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Chapter 212 - Win Back Everything!

A couple of minutes later…

”Next fight! ” The referee called out aloud and everyone ’s eyes bulged in surprise as they once again watched the same pair of fighters who had rocked their world just now.

They did not get much profit from the gambling as the mysterious rich tycoon had placed the biggest bet so he would have reaped the most rewards but even one or two silvers was still good pocket change.

Moreover, the fight itself was extremely exciting with lots of unpredictable twists and turns. 

This made everyone ’s blood boil and the crowd erupted into a huge uproar as the two players once again jumped into the fighting ring.

The betting also started and the pot quickly rose to 20000 gold coins! Double the previous amount!

”Crap! The tycoon is betting again! ”

”The stormtroopers guild is also matching his bet! ”

”What is happening here? Is this a guild enmity or something? How is an individual player standing against a big guild like this? ”

Only just now someone had lost 5000 gold coins but without missing a beat, they were betting the same amount again!

This made everyone unsure of which side to support. While one was a reputed guild, the other was a stable player with a strong win streak.

However, they did not have too long to decide and quickly placed the bets. 

As opposed to the last battle, this was far more exciting and nerve-wracking, even for the spectators.

Victor also looked very serious. The last time he was happily bad-mouthing the opponent, but this time, right from the get-go, he was like a fierce tiger locked onto his enemy.

Everyone could tell that he was serious while Derek was still the same as usual. He just simply stood there without any emotions.

The referee soon stood up and started reading the rules and the gongs loudly sounded!


Victor roared instantly rushing forward like a crazed bull. Just like last time, he activated [War Call] but now he no longer underestimated Derek.

Trash with luck could still win and he had learned that rather painfully. So he did not want to look like a fool and lose all over again.

This time he was determined to end the fight before the debuff even wore off!

Victor waved his war blade and swung it furiously, aiming for all the weak points of the person most familiar to him.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This was exactly what he had done.

Victor had kept this person under his thumb for so long. 

He had been constantly watching his fights, his moves so he knew everything about this person and where to attack to get the most damage across.

So targeting these sites, and using the attacks that Derek struggled the most to counter, he slammed his blade repeatedly on the simple-looking metallic guard Derek wore.

He could even feel the metal creaking and groaning under his assaults. He wouldn ’t be surprised if it actually broke!

This fight was definitely in his hands!

He was not alone in thinking this. The crowd was no longer cheering loudly. Everyone was watching the fight chewing their nails. The only thing that was missing was popcorn.

Half the crowd silently hoped for a comeback, but that did not seem like it was going to happen this time around.

Victor kept thrashing the guy without any chance for leeway or a mistake, continuously grinding him down, not leaving a single opportunity to take advantage of.

He was beating him like he was beating a dead snake. Derek was completely pushed back. This result was definitely a no-brainer!

However… in the midst of this flurry of attacks, a loud clanging noise resounded. Victor ’s war blade hung mid-air as he was not able to land the next attack.

He roared in anger and moved back, again lunging forward with full force to fight back. However, all of a sudden all his moves started to get countered.

What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck? Victor screamed inwardly, unable to digest what was happening to him.

One second he was in control and the next second, he was no longer in control! What happened the last time was repeating all over again.

A small bud of fear sprouted inside his mind and his gaze wandered over to Derek ’s health bar in shock and astonishment.

”This… this… ” Victor could no longer remain calm and started stuttering in the middle of the fight. The guy ’s health was the same as last match.

How was it possible for him to have dealt the exact same amount of damage both times? Just what was his secret? How was he winning like this?

Something felt off and before Victor could recover from this shock, the gong loudly resounded, indicating the end of the match.

And just like that, he had lost again!

Just like before he started with an intimidating bang but the next second, this bang fizzled and he was completely demolished.

Without even waiting for the referee to announce the results, he silently started walking away, the pride and his arrogance on his face completely replaced with confusion.

The crowd was equally confused and everyone began murmuring and whispering among themselves. 

Only Derek had the same blank face as he calmly stepped out and sat in his seat, patiently waiting for the call of the next match.

A couple of players tried talking to him but he did not respond to anyone and sat like a statue.

Coincidentally, Victor was also sitting like a statue at the moment. He also couldn ’t respond to anything his guildmates were saying.

Once was a fluke, but twice? And the health bar that looked extremely similar?

A frightening possibility arose in his mind but he didn ’t want to think about that, because if it was true… then…

At this time, his system interface chimed loudly and a familiar name appeared on the screen. ”Guild master? ” Victor gulped nervously. 

Suddenly, the weight of all the gold coins he had lost weighed heavily on him.

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