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Chapter 232 - First Round Over

”Sterling! This guy is that person nicknamed oni! This is his signature black mask! Call for backup. Now! ” One of the frontline fighters shouted out loud, alerting everyone.

Of course, other people had also seen this as currently, every single member of their team had their eyes fixed on the portal opening.

However, they were too shocked and the tank ’s loud warning helped many people snap back. Sterling also responded by immediately calling for backup.

He originally thought that 50 players were overkill but now that the black-masked oni was involved, he had a feeling that even this number might not be enough.

Everyone quickly doubled back on their efforts and started giving out 200% of what they were capable of. 

This quest was not going to be easy, to begin with, but now with this ’oni ’ involved, everything was up in the air!

Meanwhile… at the other end of the same battle…

”Oh? I am famous? ” Liam smiled. He did not act rashly and first took a second to calmly observe the surroundings.

And as soon as he did, he instantly heard a familiar name. 

”Victor, flank the right side. Don ’t let them spread out. ” Someone shouted.

Not to mention, the guild insignia that automatically appeared on the chest guard.

Liam couldn ’t help but be surprised at this random coincidence. Of all the players that he could be facing, he was up against this guild again.

Was it his fortune or their misfortune? He didn ’t care.

He only knew that this was a good opportunity to rob these guys again.

And also… His gaze fell on the fire plumes of the crater. They were finally able to teleport to a location with a fire-type environment!

”This should definitely have some fire essence. ”

Liam took another look and then quickly began their onslaught. Unlike the opposition, they did not have to strategize much.

Because their team was not the traditional tank – healer – dps combo, they really only had one form of attack! 

Overwhelm the opponent with sheer strength and power and take what they want!

Liam took out the other attack golem as well and summoned it right in the middle of the enemy camp, near their healers.

Instantly, the ordered group of players fell into chaos.

The golem emotionlessly started attacking the players nearby as soon as it materialized. It only had physical attacks but every single hit from the golem was a death blow.

Both the players and the gear on them were flattened without any distinction.

”What the fuck is this? ” The group of healers screamed and tried to regroup. 

The dps also hammered their attacks on the new golem, immediately disregarding the old one.

However, even their combined effects did not seem to stop these two monsters. 

After all, they were comparable to Level 50 bosses. So how could it be so easy for Level 30 players to deal with these metal giants?

But Liam wasn ’t done yet.

He did not care who his opponent was. This was the same exact strategy he had applied every single time on all of his previous missions.

He was a squad leader then. He was a platoon leader now. The enemies were greater in number and the allies were also higher.

But nothing else had changed. He used the same approach again.

He first tossed the two golems and while everyone was still struggling to deal with the two golems, he and the demon platoon started to attack.

They did not even allow the poor guys to take a breather.

Liam ’s figure blurred and he appeared next to the players who were low on health and were riddled with injuries and started to pick them off one by one.

Having been personally trained by him, his ten main demon soldiers also did the same. 

The demons acted however they pleased and in general randomly attacked the group of humans.

And so, in less than a second, the guild group that had been properly organized fell into utter chaos and confusion.

”Don ’t PANIC! Used all your crowd control skills as soon as your cool down wears off! ” Sterling shouted.

The mages and the shamans started casting various spells one after the other. 

But just when they were about to cast the spell, lava rained from above them and fire bullets hit their face and eyes specifically, distracting them and forcing them to move.

After training for two days continuously, Liam was now much more experienced in casting multi-target spells and was even able to aim accurately to some extent.

Every single one of his attacks was almost as powerful as the golem ’s and each hit took at least a quarter of their health.

Moreover, they also had the numbers to match the stormtroopers guild. 

The guild group had 50 on their side and the demon army had 30 on their side and of course, the two golems and Liam.

So they were more than evenly matched with the demon army, or rather the side with the 3 monsters had the absolute advantage.

However, it did not look like the stormtroopers guild was planning to take this loss by bending over backward.

Some members of the guild who were more thoroughly geared than the rest slowly started to shine. 

They used a plethora of skills and items and bombarded the demons surrounding them. They also managed to deal significant damage to the two golems.

Liam noticed this and immediately took action. 

The fatal flaw in their team was that they lacked healers. So they absolutely had to win by doing this kind of burst damage. 

If the fight prolonged, they wouldn ’t have the upper hand any longer.

Liam ’s strategy to overcome this hurdle was to cycle the demons. 

If someone ’s health fell below the halfway point, they were instructed to quietly retreat, someone else taking their place.

This would give them the time to use health potions and recuperate.

But this was not a long-term solution.

So Liam dashed forward to deal with these heavy hitters of the team.

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