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Chapter 227 - Please Listen To Me

Madan and Kouske refrained from jumping to conclusions and patiently searched the whole glacier cave from top to bottom, again and again.

They searched every inch of the cave without giving up. They even dug up the icy walls and the hard frozen ground to search for the flame.

However, even after spending such a long time inside the cave, they were unable to find the flame or even any clue about it.

Finally, Anya spoke up. ”You guys continue searching. Let me have a chat with the village chief first. Maybe something changed? ”

The other three also nodded in agreement. She left the cave to search for the small settlement. However, weirdly, she was once again lost.

No matter how much she combed the mountains, she was not able to find those small yurts, the old village chief, and the handful of people. 

After a while, she did find some other small clues, sets of footprints here and there, leftover wood from most probably a cooking fire, and signs that some people had lived here recently but they were no longer there.

She sighed and went back to report this. The other three as well became alarmed after hearing this and searched the mountains again.

However, no matter how much time they spent, they simply could not find out any clues about the small village. It was as if everyone had disappeared.

A couple more hours passed and they could only reluctantly give up. 

”Let ’s leave, ” Kouske muttered and the group left the freezing mountains.

Not long after, Madan slowly asked, ”Do you think someone else got that flame fragment? ”

”What? Impossible! ” Barret gritted his teeth. They had worked so hard for it, even losing a few levels. How could someone else have obtained it?

”Ya. It ’s not possible. ” Anya added. ”No one else could have handled those mobs. Very few players are at Level 30 right now. ”

”Hmmm. What you are saying makes sense. ” Madam nodded. 

However, he was very paranoid by nature so he couldn ’t help but think about the only person who could have possibly taken the flame before them.

”Then what about the player who is at the top of the leaderboard right now? ” Madam slowly asked.

”If it is him, then it possible for him to have cleared the cave before us and taken the flame fragment. ”

Hearing everyone suddenly fell silent. Though what Madan suggested sounded extremely impossible, they couldn ’t just rule it out.

But after a while, Kouske shook his head. ”No, I don ’t think so. The chances of something like that happening are very low. Did you forget big brother suggested us this place? ”

”There is no chance for a normal player to know about it. Also, that person Liam should be in the nether world at the moment. ”

”I saw him in the leaderboard. ” Kouske tried to reason. However, he himself did not sound convinced by his own words.

”Let ’s just tell what happened to brother. He will take care of the rest. ” He nodded and the team silently hopped onto their flying mounts and left the area.

Meanwhile… the person whom they were talking about had already arrived close to the center part of the Gresh Kingdom.

Liam as usual let Talon wander outside, and entered the royal city along with Luna. The two of them straightaway went to the beast hall to meet with Seraphina.

The beast trainer revealed a big smile as soon as she saw Liam as if she wanted to eat him whole and Liam cleared his throat awkwardly.

”We have the flame fragment. ”

”Lord Duke, that is amazing news! Congratulations! My Lord is so capable. ” The loli smiled ear to ear. However, Liam was not fooled.

He knew that this person was only being so nice because she wanted the gemstone. So he simply nodded, not reacting to several words of flattery.

Seeing that her charms were not working, Seraphina cleared her throat. ”Cough. Cough. Now we have all the required items. We can help little Luna level up, my Lord. ”


The little fox jumped up and down as soon as she heard her name. Liam smiled and took her in his hand, rubbing her little head.

”Let ’s start. ”

Seraphina tied her brown hair up into a bundle and started taking out the different herbs and essences that were required.

Some of them were a little difficult to obtain and yet she willingly parted with the items because ultimately the gemstone was the most precious thing at the moment.

So she did not hold back and took out all the top-tier ingredients.

Liam saw that she was even taking out fire essence crystals. These were extremely rare drops and the loli master was generously taking out several of them.

The little fox as well eyed all the items with a twinkle in her eyes and then started obediently eating up one after the other, listening to everything Seraphina told.

Slowly by slowly the fox first ate all the herbs and then some tonics and then the essence crystal. By the time she was done her stomach was bulging.

She also had an intoxicated content look on her face, burping in satisfaction.

The next second, her fur color slowly started to change. The bright red of her fur turned into a shade of orange.

But at this point, Seraphina quickly intervened. ”Wait, Luna. Don ’t break through just yet. ” 

She took out the flame crystal that Liam had obtained and then muttered a few words under her breath.

The solid ice around the flame instantly melted and from within it, a small wisp of yellow essence emerged.

”Quick. Quick. Absorb it. ” Seraphina instructed.

The essence was so strong that both she and Liam began sweating profusely. However, the small fox found it very pleasant and hurriedly inhaled it.

Almost immediately, her body started heating up and her fur color once again began changing, turning from into a shade of yellow and then yellow with a tinge of green.

”This girl ’s evolution is so colorful? ” Liam carefully observed everything. 

He saw that Luna was in a lot of pain so he rubbed her head gently. 

The little fox wrapped her tail around his hand and had her eyes tightly closed as if she was trying really hard to bear everything even though it was painful.

Seeing this Seraphina lightly gasped in awe. ”You have here an amazing pet, my Lord. Her intelligence level is off the charts. ”

”What do you mean? ” Liam asked.

”This flame fragment is actually too much for her to handle at the moment. Using it right, we could actually call it a waste. ”

”Even I wouldn ’t have suggested it if not for the fact that we had a nine-colored divinity gemstone with us. ”

”So basically, the essence from the flame should be too much for her. She would only be able to absorb it partly and waste the rest. ”

”But your spirit beast is trying her best to take in everything. ”

”Oh? ” Liam was surprised.

”Yes, my Lord. If it was any other beast, by now it would have released the essence that it could not handle. Aha ha ha… but your beast is really amazing. ”

”May I know from where Lord Duke managed to obtain such a powerful spirit beast? ”

Liam, however, did not bother answering her and continued to gently rub the little fox ’s head, trying to comfort it as much as possible.

Seeing that she wasn ’t getting anything, Seraphina could only sulk in silence and she also carefully observed the fox.

A little later, her fur color once again started to change…

”Impossible! ” Seraphina blurted out. ”Lord Duke, your beast is evolving again. At this rate… her potential… there is a possibility for her to become an extremely terrifying existence! ”

”Quick, let ’s give her the gemstone. ”

Liam nodded and took out the gemstone from the inventory. He gave it to Seraphina and she placed it near the fox.

Instantly, Luna ’s face softened and she looked a little relieved. 

”The gemstone should give her a cooling nourishing feeling. So she should be able to ease up now. ” Seraphina explained.

Liam as well nodded. All of this was new to him so he carefully observed everything and tried to make sense of the details.

However, just as the loli finished talking, the little fox ’s face that had only just now relaxed, suddenly became tensed up again.

”What is happening now? ” Liam became worried.

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