Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 23 - Yin Body

br>He sighed and shook his head, finally taking a look at the things he had swiped from the dragon ’s lair.


[Gold – 5000]

[Silver – 5000]

[Copper – 5000]

”Not bad. ” Liam clicked his tongue. He then took a look at the first skill book.

[Demonic summon]: Consumes 200 mana and summons a lesser demon. Spell active for 20 seconds. Level 1

”Tch. Tch. What an expensive summoning spell… ”

Liam quickly learned the skill as there was no limit to the number of skills one could learn, but leveling up all of them and making sure that they are actually useful was an entirely different thing.

One could learn a hundred skills but it was physically impossible to focus on all of them, level up all of them, and more importantly, gain enlightenment regarding all of them.

But this particular skill was well worth the time and effort because Liam knew that when leveled up, it would enable the player to permanently form a contract with a demon.

Of course, there was also another prerequisite for this to happen. Only people with an extremely high demonic affinity were capable of achieving this stage.

Liam did not have an SSS grade affinity which was technically the highest but she still had an S grade affinity which was good enough. So he didn ’t hesitate and quickly learned the skill.

Alex stood beside him, curiously watching Liam and wondering what he was up to. ”Hey, Hofstadter. What do you think he is doing? Did he just learn a skill? ” She muttered under her breath.

Liam ignored their chatter and was about to open the next item when his hand suddenly paused.

”Hofstadter? ” His eyes quickly scanned the name of the third member of the party, the priestess with whom he had not interacted that much.

[Rey Thornwood]

[Alex Thornwood]

[Mia Hofstadter]

He hadn ’t paid enough attention to their names earlier and now that he did, Liam was utterly dumbfounded. What was this? Fate? Or simply a coincidence?

Liam cursed himself for not noticing this sooner. In his hurry, he would have almost sent away a god-sent gift package.

”Mia Hofstadter… ”

In his previous life, she was a very famous named player.

She had consistently been one of the top healers on the leader board. Not to mention, her top-notch skills as a battle priest when she was not healing.

In addition to that, the woman was extremely good looking, with a gorgeous figure, honey blond hair, and a pair of bright blue eyes.

She also had a calm, composed, and cold temperament like a sword that was sheathed, which didn ’t quite fit the image of a kind and benevolent priestess and yet she was adored by countless fans and was revered as a goddess.

However, all of this was when the world still had a semblance of normalcy.

After things started to turn bleak, for some reason, her name had disappeared altogether. She was not even registered with the association.

Liam ’s mind automatically rummaged through the several things he had heard about Mia and he paused, paying attention to the one particular thing, the only part he cared about.

This woman in front of him possessed a pure Yin body!

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