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Chapter 229 - Let The Grind Begin!

Liam silently walked out of the royal city. He was a bit distracted because of all the recent things that were happening.

Kouske… The Gu family… The four experts he had competed with… and now Luna… 

He had also not improved his strength in a while.

There were too many things that he needed to do.

He couldn ’t help but feel as if everything was slowly slipping away from his hands and he was also slowly losing the advantage he had.

It was as if he was just another minute away from losing everything he had and returning back to that helpless nobody he was in his past life.

Liam clenched his fists tightly until his knuckles turned white and looked ahead with determination.

He would never become that weak helpless person again. No matter what happened he was never going to let history repeat itself.

It was time to power up!

Just as he was stepping out of the gates, he whistled and Talon immediately flew down to him.

However, instead of stepping forward and hopping onto the bird ’s back, Liam paused.

He was not alone!

From the corner of his eyes, he saw a couple of familiar faces.

And this time Liam was not amused! 

He also did not want to waste his time dealing with these pests so he stopped and moved a couple of feet back into the royal city.

Screee! Screee!

Talon as well landed on the ground and walked over to stand next to him. The two of them did a U-turn and started walking back into the city.

The guards did not seem to care about it and respectfully bowed and greeted Liam again.

Seeing this, Alex wanted to punch someone in the face. 

Just how much reputation did this bastard have? Why are the guards treating him like he was the fucking King?!

They both watched him as he walked over to a nearby inn.

”I think that bastard realized that we are following him. ” Alex spat out.

”I think so too. ” Mia coldly replied.

”Heh. He thinks that he is safe just because he is the city? Dream on! ” Alex smirked and then added. 

”Mia, I don ’t mind spending a couple of days in prison. Can you activate your divine prison? I will take care of him before the skill ends. ”

”Ok. ” Mia nodded. This is a skill they had specifically prepared for Liam, so she also had the confidence to deal with him.

”Let him first go to his room. ”

The two of them and the reluctant third person followed Liam and watched him talk to the innkeeper in length.

The innkeeper was a very beautiful mature-looking woman with an eye-catching endowed chest. Though she was older, she still retained charm and elegance.

Her age in fact only added to this kind of mature sensuality.

Seeing this Alex rolled her eyes. ”What a perverted jerk! I bet he is trying to hook up with that woman. ”

Mia did not say anything and simply kept her eye on the target. Rey on the other hand grinned sheepishly.

”You both don ’t know how to admire beauties. This right here is a first-class MILF. No wonder big bro is chatting her up. ” Rey yawned. He was feeling sleepy again. 

Alex turned to glare at him angrily but as soon as she saw him, she only looked worried. ”Aren ’t you sleeping a bit too much these days? ”

”No. No, sis. Nothing like that. ” Rey replied, once again yawning.

”Maybe we should go to a doctor tomorrow? We haven ’t done the yearly check-up for this year. Maybe you are anemic or something? ” 

”Ok. Then I will log out and take a nap. You guys do something. Good luck. ” Rey smiled helplessly and logged out.

The two women then turned to pay attention to Liam who finally finished speaking to the innkeeper and headed upstairs.

”Ok. Let ’s go. I think this inn should have a backdoor. ” Alex muttered.

Mia, however, stopped her. ”Let ’s first wait a bit. Maybe he didn ’t notice us and is planning to log out for some time and take a break? ”

”Hmmm? ”

”I just think it ’s risky to kick up trouble inside. So let ’s keep it as a last resort. ”

”Fine. ” Alex simmered down and the two of them waited. 

They knew that they were wasting time but even otherwise, they would be wasting time because of the endless groups of players always chasing them and hunting them down.

It had become impossible for them to make any progress unless they did something about Liam.

While the two continued waiting outside, Liam had already opened a nether portal inside the inn ’s room and slipped away to the nether realm along with Talon a long time ago.

But not before he left the two girls a surprise.

Alex and Mia waited for a couple of hours and then another couple of hours but Liam did not look like he was returning any time soon.

Finally, Alex lost her patience.

”I think he is back and he is purposefully toying with us. Maybe he is already inside the inn and making some sort of counterattack plan. I will and check it out first. ”

”And if an opportunity presents itself, I will kill that asshole personally. ”

”It ’s just fucking prison. I will handle it. I will kill that guy and then when he resurrects in the graveyard, get all our guild members to camp there and kill him again and again. ”

”It ’s fine. We will all go to jail for a couple of days, so what? ” 

”At least this will permanently nuke that guy ’s growth and bring him back down to earth. After that why would the other guilds make an enemy out of us for that bastard? ”

”Things will go back to the way they were and we will be able to play again freely. ”

After hearing Alex, Mia nodded in agreement and she did not stop her. ”You will be able to handle him right? ”

Alex scoffed. ”Yes. Yes. Sure, he was more experienced than us in the beginning, but how could I possibly lose even now? ”

”I have been waiting for this day far too long now. ” She punched her fist onto her palm, the one end of her lips pulling upward. 

Both Alex and Mia glanced at each other and then Alex took the first step. She activated [Stealth] and walked over to the inn ’s back door. 

However, as soon as she touched the door, almost instantly a group of royal guards surrounded her. ”You are under arrest. ”

One of the guards stepped forward and cuffed her hands with special shackles and started dragging her away.

Alex did not even have the time to think about what the hell just happened. ”I did not do anything wrong. Let me go. ” She pleaded.

But the guards paid no attention to her. Mia as well watched this but she was also helpless. The royal guards did not listen to anyone.

After the guards took her, she went to the innkeeper and enquired.

”Ma ’am, what happened? ”

”Oh. That young lady tried to enter the inn in stealth. ”

”But that is not a serious offense, right? She didn ’t do anything wrong? ”

”That ’s right. However, she was definitely up to no good! Even the Duke warned me about her! ” 

The woman gracefully smiled, a hint of shyness appearing on her face recalling the young Duke and answered her.

”Duke? ” Mia gasped. Liam was already a duke? While they were becoming weaker every day, he was becoming that much stronger!

”Can a Duke give orders to arrest anyone in the city? ” Mia asked, already dreading hearing the answer.

And just like she thought… the innkeeper revealed another sweet smile and replied.

”Yes, of course, he can! ”

So now… instead of following him and finding an opportune moment to attack him, they had to run and hide from him?

They were no longer safe both inside and outside the cities and towns!

”Damn it. ” Mia bit her lips, making them redder. 

She did not know why but every time they clashed with this person, she felt as if they were digging their own graves.

Not only did they suffer a loss each and every single time but their losses were also insanely punishing. If they did something, then he returned that favor ten times stronger!

Mia did not even know if they could afford to oppose him anymore. They were truly at their lowest point. 

She was also very tired. They had some real-life issues to deal with as well and nothing was going their way. 

It was as if they were being cornered from all directions with no way out.

Mia sighed, and then returned to her calm and composed expression before walking out of the city. 

With Alex and Rey both unavailable, she decided to gather some reliable members of their guild and keep raiding dungeons to improve their overall strength.

Her slender and elegant figure looked very lonely as she alone walked out of the royal city.

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