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Chapter 211 - Could It Be?

Seeing all the attention Derek was getting, Victor couldn ’t help but scoff. 

He looked at him casually getting into the ring and sneered. ”So you are a bigshot now? ”

Derek did not say anything and quietly waited for the referee to commence the fight. 

He had received special instructions for this fight, so he was even more focused than usual.

”Heh. Acting all meek and humble but behind the scenes, you seem to be very talented at finding rich masters? ”

”Or did you find someone else richer than me to pimp your fat sister? ”

Along with Victor, the crowd as well jeered hearing these loaded ridicules. 

These words didn ’t seem like ordinary insults meant for psyching out an opponent before the fight?

Did the two already know each other?

No one knew who started this gossip, but soon everyone came to know that Derek was someone who was kicked out of the stormtroopers guild.

This was big news and many started looking down on Derek. The people who were cheering for him instantly quieted down, all of them now more anxious about the coins they had gambled.

This sudden change in the tide made Victor happy and satisfied. He decided to keep pressing on this wave and push the guy even further.

”What? Nothing to say? He He. I know all your skills and weaknesses, Derek. Your gear is also trash and you still expect to win against me? ”

”You should just give up now. How about it? If you give up and walk away, I will forgive your little outburst and take you back into the guild? ”

”Think about it. Your sister ’s knees must be hurting from giving out so many blowjobs. This way, she can take some rest. He He. ”

With everyone now cheering loudly for him, his own guildmates drowning the noise of others in the arena, Victor grinned ear to ear.

Perhaps it was because of the mood, he felt that this victory was already in the bag. However, it still irritated him that the dumb ape was not responding to his taunts.

He wanted to see him squirm and beg. But from the beginning, Derek did not give in to any of his taunts and kept standing like a statue.

Finally, the multiple rounds of betting ended and the final call for the battle arrived. The referee stood up and loudly announced the rules for the fight and the gongs as well thundered.

Almost instantly, Victor reacted and activated his [War Call] skill which reduced Derek ’s movement speed by 20% and gave him another 20% boost.

He started with this skill instead of [Charge] because while [Charge] was easy to avoid and block, [War Call] could not be escaped.

And in a close combat fight like this, movement speed was everything.

A debuff like this might as well be a complete stun as Derek ’s maneuvering looked extremely sluggish. 

On the other hand, Victor did not plan to waste this chance and lunged at the big dude.

[Mortal Slash], [Punish], [Cleave]

He started hitting Derek as if he was a training dummy incapable of responding. 

He unleashed a barrage of skills on the man so that the fight would already be over before the debuff ran out.

Derek as well seemed to be really struggling to respond. 

As opposed to his usual skillful evasive movements, this time he was very sluggish and received a lot of hits.

Everyone watching this fight gasped in shock. Both were warrior tanks but clearly one was superior to the other.

Be it skills, talent, technique, one person held the upper hand from the start and the match as well looked like it was about to finish in no time.

”Fuck! What a waste of money! ”

”Screw this! I am out! ”

So many people had placed their bets on Derek after witnessing his undefeated streak but they were all extremely disappointed at the moment.

Victor also had a big grin on his face beneath the metallic head guard. He could almost feel the sweet taste of victory in his mouth.

However, just as he was about to activate his [Charge] to finish this fight once and for all, Derek no longer looked sluggish.

”Fuck! The 20% debuff wore off already? ” Victor was confused but he did not have any time to think. 

He just needed a couple more hits to secure his victory so he preserved and parried with the opponent.

But unfortunately, the sluggish and slow person who seemed as if he was an extremely easy target until the last second, was suddenly as slippery as an eel.

Not only did Victor have the initial advantage in pummeling down the attacks, he also clearly had the better gear. 

As if this wasn ’t enough, the air was practically thrumming with his name with everyone cheering for him. It was deafening.

In this kind of atmosphere, anyone would get demoralized and motivated.

Coupled with the fact that there was only a fraction of health left in Derek ’s bar, Victor roared loudly and kept lunging forward without retreating.

He madly swung his war blade in a frenzy. His speed also seemed unusually faster. But still, every single one of his moves was skillfully parried or blocked.

He was slowly but surely being pushed back. In the midst of all this, he was also taking some attacks that were chipping away at his health bit by bit.

”FUCK! ” Victor shouted in anger. He could see that the fight was slowly slipping out of his hands, but he couldn ’t do anything to prevent it.

Even the moves that he considered as Derek ’s weaknesses were perfectly countered without a single error.

And just like that, right in front of his eyes, the rest of his health also dropped and before long, the gong once again sounded.

The entire arena became deathly silent. What just happened? Wasn ’t the other person winning?

Everyone looked dumbfounded, trying to understand the heads or tails of it. There were no special skills used. There was no cheating or some secret shortcut.

They were just exchanging blows which was how typical warrior fights progressed but how did the losing party manage to somehow gain an upper hand and suddenly win?

Victor was as equally shocked as the crowd as he dumbly stared at the person in front of him. It took him a second to even realize that the fight was already over.

What happened?

And adding to his dismay, the other party, Derek calmly and casually stepped out of the ring as if it was just another warm sunny day.

Victor ’s eyes trailed his figure, still standing dumbly at the same spot. Finally, the referee had to warn him. ”The fight is over. Step out of the ring. ”

Victor looked up and saw the referee ’s stern gaze on him. He didn ’t know why but there was a hint of ridicule contained within them.

He could feel the hundreds of eyes on him, all of them either cursing him or laughing at his loss. Without any other choice, he gritted his teeth and silently stepped out of the ring.

He walked over to his teammates and then finally erupted. ”FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! ” 

Sounds of heavy equipment clanging on the ground resounded throughout the arena. 

Victor bashed his hand on the floor and shouted in anger. ”What happened? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? ” He was so close and yet he had somehow lost!

”He did something! He did something for sure. You guys saw right? He was almost dead! I had this fight! I just needed one more second. FUCK! I could have won this easily! ”

His other guildmates blankly looked at each other, not knowing how to respond. In reality, they as well felt the same.

Victor ’s fighting techniques had been superior from the start to finish. The other party looked like he was scrambling just to get a grip. But somehow the result was different!

”It must be a fluke! This is definitely a fluke! ” Victor repeated like a maniac.

”I agree. I think he triggered some sort of low probability critical attack. ” Another person spoke up, agreeing with him.

”Ya, I also thought something changed mid-fight. Otherwise, this would have been your win. ”

”I know! I know! FUCK! Don ’t I know it! ” Victor was furious. 

”This is not over. I won ’t let him leave with this dumb fluke. One more match! Sign me up for one more match with that fucker! ”

”But leader… that… ” The person hesitated. 

If someone wanted to challenge a particular opponent, it required a gamble to be placed upfront, and… they had just now lost 5000 gold coins…

When everything was said and done, this was not a small amount for their guild. Even first-rate guilds would feel this pinch.

How could they once again place a bet?

But seeing his actions only made Victor more furious. He was the main tank and the VIP player of their guild and here this lackey was questioning his moves?

”WHAT the fuck are you looking at? Go and register for the fight. Place the same amount again. 5000 gold coins. No make it double. ” 

”I want that retard to lose everything he has earned so far. He wants to make some quick cash? I will see how he wins against me one more time! Hmph! ”

”He might have gotten lucky that once, but even he can ’t get lucky every single time! ”

”Leader… that… ”

”What the heck are you still standing here for! Go and place the bet! Wait till I win. I will fuck his fat sister right in front of him! ”

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