Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 22 - New Team

u down, I swear. ” Rey was ecstatic after seeing Liam nod.

”Alright. That ’s enough. What ’s your party composition? ” Liam patted the excited young man and walked towards the dungeon.

Ha Ha Ha! Rey immediately revealed a big grin. ”Bro. Just like you, I am also playing ’No Class ’! ” He even gave a thumbs up and a wink.

This idiot! Liam shook his head, smiling bitterly. ”Add me to the party. ” He wanted to check their stats before starting the run.

If their condition was too bad, then there was no point in teaming up with them. Instead of carrying dead weights and idiots, it would make his life a lot easier if he simply went in all by himself.

Especially considering that this was only a beginner ’s dungeon!

He had already tempered his body, and he was also no longer Level 1. He leveled up twice from the fight with the wolves and was currently at Level 3.

So, for him, even Solo clear was not impossible!

Rey nodded and quickly added Liam to the team.

[Ding. You have been invited to join a party]

[Ding. Do you accept? YES/ NO]

Liam clicked ’Yes ’ and then silently inspected his three new teammates. Though he didn ’t have many expectations, to begin with, he was pleasantly surprised after seeing their stats.

All three of them were in fact at Level 4, a whole level higher than him or the bunch of players fighting with Niria beside them.

Also, among the three only Rey hadn ’t chosen any particular class.

One of the two girls had chosen the path of paladin while the other had chosen the role of a healer, more specifically a priestess.

While both a paladin and a priest relied on holy power, mana with the light elemental attribute infused within it, a paladin focused more on protection and preventing damage while a priest focused more on the healing aspect.

”Hmmm… Not bad. Not bad at all for a makeshift team. ” Liam muttered, without minding that he was actually speaking the words out loud.

Rey didn ’t care but he looked at his two sisters and nervously smiled, before turning back to Liam. ”Bro, we are not really a makeshift team. We have played other games together. ”

”Mhm. Alright. Are we waiting for someone else or shall we start? ” Liam ignored his remark and went directly to the point.

This time, it was not Rey who responded to him, but one of the two women, the paladin.. ”We will be rolling for equipment drops and skill book drops impartially. Got it? ”

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