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Chapter 235 - Walking Into The Trap

[Ding. You have successfully completed a platoon invasion mission]

[Ding. You have been rewarded 50,000,000 experience points]

[Ding. You have been rewarded 5000 contribution points]

[Ding. 20 Soldiers have survived the invasion. You have received an additional 20,000,000 experience points]

[Ding. 20 Soldiers have survived the invasion. You have received an additional 2000 contribution points]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

”Hmmmm… So a single mission is enough to level up? ” Liam read through the several notifications and the generous experience points rewards.

The contribution points were not as good as the experience points but Liam ’s main goal at the moment was to reach Level 50.

So the contribution points and the fact that he needed to run countless of these missions to reach the next rank did not quite matter, at least for now.

However, he still did not look very happy about it, because this only confirmed what he already feared.

Squad invasion missions might be a time consuming grind, but they were almost always within his capability and easier to accomplish.

On the other hand, the same couldn ’t be said for these platoon invasion missions…

Liam had a feeling that he would mostly be facing other players or high-level NPCs for these missions.

In fact, it was only a matter of time before the Stormtroopers guild members put 2 and 2 together.

He had used the two golems against them once before when they had met for the first time and he had also used the golems now.

Unless and otherwise, they decide to assume that these were two different sets of golems, they should have connected the dots that he had single-handedly caused them massive loss more than once.

Even if they didn ’t know that he was also the one responsible for their loss in PVP tower, they should still be extremely furious at him.

So it was inevitable that his identity as the black-masked demon and the fact that he was doing these special invasion missions would get leaked.

Calculating extremely liberally, he probably had one more chance at this type of mission. 

Otherwise, if the news spread, whichever guild manages to obtain this quest, would easily form alliances with others.

Then the two golems would no longer be enough to deal with their combined elite players. After all, there was a limit to how much a single player can accomplish.

30 of the mediocre demon soldiers could not possibly compare to a hundred or two hundred players.

So even though, these platoon missions gave ridiculously generous experience points, Liam could realistically only run one more at best.

”It is a pity but better to be safe… I wonder if the grave camping news had spread yet… too many variables. I need to log out and look at things first. But before that… ”

Liam gazed at the several demons still standing in front of him and waiting for his next order. Except for the 10 demons on his personal army and a few more, the others looked quite tired.

Nevertheless, he looked at them and commanded. ”We need to run another mission right now. Immediately. Prepare yourself. ”

Everyone was surprised but only the few at the back glanced at each other with unwilling looks. Seeing this, Liam added with a stern tone. ”Those who don ’t want to participate can step out. ”

He did not have to say anything more. The demon hybrid Hiriyu took care of the rest. 

He quickly ran around to recruit a group of new demons to their small army and also took care of the other needful things like switching out some of their party members who were too tired to continue.

It only took 10 mins and the group was once again ready to depart.

Liam activated another invasion scroll without delaying further and the group was promptly teleported.


As soon as he regained his consciousness, Liam immediately tossed out the golem cores and summoned the two golems.

He did not underestimate the opponents right from the get-go. They might be facing anyone at the moment so he did not let his guard down.

He unsheathed his purple sword and looked around to see that they were surrounded by a small group of soldiers dressed in the royal attire of the Horendal Kingdom, one of the other human kingdoms.

”So it is NPCs this time… ” Liam let out a breath of relief and then energetically shouted. ”Charge! Don ’t leave anyone alive! ”

The demons also roared as furiously as he and the group charged forward, beginning their rigorous onslaught.

Liam did not hold anything back and used the grenades, golems, and every last one of his skills and took down the NPC soldiers left and right.

These soldiers were slightly worse than the players they had faced and fought in a more straightforward way, so they were easier to deal with.

Even the demon army outperformed themselves when compared to the last fight.

Within just a few minutes, they had ruthlessly laid waste to the entire royal force. Liam was pleasantly surprised. 

They had switched out a lot of equipment with the high-grade items they had looted from the stormtroopers guild and the result was clearly visible.

Within a span of a few minutes, the entire battle was over and they hadn ’t suffered a single casualty!

