Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 216 - Epic Ranked Item!

After the match, Derek was completely swarmed by numerous players, all surrounding him with different intentions. 

He was not able to get away from this crowd no matter how much he tried. In the middle of all this, he received another message.

After seeing the message, he immediately hurried over to the other part of the tower which had the shops and facilities.

He then quickly entered one of the private recuperation rooms. Here the crowd was no longer able to follow him so he was finally free.

Well, not completely. There was one other person inside.

”Heh. Are you enjoying the fame? ” Liam chuckled.

”Sir. ” Derek awkwardly ruffled his hair.

”Ok. I won ’t take too much of your time because you are going to be very busy for the next few days. ” Liam smiled and patted him.

”Oh? ” Derek immediately became serious. 

He was already thinking about the different dungeons that were currently being competed over, some of the well-known difficult quests, and whatnot.

”What preparations should I make sir? What are we doing? ” He asked.

Liam chuckled again and shook his head. ”Not ’we ’. Only you. ”

Oh. Derek nodded. He assumed that Liam probably wanted him to keep climbing the tower. However, before he could finish that thought a trade window opened up in front of him.

And unlike before, inside this window, there wasn ’t any equipment or item. Instead, there was just one thing, 50000 gold coins.

Even someone as mature and composed as Derek couldn ’t remain calm after seeing this huge amount and he gasped in shock.

His mouth was wide open and he stared at Liam dumbfoundedly, who only smiled at him. ”Quickly accept it. Don ’t you have many things to take care of back at home? ”

”But… this is… ” Derek was left completely speechless. 

By now, he somewhat knew about the betting event and such. 

However, that was not his concern. All he did was fight. Everything else was orchestrated by Liam, all planned by him. 

He also put in the initial amount of gold coins to start up all this fuss and buzz. So rightfully, he deserved every bit of gold that was earned from the event.

He could have understood if he had given a part of it to him, but to give him the entire 50000 gold coins?

”Are you going to accept it or do I have to physically withdraw 50000 gold coins from the bank and shove it in your hand? ” Liam patted him.

”Yes… Yes, sir. ” Derek hoarsely shouted. Without even realizing it, his eyes reddened. This person in front of him… in his entire life, no one had even been so kind to him.

”You should take some time off and take care of things at home first. ”

”Take as much time as you need. After you settle everything, you can log back in and message me. Alright? ”

”Yes… sir… ”

”Good luck. I hope that everything goes well. ” Liam smiled. 

”But sir… if I don ’t keep playing… my level will lag behind and then I won ’t be able to repay your… kindness. ”

”Aha ha ha. Don ’t worry about that. I will make sure that you pay me back. ” Liam winked. 

He was a serious person but the guy in front of him was even more serious forcing him to take the responsibility of keeping things light.

But Liam doubted that his message was conveyed so he once again stressed. ”You know I was joking right? You earned this money. It belongs to you. No need to pay me back anything. ”

”You don ’t owe anyone anything. If that is also uncomfortable, think of it as a signing bonus. Ha ha. ”

”And don ’t worry about your level, I have a lot of methods to take care of that. Focus on your family first. If you have some time, log in and keep grinding the PVP tower. ”

”That should be the most efficient course of action for now. ”

”Alright. Take care. ” Liam wanted to say more words of comfort but time was a bit tight so he quickly bid farewell. 

Both of them had a lot of things to do so there was no point in simply standing around talking.

Derek also immediately logged out after Liam left. 

As his system communications interface was open, Liam saw this and silently wished him good luck again in his heart. 

He also noticed that Shen Yue and Mei Mei were back online. He checked the messages and saw that the two of them were also in fact in the same PVP tower.

Liam already knew why these two were here so chuckled wryly and decided to pay them a visit before leaving.

He messaged the two and promptly a reply came back. 

”Oh! So you both are on the 20th floor already? ” 

Liam entered the elevator and then reached the 10th floor. 

As soon as he walked in, he only needed a second to recognize the two as they were surrounded by a bunch of players, all fawning over them.

From the looks of it, they were even more popular than Derek. 

The situation was annoying and it looked very troublesome to meet with them so Liam simply continued conversing in messages.

He sent the duo some gold and asked them what their plans were. Almost immediately a reply came from both of them saying that they wanted to continue climbing up the tower.

Mei Mei was particularly very excited and she started singing praises of the mysterious warrior who was winning all the matches and earning lots of gold coins.

”Brother, we should participate in this. You are the top player. We can earn a lot of gold coins here. I think the players are not allowed to bet. So you fight and we can place the bets. ”

”We can even do some tricks like, purposely throwing a match and acting like you are weak, and in the end, you finish them off when we increase the bet really high. What do you think? ”

Liam did not know whether to laugh or cry. Like brother like sister.

”That mysterious person ’s name is Derek. In the future, he will be playing with us. ” He explained. 

”And it ’s fine. You both can play here in the tower but focus on the fighting technique, not the betting. We can always earn gold in lots of ways, it is more important to learn to fight. ”

However, both of them were too shocked by this sudden surprise to properly pay attention to his advice. 

A string of excited messages flooded back and even from the distance, Liam could see the smile on his sister ’s face light up like fireworks.

”What brother! Are you serious? That person Derek is going to play with us? He is on our team? Are we going to make a guild? ”

”Oh my god! Were you the one who was betting like crazy? Are you the rich tycoon? ”

”Brother, this is so good. We should recruit more strong players and make an unbeatable super strong team. ” Mei Mei was almost jumping up and down, her face full of smiles.

Liam shook his head, chuckling.

Thanks to the miracle that gave him a second chance, he was able to see these things. In their last life, the little girl hardly ever smiled.

But now, she was able to live happily and carefree just like any other kid. He knew that he needed to work harder to make sure that this smile lasted.

”Shall we also look for other talented people? ” Shen Yue asked.

Liam, however, immediately declined it. ”Sometimes it ’s best not to involve too many people. ”

”Oh, then there won ’t be any more players joining our team, brother? ”

”He He… About that… I think there should be three more people joining our team really soon. ” Liam replied and then added, muttering only to himself. ”Willingly or unwillingly. ”

He might look like a hero to some but Liam had no plans of becoming one.. He was always going to be a villain through and through.

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