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Chapter 236 - The Mighty Garrison Leader

Liam silently walked away from the two demons who were chatting in hushed voices. 

It was very apparent that the demon was looking forward to him challenging the garrison leader and suffering a terrible loss. 

He did not even bother hiding his intentions. So his ploy was as clear as day. Nevertheless, Liam was thankful to that person.

He had given him some valuable information. He stood silently and looked at the garrison tower for a minute. However, he did not walk over there directly.

Instead, he walked over to Hiriyu who was still waiting at the square for him. ”You didn ’t leave yet? ” Liam asked.

”No leader. ” The demon shook his head.

”Were you waiting for me to leave first? ” Liam smiled. 

He was impressed by the demon ’s loyalty to him. Would there be a way to possibly take these guys back with him?

”What do you know about the Garrison leader? ” Liam asked him, coming straight to the point.

Hiriyu ’s face suddenly changed. ”The… the Garrison leader? ” He stuttered. 

He saw that Liam was still continuing to look at him unblinkingly, so he gulped and proceeded to explain. 

”Leader, our Garrison leader is a very ancient and powerful demon. He is even rumored to be someone from the great abyss. ”

”If you are thinking about challenging him… then… I would sincerely request you to forget this thought. Leader, he is very strong. ”

”Our Garrison leader hasn ’t lost a fight in several decades. ” Hiriyu hesitantly explained.

Though their leader was definitely not ordinary which he knew better than anyone, he still couldn ’t imagine a possibility where this would end well.

He was sure without any iota of doubt that Liam would lose the fight. 

More importantly, their Garrison leader had a nasty temper. He hated challenges the most so every challenge was in reality a battle to the death.

Since their leader clearly had a bright future ahead of him, he really hoped that Liam wouldn ’t take the wrong decision here.

He looked up at him anxiously, only to see that Liam still had the same smile.

”Do you know what is his current level? ” Liam asked calmly as if he had not just heard everything.

”Leader, his level is 150. ” Hiriyu quickly replied.

”Well, I guess that settles it then? ” Liam chuckled wryly. It was not as if he could challenge a Level 150 monster!

Hiriyu dazedly nodded, but he looked like he was confused slightly. After a second, he then hurriedly corrected Liam.

”Leader, any demon of any level can challenge the garrison leader. In the fight, the two opponents will be on equal footing. It is just that the Garrison leader is still extremely fearsome. ”

”Oh! ” Liam ’s eyebrows shot up. He was not expecting this. It looked like the challenge was similar to the fights in the PVP arenas.

Now he was more interested. ”Get me all the information you can about the garrison leader. Can you do it? ”

Hiriyu grunted and scratched his head. Seeing that Liam was pretty set on this, he quickly scurried about and started talking to his connections.

A few minutes later, the demon returned back panting and heaving. Liam spoke with him in length, learning whatever he could.

He then proceeded to walk to the garrison tower. This was one of the more sturdy constructed structures in the city and many demon guards were stationed around the tower.

Liam walked into the red brick building and the guards did not seem to mind him. A few even greeted him because of his status as the platoon leader.

He walked through the narrow stairs of the tower and then crossed the many halls finally reaching the huge hall at the top of the tower.

Inside the hall, at the back, on a big chair, a huge demon was sitting.

And as soon as Liam walked in, he lifted his gaze to stare at him with his green reddened eyes. Liam paused and calmly muttered. ”Greetings, Garrison Leader. ”

”Ke Ke Ke. So you are the platoon leader I am hearing all about! ” The demon chortled, eying Liam up and down as if he was a piece of meat.

Liam also frowned slightly seeing this behavior. It almost looked as if this person was expecting him and waiting for him.

”Maybe the guy at the counter had something to do with this? ”

Liam shook his head and continued to walk forward. These things did not matter so much. He was here to issue a challenge so he was probably going to antagonize him anyways.

”Leader. ” Liam opened his mouth and the other party instantly cut him off. ”I already know that you are here to challenge me. ”

The demon stood up and a sort of darkness that had wrapped around him faded away. Liam could now see him more clearly.

The demon was a tall and muscular creature with a human-like frame, except that he had horns on his head and hoofs similar to a goat.

His hands and thighs were muscular and his stomach was ribbed like he had been doing pushups since the day he was born.

Suddenly, his tall intimidating figure jumped down from the height and landed right in front of Liam without any warning.

”You don ’t look like a demon. Who are you? ”

Liam tried to remain calm and unfazed, but his heart rate still sped up being in such close proximity to the monstrosity.

The creature ’s ferocious red eyes were staring down at him with such hatred and animosity.

Liam clenched his fist, steadied himself, and answered. ”I am a being of the nether realm, leader. I practice necromancy. ”

He had calmed down as much as he could, but his body was still shaking a bit. He was face to face with a Level 150 demon so this was already impressive.

He could feel the weight of the demon ’s gaze beating down on him. It was a crushing pressure testing the integrity of his very physique.

Even if he was a bit careless, he felt as if his brain would be squished and his mind would be erased.

Was this may be a bad idea? Liam shuddered.

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