Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 213 - Last Chance

”Shut up. Don ’t say anything. In a second, someone will trade with you for an item. ” 

”Accept it and then fight one more round. If you can ’t win even this time, then don ’t bother sticking around in the guild. ”

”Your 5% guild shares will be dissolved to settle your debt and pay for all the gold that you lost by so foolishly acting, without even thinking for a minute. ”

”Just how useless are you? ”

”You have dragged our name in the mud enough. Stop making a fool out of yourself and finish this fight fast. ”

Victor ’s face paled as he sat and silently heard all the shit that was raining down on him. ”Guild leader… I… ” 

He truly had no words to explain himself and unfortunately for him, the other party was not done talking yet. ”Did I allow you to speak? ”

”Don ’t think I don ’t know all the background nonsense that you have been up to. ” 

”Purposefully oppressing talented people, kicking skilled players out of the party, all just to make yourself look good. ”

”You are a fucking idiot and I am a fucking idiot to think that you could run this branch of our guild. After this match is over, Derek better be back in our guild. ”

”I need you to finish everything that I said within the next hour. Otherwise, do not show your face in the guild again. AM I FUCKING CLEAR? ”

Leaving Victor completely speechless, the other party hung up the call. He did not even get a chance to explain himself, not that he could.

Somehow everything that he did was suddenly out in the open. Luckily, the call was personal so others probably did not hear about it?

He turned to look hopefully but that was clearly not the case. 

His teammates, who just minutes ago had treated him with respect and reverence, were now looking down on him, eying him with contempt and disdain.

Victor felt as if his entire world was coming crashing down. He couldn ’t give a fuck about these backstabbers, but this was his future and this was his lifeline. 

He did not have any other backups. Without his 5% shares of the guild, his financial condition in real life would be in jeopardy. He had loans and mortgages too.

Just as he was beginning to fret, the second message popped up. This was the equipment trade. 

Victor had no idea who was trading with him currently as the name was hidden. 

This in itself was shocking because he had currently not heard of any methods to hide one ’s name or even camouflage it during direct communications like this.

So who was this person trading with him? The dealing did not sit well with them. 

Especially when he had already screwed up so much, he was genuinely afraid of making another wrong move.

But the next second… as his gaze shifted down to the actual items being traded… all of his doubts immediately disappeared.

”These are… ” Victor gasped, his voice very hoarse. He couldn ’t believe what he was seeing. 

In front of him, on the trade panel were three items and all three of them were… Unique grade items…

There was a huge saber, a chest guard, and a pair of boots.

And three of them were unique grade items!

What were unique grade items? 

They were special items that were a cut above the elusive rare grade items that were currently the most coveted pieces of equipment in-game.

While rare grade items had high attributes attached to them that could give the players a bonus boost, unique grade items had special effects and skills attached to them that could completely change the game.

And this saber… Victor licked his lips in anticipation!

He couldn ’t wait to get his hands on the three items that shone in front of him like twinkling stars.

As long as he could get his hands on these three items, it did not even matter if this dealing was shady. He would gladly be willing to accept any and all punishments.

With these items, he definitely had the confidence to win back everything that he had just lost.

Victor lifted his shaking hands to quickly accept the trade. 

He did not dare delay, afraid that this offer would disappear before he ever got a chance to accept it.

Only when the trade went through and the items safely chimed in his inventory, he breathed out a sigh of relief.

With this, the pride and the arrogance that had disappeared from his face also returned back. He cracked his neck and turned to look at the person sitting next to him.

”Go and register for another fight. ”

”Victor, the guild leader has strictly- ”

”I know what the guild leader said and did not say. Those things are none of your business. ”

”Listen, don ’t be- ” The person tried again, but Victor shot him down again.

”How about you just listen to what I am saying or else you can get the fuck out of the guild right now? Hmm? What do you want to do? ”

”Fine, it ’s your funeral bitch. ” The teammate did not dare to say this out loud, but he silently stood up and walked over to register for the match.

Only when he returned back to the group, he noticed that something was different. 

All their guild members were looking at Victor in awe and not just that, most of the crowd sitting in that section of the arena, had their eyes glued onto the MVP of their team.

”What the hell is happening? ” The person quickly walked over and when he arrived at his seat, he was finally able to see it, the silver sheen on the equipment!

Only rare-grade pieces of equipment and above were capable of producing such a glimmer and he was sure that these were not simply rare-grade.

The intimidating chestguard, the bloodthirsty saber, and the sparkling boots, all three of them completely stood out from the other rare-grade gear Victor had equipped.

The person ’s jaw almost dropped on the floor after seeing this. Since when did their guild have such items?

Seeing his dazed expression, Victor was very satisfied. ”Are you done registering? ” He arrogantly snorted.

The lackey as well obediently nodded his head, not daring to look down on him anymore.

”Heh. That ’s how it should be. ” Victor sneered, as he walked past the several faces, all turned to look at him. He was not even hiding the fact that he had upgraded his equipment.

So what if he did?

Would that beggar be able to afford some last minute gear change?

Even if he had the backing of some rich sugar mommy, would he be able to get top-tier equipment like his?

Unique-grade weapons were not cabbages that could be simply purchased in the market! 

They were the rarest of rare weapons that only had a small chance to drop from hidden bosses in the dungeons.

Who would sell such an item? How could one be able to buy such an item?

He had no idea how their guild leader managed to get their hands on items like this, but now there was nothing that could stop him.

He would win back all the money he had lost and he also had a plan to make that miserable ape join back their team again.

Victor did not even care anymore if his position in the guild got affected because of him. 

With these pieces of equipment, he would make sure to put a sufficient gap between the dumb ape and him, one that he would never be able to overcome.

So what if he had the talent, and the skills.. Shit like that did not matter in this world. In the end, only the person who had the ability would win!

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