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Chapter 218 - Scamming The Trap King...

After Liam left the PVP tower, a certain someone bounced back and forth and up and down trying very hard to get his attention. 

Kyuuuuu. Kyuuuu. Kyuuuu.

The small fox was simply too cute.

Liam knew that he had made her wait a bit too long than he intended to, but that was because of Derek ’s unexpected joining and Shen Yue ’s quest auto-trigger.

With everything out of the way, this was now the last business he had to take care of before returning back to the nether realm and doing another massive grind.

This time he also planned to use the golems to reap the maximum advantage and contribution points and temporarily took it back from the girls.

Since they were going to be playing in the PVP tower for now, they did not need it at the moment.

However, Liam did not tell this to the small cutiepie and let her continue being anxious.

She was simply too adorable and he couldn ’t help it and acted as if he was totally oblivious and did not pay her any attention.

Only when they arrived at the beast hall, the small fox realized that she had been tricked. But she was far too happy now to sulk over that.

She hurriedly ran in searching for the loli master they had previously spoken to. Liam also searched for her. Surprisingly, she was nowhere to be found.

He saw one of the beast hall attendants walking past and decided to ask him about her. Since he already had built a relationship with her, it was best to keep talking to the same person.

”Instructor Seraphina? She is in the royal city now. ” The attendant promptly replied.

Liam immediately thought of something and asked him another question. ”Oh, are a lot of masters and quasi-masters moving back to the royal city? ”

He only barely finished speaking but immediately the attendant looked shocked. ”Ah, how do you know this? ”

”Ha ha ha. So it ’s true? I just heard some rumors in the market. ” Liam laughed it off as if he was just casually asking.

The attendant also looked relieved. ”Yes, a lot of the masters have relocated to the royal city because some preparations are underway. ” 

He explained and he also added something else after that. ”But don ’t say this to anyone else alright. The guards might not be so pleased with your actions. ”

With a loaded nod, he then returned back to his work.

Liam also smiled and left the city. He had to anyways visit the royal city so he might as well find Seraphina there to talk about the gemstone. 

And regarding the preparations, he was not worried because he already knew what they were about. 

Just like the demon army was making preparations by doing these invasions, the kingdoms of this realm were also making their move.

However, it was not that simple to enter the nether realm. So they were taking their time and making sure that the other preparations were completed in the meantime.

”Luna, let ’s go. ” He called the fox and the two of them then directly walked out of the city without taking any other detours. 

Once outside, he called for Talon and the bird swooped down happily, picking the two of them up and the group departed to the royal city.

As the bird glided high above in the sky, Liam couldn ’t help but feel light and energized. The bright sunlight and the warm breeze lifted his mood and fresh air filled his lungs.

This was probably the best thing that was going to happen in the future. 

Even earth would become a place like this after the apocalypse descends, all the pollution and the irreversible damage done to the planet completely reversed. 

”What am I thinking about? ” Liam chuckled. 

The earth might become a beautiful place but they were going to become rats struggling to hide and survive in the new world.

Nevertheless, he allowed himself to enjoy the bright day and the nice atmosphere.

Soon, they reached the royal city and Liam as usual asked Talon to stay back. 

He tossed the small fox on his back, her figure partially hidden in his cloak and he walked into the city after paying the entrance fees.

He only needed one look to confirm his hypothesis. 

”Heh. Just like I thought. ” Liam grinned.

Because of the PVP tower Yleka city was now overflowing with players, but on the other hand the royal city was full of NPCs.

Liam kept his eyes wide open as he walked in because he didn ’t want to miss out in case there was someone special loitering around in the royal city.

As the levels increased higher and higher, his knowledge about the game was also becoming more and more limited, so he had to be extra attentive and cautious.

The two walked around the city for a bit when they came to a fork in the path. ”Where should we go first? The king ’s castle or the beast hall? ”


The small fox pitifully sounded, but Liam chuckled and rubbed her head. ”Let ’s go to the King ’s castle first. ” 

He had a feeling that the gemstone was not so simple and they might have to do some quests for it so it was better to first get the rewards from the King.

Not to mention, the quest actually promised him a ’Duke ’ title which was not something that was given out freely. 

A Duke is someone with power. Above the Duke, there was only the royal family and sometimes the military Generals.

As a Duke, Liam would now be able to buy land, recruit NPCs, set up shops and even create a small estate. Of course, all of this were gold mines if one were to be a guild leader.

However, even though Liam wasn ’t one and the perks were still generous. 

For instance, if he visited Seraphina right now and if he visited her after obtaining the title, the treatment would be completely different.

He might be able to get more information and other kingdom secrets about special items and treasures that were only privy to the royal family.

He might even come to know beforehand about the invasions and the details of the various gathered armies.

Considering these things, Liam directly walked over to the royal castle that was at the heart of the royal city.

Though the royal city itself was quite majestic, this place was even more dazzling and enchanting. The entire place was cordoned off by huge walls and several patrol guards.

Liam saw a few players grouping up around the guards, trying to talk their way into the castle borders, but he only chuckled at their attempts as he already knew that these tricks would never work.

As for him, he had the quest and that was identity enough. All he had to do was walk upto the main gate and the guard swiftly cleared the crowd, welcoming him into the castle.

Liam nodded and then casually walked into the castle area amidst the several shocked faces. 

As soon as he entered, it was like he was in a completely different place. 

There was nothing but pristine and dazzling beauty everywhere. Beautiful gardens dotted the land and exquisite statues adorned it.

Especially with the crowd that littered the streets completely absent, the place looked very regal and peaceful. 

Otherwise, with the number of players currently in the game, this would have also looked like a random bazaar.

Liam did not bother looking around and directly walked into the castle following the main path that led through the gardens.

A few guards walked past him and patrolled near him but no one bothered to stop him. Instead, they bowed at him in respect as they crossed each other.

Only Luna looked at everything in awe with her big curious eyes.

Soon the two of them arrived at the grand welcome hall of the castle and from there, a knight led them to meet with the King who was in his working chambers.

Liam calmly waited and after a few minutes, the chamber doors opened.

However, inside of this grand luxurious room, the person who greeted him was not the King. instead, it was a young effeminate looking young man with extremely delicate facial features.

”This is the King? ” Liam almost blurted out in surprise.

The other party ’s expression immediately turned cold but it was fleeting, quickly replaced with a smile.. ”Come in. ”

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