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Chapter 231 - Black-masked Oni

Liam did not want to miss this chance and he immediately walked over to the group of six demons.

He knew that these guys used nether to channel their magic like he used mana. So he wanted to learn more from them.

The six caster demons became alarmed seeing the leader walking towards them and they quickly greeted him. 

They also answered the best they could after listening to every single question Liam had.

However, after several minutes of discussion, Liam was still at the same point as before. He couldn ’t grasp anything at all.

Not because he was not able to understand but because the demons did not know how to explain.

To them, everything was fairly intuitive. They have been using nether from birth. It was as easy as sensing mana. However, to Liam that was not the case.

And this dumbfounded him because he had an SSS-grade affinity to nether and only an S-grade affinity to mana.

This meant that he should be able to sense nether better than he was sensing mana. But no matter how much he tried, he wasn ’t succeeding.

Liam continued chatting with them a bit more, before eventually giving up and returning back to his position.

There were too many things that he had to do and he decided to focus on the important ones first, the ones that could boost his power above and beyond.

And for that, he needed to get to Level 50 first.

Clap. Clap. Liam clapped his hands and gazed coldly at the thirty demons standing in front of him. ”It is time. Fight. Kill and Survive. ”

He then tore open the portal scroll, a blinding red light enveloping the whole group.

The next second the group of demons, Liam and Talon got teleported from the nether realm to Xion.

”Boss, will this really work out? ”

”Wait. Shut up. ” Victor hurriedly shushed his lackey. Approaching the two of them was the stormtroopers guild leader, Sterling.

”What Victor? What are you both talking about? ” He asked casually, but from his tone and mannerisms, one could say that he was not really being that casual.

”Nothing. Nothing, guild leader. ” Victor awkwardly ruffled his hair. He did not dare to say anything.

Just a couple of days back, his life was almost over. He had no life, no future, nothing, and on top of that he had mountains and mountains of debts. 

But then miraculously his bad luck took a turn for the better.

Just when he thought that his life was over, out of nowhere, he somehow landed a rare quest. 

Victor had immediately rushed over to the tavern that his ex-guild members liked to hang out and begged and pleaded.

Finally, after he mentioned the rare quest, Sterling agreed to hear him out.

And once he did, just like he expected, he was given a second chance.

This rare quest was definitely game-changing. 

If they could successfully finish this quest, then they might even be able to get their hands on a Kingdom quest or even more unique questline.

Having brought his guild such a good thing, how could he not be accepted?

However, Victor still did not dare to act arrogant. After all, he had lost too much face. He had to now pay the price for it and earn back all of it slowly and steadily.

”So is it time? ” Sterling asked him.

”Yes. Yes. It should be, guild master. Any second now, I think. ” Victor quickly replied.

He wiped the sweat off of his forehead and turned to look around, searching for any signs of disturbance. 

Including Victor, about 50 of their guild members were currently standing in a huge football field sized crater with holes like a sieve.

From within these holes, lava, smoke, and fumes burst out from time to time spilling on the nearby players and taking away chunks of their health.

However, despite the hazardous conditions, the guild group still continued to stand in this location and wait.

And this was all because of Victor ’s rare quest.

Since the conditions were so bad, and considering his earlier fiasco, obviously many people were not pleased with him.

But Sterling had personally taken a look at the quest and since he vouched for him, all the elites of the guild also had no other choice but to trust him and wait.

Time slowly passed and with each second, Victor grew more and more nervous. 

He couldn ’t help but pray to all the gods in his heart to somehow help him get past this quest and obtain the reward.

All he needed was this one chance and he would be immediately back on top. 

He could then chase that damned truck Derek to the ends of the earth and get his revenge by repeatedly killing him again and again.

Recently, his guild had learned of a grave spawn camping technique that could grind a player to dust and literally strip them naked.

He couldn ’t wait to do that to that damned guy and pay him back for all the humiliation he felt.

”Please. Please. Please. Let this go smoothly. ” He let out a long sigh.

And suddenly, at this exact same moment, the air crackled.

A big black spot appeared out of nowhere, the size of the spot growing rapidly like an ink blot.

”It ’s here! HERE! ” Victor shouted at the top of his lungs.

Sterling and all the other stormtrooper guild members immediately turned to pay attention to the direction, Victor was looking at and pointing to.

They also saw the big black swirling mass of energy.

And the next second… a leg and an arm appeared from within it.

”ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! ” Victor started shouting. He also started running towards the hole with his shield jutting out.

Seeing this, Sterling frowned because he was supposed to be the leader of the party and shout instructions but there was no time to argue about that now.

He let it slide just this once and repeated, giving out more detailed instructions. 

”Attack. Tanks! front and center! Healers! Move to the back! Melee take a step back! Mages and Archers burst damage! ”

The gathered guild members quickly started sending a volley of attacks. They wanted to defeat this enemy before they even appeared and had a chance to fight back.

And a couple of attacks also landed making them delighted.

However, the next second their attacks inexplicably started getting deflected, and out of nowhere, a huge golem appeared.

”What the hell is that? ”

”That golem has a mana shield out! Attack it! The shield will go down automatically! ”

The group did not lose their confidence on seeing the golem and everyone frantically started attacking it with vigor and ferocity.

However, during this time, the portal roared alive and several big and sturdy demon hybrids started stepping out one after the other.

Each demon looked very strong and powerful and just from looking at them, one could tell that they were not ordinary mobs.

All the gathered elite players gulped on seeing this terrifying sight.

This was it! The quest was finally alive!

They all knew about the difficulty of a rare quest and this quest was even special among such rare quests.

They scoured the forums and no one had ever gotten such a quest before.

The thing was that the quest itself wasn ’t all that difficult. All they had to do was defend against a horde of invading demons.

So they weren ’t too nervous about it. After all, they had cleared several dungeons and raids and this should not have been all that different.

But unexpectedly, these demons had a golem?

This took them by surprise but the stormtroopers was a decent guild with a solid framework. So they held their ground and focussed without losing hope.

Even though they were up and against strong and bloodthirsty demons, they continued attacking with gusto.

And then… the last person stepped out of the portal.

Everyone ’s face instantly fell!

The players who had been confident up until now suddenly faltered.

Because, unlike the demons, this last creature resembled a human being and his clothing and armor also pointed to the same. 

And, more importantly, on his face, there was a black mask!

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