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Chapter 240 - AFK Leveling?

”I am still not dead? ” Liam did not expect this.

In fact, after he was covered by the gunk, the small bit of health he had lost earlier when exchanging blows with the demon was also starting to fill back up.

Could it be? He grinned.

No, he knew it for sure. This was probably some sort of nether poison!

And because of his perfect affinity to the nether, not only did the poison not work but it was also healing him right back up.

Liam ’s pitch-black figure revealed a big smile that looked unsightly as his white teeth shone against the black background.

All the demons including Hongumbra looked dumbfounded as the black poisonous slime-covered person continued to dash forward, now not even bothering to evade the spiny tentacles.

How could this be? Hongumbra grunted in anger and irritation. The demon desperately rushed to finish his current summoning, hoping that it would change the outcome. 

Small red snakes started to appear but Liam arrived next to him just in time to hack and slash away whatever health he had remaining.

The demon ’s body that was already riddled with injuries from top to bottom gave out like rotten meat, no longer possessing the high inherent defense.

In the end, Hongumbra could only vainly try to erect another barrier to block these fatal attacks.

But Liam coldly gazed at him and did not give him any opportunity. 

He gathered a massive condensed fireball and smashed it right onto the partly formed barrier, breaking it apart into a million wisps.

Funnily enough, these wisps also flew to him like flies attracted to a trap and joined his already black appearance, making him look like a black flaming pit demon.

”You… what are you… ” Hongumbra gasped in shock. However, he did not have any time left to understand what had happened.

Staring at Liam dumbfoundedly, the last bit of his health left his body and he crumbled and fell down on the black slimy cracked arena ground.

”NO! I will not accept… I am a demon from the abyss… ” His voice boomed, filled with regret and indignation as the vicious light in his eyes dispersed and disappeared.

The almost invisible dome covering the two of them also disappeared along with him, the battle officially coming to an end.

[Ding. The challenge battle has ended]

[Ding. You have succeeded in challenging the Garrison Leader of Thol city]

[Ding. Garrison Leader Hongumbra has been defeated]

[Ding. You are now the new Garrison Leader of Thol city]

[Ding. WORLD ANNOUNCEMENT: The Garrison Leader of Thol city, Hongumbra has been defeated]

[Ding. WORLD ANNOUNCEMENT: Platoon Leader Liam Chang is now the new Garrison Leader of Thol city]

Liam as well collapsed on the black slime-covered arena ground, completely tired out, both mentally and physically.

He really had not expected to win this time. If the demon had summoned the red snakes first instead of the tentacles, the outcome might have been different.

So he only won this time by the skin of his teeth. Nevertheless, he excitedly gazed at the notifications, looking for any and all experience points rewards.

This was what he needed the most right now. However, unfortunately, there were no such announcements.

He could only see the results of the fight and his promotion to the Garrison Leader position. And there were also world announcements of the same.

Liam couldn ’t help but feel slightly disappointed. 

”Hmmm… It ’s fine. Being a Garrison Leader will have its own perks. There should be some ways to gain experience points. I should find out more about this. ” 

He groaned and stood up, wiping some gunk off of his body and downing a vial of health potion.

He looked around to see all the demons still standing in the same position as if they were frozen in time and place. No one dared to utter even a single word.

The corpse of their leader was still fresh in front of their eyes. Their leader who was a demon of the abyss had been defeated just like that.

Such an impossible thing had actually happened right in front of their eyes! What were they supposed to do now?

To make matters worse, they had also ridiculed the other party very badly thinking that such a thing happening was akin to the sky falling on their heads.

But now… they had to face the new Garrison Leader.

Liam, however, did not care about these things and did not plan to hold any grudges. 

At the same time, these demons would probably never receive the same treatment his own platoon would receive.

While one group would be a favored personal army, the other group would simply be cannon fodder. 

So he simply ignored them and turned to pay attention to the corpse of the dead demon. 

He wanted to see if he could get any clues about the demons and the abyss from Hongumbra ’s corpse. Maybe he also dropped some equipment?

However, as soon as Liam took a step forward, a black pentagram appeared in the air above the corpse and reddish black wisps started coming out of this mysterious symbol.

These wisps started gathering around the demon and the next instant, the symbol along with the corpse suddenly disappeared without leaving any trace behind.

Liam dashed ahead to examine the spot but he couldn ’t find any clue, but judging from everything that he had heard he could vaguely guess about things. 

”Abyss… huh… ” He silently pondered looking at the place where the corpse had laid. In his previous life, he knew nothing about these things.

Now, the more he learned, the more puzzled he became.

A couple of seconds later, surprisingly another notification sounded, snapping him out of his thoughts.

[Ding. Squad 104 has successfully completed a mission.]

[Ding. You have received 10000 experience points]

Liam dazedly read the notification and re-read it again several times, but no matter how many times he saw it, he still couldn ’t believe his eyes.

Because…. if this notification is real… then that means…

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