its physical attack power and every time it opened its mouth, huge damage numbers floated on the group of players.

And just like that, the bunch of people who had only gathered to bully a single player and perhaps explore a dungeon, were now fighting a losing battle against a beast akin to a raid boss.

Jin Wei was livid with rage. In front of him was a very good opportunity and yet they couldn ’t grasp it properly thanks to the element of surprise.

If they could have at least had 1 minute to prepare themselves, the result would have been much better and they could have even beaten the dragon by now, becoming the first players in the game to achieve such a feat.

But now they were just barely holding on… struggling to even remain alive.

”Fucking SLUT! If I get my hands on him again!!! ” Jin Wei screamed as he once again attempted to stab the dragon from the back.

Adding to his dismay, other players had also started to filter in, noticing the commotion in this area.

Not to mention, the town and the forest were located very close to the novice village, the starting point for several players.

Every time the dragon moved, it sent tremors across the ground, attracting everyone ’s attention.

Of course, everyone ’s attention except for one person, who was busily scaling the mountain from which he had only jumped down a few seconds ago.

Liam ’s hands and legs scurried up the mountain, climbing up as fast as he could. As soon as he saw the group of players in front of him, he had already decided to act.

He was not sure if the treasures had already disappeared from the cave but as long as he could get to it before the dragon was slain, he knew that there was a good chance for him to still grab it all.

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