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Chapter 237 - Liam Vs Hongumbra

The demon sneered and continued to stare at Liam, without batting his eyelids. 

Did he even have eyelids? Liam gritted his teeth and tried his best to withstand the pressure. It was as if he couldn ’t even breathe without the other party ’s permission.

And it looked like the demon had no plans of making his life easier. He did not show any intention of moving and simply kept standing there.

The ugly grin on his thick lips widened and after a couple of seconds, the demon somehow increased the pressure he was exuding.

This made Liam buckle down and kneel on the ground. A mountain of weight was pressing down on him.

He now understood what the demon was trying to do. He was forcibly trying to make Liam prostrate himself on the ground.

And the pressure weighing him down was constantly increasing bit by bit.

Seeing this Liam did not know whether to laugh or cry. For a Level 150 being, this demon was actually quite weak?

The naga he met was probably several times stronger than this demon because at her level she was still able to have a stronger effect on his soul and body.

Liam did not give up and continued to bear the pressure. 

In reality, he couldn ’t care less if he prostrated himself before this monstrosity.

But he still tried his best because this could potentially have a huge psychological effect on the demon even before their match.

And he definitely needed every advantage that he could get.

Now that he had given this a bit of thinking, Liam already regretted his actions. 

If he had instead buckled down and prostrated immediately, he could have tricked the demon into underestimating him.

But since things have progressed to this level, he could now only aim to agitate the creature as much as possible.

’Wait. Why am I able to think suddenly? ’ Liam was surprised.

Just seconds earlier, a splitting headache was corroding his brain but now he was able to think and decide how to act?

With great difficulty, Liam moved and looked at the demon, only to see a black aura coming out of him.

’Oh, so that ’s how it is… ’

Liam grinned inwardly, suddenly realizing the huge importance this battle would have on his growth and development.

He indeed needed to thank the gruff demon who had set up this trap for him!

Even though Liam was no longer pained, he continued to display an unsightly expression on his face, twisting his lips and biting his teeth.

He even shivered ever so often to look like he was struggling a lot.

Seeing this, the demon chortled and revealed a satisfied expression, but he was not done yet. 

He wanted to torture the small fry some more. If he did not do it sufficiently, then every other good for nothing fledgling will suddenly have the guts to challenge him.

Hmph. The demon loudly harrumphed and doubled back on his efforts to make the insect kneel down and flatten him.

And the next second… bang!

Liam as well instantly flattened out, allowing his body to react how the demon wanted. 

However, inwardly, he was already calculating, how he was going to reap the maximum harvest this time.

This was because the more the demon pressured him, the more stronger his resistance became!

At first, the demon did not use a nether infused attack to pressure him but he wanted to torture Liam as best as he could so he ended up using nether half-way.

However, this in turn became his fatal mistake as from then on anything the demon did, backfired on him.

Liam could now sense clearly the thick heavy strands of nether swirling around the demon. 

Not only that, but he was also able to tap into that nether and command it to enter his own body. 

He was not yet completely able to comprehend how to use nether like he was using mana, but this single incident alone pushed his understanding a lot further.

In fact, as long as the demon relied on pure nether to attack him, Liam had the confidence of successfully winning this challenge!

He roughly formed a plan in his mind and now only the execution was left!

Liam continued to groan and moan as if his soul was leaving his body and writhed on the ground, seemingly in pain.

The demon as well proceeded to amuse himself for a few more seconds when he eventually got tired of torturing Liam.

”Ke Ke Ke. Do you still wish to challenge me, platoon leader? ” He loudly chortled. A few other demons standing inside the hall joined in and laughed at Liam ’s pathetic plight.

”Platoon leaders these days are this weak? ”

”Where did this arrogant greenhorn come from? ”

”Ke Ke Ke. I think this guy must be a divine temple spy! Otherwise why would he be so weak? ”

Several ridicules and mockery immediately flew out, all demons trying their best to suck up to the garrison leader.

The leader as well sneered and kicked Liam ’s body in disdain before walking back to his chair. ”I need to go to the abyss to attend to some matters. ”

”We should- ” Completely ignoring Liam, he started to casually discuss other things, but interrupting him, a weak and feeble voice sounded.

”We are not done yet, leader. I officially challenge you to a duel. Hail the great Lord! ” Liam shouted, and stood up.

He looked weak and shaky as he balanced himself by leaning on the red brick wall.

Immediately, all the demons inside the hall quieted down in shock and surprise. Even after all of this… the idiot wanted to challenge their leader?

Had he completely lost his mind from the earlier thrashing?

Every single demon in the city knew about their garrison leader ’s might. It was not just their city, but the entire nether realm in fact knew about their leader ’s strength.

While Thol city itself was only one of the smaller settlements, their garrison leader, one of the greater demons, was a member of the abyss!

But this idiot still challenged him? 

All the demons in the hall were completely astonished by this newbie ’s stupidity. A mere Level 44 demon was challenging their great leader!

Sitting at the far end of the hall, the garrison leader as well snorted in disdain. He was just as shocked as the others but he was more annoyed.

He did not have time to waste with this insect. 

War preparations were underway in full swing so how could he sit here and entertain this insignificant prawn?

However, he was helpless. The rules of the Great Lord had to be followed under all circumstances! Without any exceptions!

And a challenge was a challenge… even if it was given out by a mere insect.

The demon grunted loudly and stood up. ”You dared to disturb me today. You will pay the consequences. For wasting my time, you will pay with your life and the lives of your family. ” 

”You there, gather this insect ’s details and kill every single soldier in his platoon! ” 

”Hmph! Come forward. Today I will teach you a lesson that you will not forget in your lifetime! ”

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