The NPCs also did not respawn and attack them one more time so the fight was essentially already over.

The difficulty of the two invasions was definitely on two different levels. Not to mention, the NPCs also dropped a generous amount of loot.

They were not high-grade items like the ones they had obtained from players. Rather they directly dropped silver coins and gold coins.

Liam shook his head helplessly as they were once again teleported back to the central square of Thol city.

A string of generous rewards and contribution points rang loudly in his ears. The demons also rejoiced as several of them leveled up.

Compared to the previous battle, this was simply a cakewalk.

”Leader, are we running another one? ” Hiriyu excitedly asked. Liam saw that now everyone had eager expectant faces as opposed to the tired looks they had last time.

However, he simply smiled and shook his head. ”No. You guys go back and take a rest. That ’s it for now. ”

It was important to know when to stop. Liam was already Level 44 now, jumping from 42 to 44 in just a few hours. 

Since this was visible for everyone on the leaderboard, he knew that there was probably a huge uproar right about now. 

If the stormtroopers guild did not spread the news about the mission before, they would have definitely done it now.

So he did not intend to push his luck and take the risk. 

His original plan was to attempt to obtain the inheritance at Level 50 but trying at Level 44 wasn ’t that bad either.

”Yup, doing that is less risky than doing this again. ” Liam quietly pondered and walked over to the counter to settle some war contributions.

After that, he decided to log out and check the forums before starting to search for the inheritance quest and attempt it.

However, as soon as he reached the counter and dumped the required amount of gold in front of the grumpy demon, the other party surprised him.

”Sir Platoon leader, you seem to be extremely capable. You have accomplished something impossible! Back to back successful invasions! ”

”And you are also the fastest leader to get promoted from squad leader to platoon leader! ”

”Do you perhaps aim to challenge our garrison leader and take his position? ”

”Hmmm… ” Liam stopped in his tracks hearing the demon ’s snarky comment. 

He could tell that the man was simply taunting him. Irrespectively, this matter caught his interest.

”Would you care to elaborate? ” Liam turned around and asked the same guy.

”Oh, ke ke ke. Sir platoon leader is not even aware of this? It ’s alright. I will explain things to you. I have been here a long time. ” The demon sneered.

”Every platoon leader has the ability to challenge our garrison leader. Ke Ke. Some young bold heroes think that they are capable of ousting our leader and brainlessly challenge him. ”

”You see the young demons these days are very greedy and impatient and don ’t know what ’s what. ” 

”They think that they are all that and challenge our mighty leader, but in the end, their fate is just… ha ha ha. ”

”Of course, this is only for others. I wouldn ’t dare to disrespect you, Sir. If it is you, then you should definitely be worthy of challenging our garrison leader. Ke Ke Ke. ”

Liam smiled, completely ignoring the vicious words of the guy. ”And where do I issue this challenge? ”

”Ah! ” The demon abruptly stood up from his chair and quickly pointed to the tower at the far end of the city. ”That is the location of our garrison leader. You can challenge him there. ”

His body was shaking and he was only barely able to control his glee.

And as soon as Liam left, he immediately burst into laughter.

Another demon standing next to him worriedly asked him. ”Beluga, aren ’t you going to too far? That demon is a platoon leader after all and we are only soldiers here. ”

Beluga coldly snorted. ”So what? I am tired of this bullshit hierarchy. These greenhorns come in yesterday and think that they can rule over me? ”

”Do you know how many years I have been working here! ”

”Do you know how many wars I have participated in! ”

”Hmph! Challenge our garrison leader? Bah ha ha ha! Wait till he comes back with his tail in between his legs! ”

”That stupid demon deserves a good lesson! ”

”Cough. Cough. Don ’t you dare tell about this to anyone else! You know that I am doing our leader a service, right? ”

”If that greenhorn ’s arrogance is not taken down a notch, then he might blindly go in for another invasion and incur heavy losses. ”

”He might cause the death of our brethren. So I am only doing a service for our city. Shut up and sit down.. Don ’t say anything about this to anyone else and mind your business. ”

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