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Chapter 241 - Spendthrift Leader

AFK leveling?

Liam did not want to assume anything just yet. He stood still on the same spot, waiting for the inevitable proof. 

Seeing his expression turn various shades, and the serious look on his face, the demons became even more nervous, and started sweating.

They had really gone too far and said too many things. They wouldn ’t be surprised even if their new leader executed them directly. 

So they were very scared, some literally shaking.

A few seconds passed just like that in silence and Liam still did not move an inch from the spot.

Not able to withstand this mental pressure, all the demons standing around the arena collectively knelt on the ground to beg the new leader and grovel for their lives.

And as soon as they kneeled down, their Garrison leader was smiling?

No, he was grinning like a devil who had just now feasted on blood from a thousand humans!

What happened? Were they all going to be killed to appease the new leader?

But to their surprise, the leader simply walked away…?

The demons slowly and hesitantly walked behind Liam who was busy staring at the system interface, grinning from ear to ear.

There were four more notifications displayed on the screen.

[Ding. Squad 364 has successfully completed a mission.]

[Ding. You have received 10000 experience points]

[Ding. Squad 543 has successfully completed a mission.]

[Ding. You have received 10000 experience points]

And by the time realization hit him, another couple more notifications popped up and correspondingly his own experience bar also filled up. 

There was no longer any need to doubt things. What was happening was as clear as day. 

For every invasion mission run by the demons in the city, he was passively gaining experience points!

This was simply too ridiculous and that was why Liam did not dare assume things.

But now he could no longer deny it!

The proof was right there in front of his eyes. His experience bar was continuously rising!

Since the beginning, he had always gained a lot of experience points by doing these invasion missions and this amount increased as he grew in the ranks. 

So he had expected some kind of bump after becoming the Garrison leader. 

But this…??! 

Liam was speechless.

With this, so many of his problems would get solved. 

Right now, he was extremely tight on time but he also had two allies who had the potential to shine tremendously with his help.

Before, he couldn ’t groom them whilst ignoring his own growth and development. So he was unable to do justice to neither, but now everything was different!

All he had to do was a bit of managing and he could actually automatically farm experience points!

Liam had wanted to gain several things in this mysterious nether realm, but he definitely did not expect this windfall.

More importantly, the consequences of this discovery were astronomical. This was because the Nether realm was not the only world with garrisons and armies!

Throughout the Xion realm, both in human and other race kingdoms and empires, there were several border cities and unclaimed territories with small armies and garrisons.

In these areas, the soldiers were basically camped out to defend and extend their territory. 

And as various guilds start hitting Level 50 and Level 60, this phase in the game would begin, where everyone tries to gain territories and expand their influence.

Liam knew about this but he never knew that such a goldly exp boost cheat method would be attached to these garrisons.

As he was only a lowly member of society in his previous life, he was not privy to such information. 

But now that he had actually managed to grasp hold of one such garrison, that too relying only on himself, he was able to learn all these special details.

As he walked back to the main hall of the garrison tower, another couple of notifications sounded, filling up his experience bar some more.

Liam clenched his fists tightly and closed his eyes to take a few breaths.

The feeling of reaping rewards when not doing anything was truly heavenly!

He was someone who was only used to working like a dog for everything he needed, so these free exp bumps felt amazing!

More importantly, now that he had received such a huge bonus, he needed to carefully plan and execute everything.

Not to mention that, if he was able to get here, then… Kouske could also get here.

Especially because of the world announcements that had popped up.

They were probably only limited to this realm, so he didn ’t have to worry about his secret getting exposed to the other players so soon.

However, Kouske still had access to this realm. It was best to assume that he was going to figure this out and probably even succeed not long after.

He might even be just seconds away from reaching the same level.

Liam knew that underestimating one ’s opponent could only bring about a swift downfall. So he did not dare relax and calmed himself down.

”I need to figure out what to do with the garrison arrangements. ” He closed the system interface and walked over to the huge throne-like chair at the back of the hall.

He then looked at the demons standing in front of him and shivering. He pointed to one among them who had run his mouth the most earlier.

Using his index finger, he made a hooking sort of action, calling that demon forward. ”Bring me up to date with the affairs of this garrison. ”

Fuck. The demon trembled, cursing his bad luck. Of all the people he had been picked. He was sweating profusely, but the question was surprisingly simple.

So he did not leave out any details and started blurting out everything he knew from top to bottom. 

Liam as well patiently heard him speak, all while continuing to receive experience point notifications on the side.

”So basically, everything is already set up and I don ’t have to do much? ” Liam muttered in contemplation after hearing the day to day affairs of the garrison.

As a garrison leader it looked like all he had to do was make sure that his army had sufficient strength, both in numbers and in individual abilities.

He also needed to pay as revenue to the kingdom part of the war spoils. The rest of the spoils could be used to arm the garrison main fighting force.

The previous leader already had a system in place for this with appropriate rewards and contribution points.

That seemed to be working fine as it was so Liam did not make any adjustments just yet.

And as he listened to the demon blabber, he also realized something else. 

Apart from the free experience points, he could also potentially get a lot of valuable intel through this position. 

He had a unique advantage to thoroughly understand this realm and tease out the easter eggs hidden here.

Especially considering that he had a perfect SSS-grade affinity to nether, this would help him a lot more compared to others.

”I need to first get a hang of things. ” He muttered, gazing at the huge detailed map of the city.

As a part of the Thol city ’s garrison, there were about 1000 squads and 100 platoons. 

This meant that while there were thousand squad leaders in this city, there were only about hundred platoon leaders.

Liam now understood why he had become instantly famous.

And if all of these 1000 squads and 100 platoons successfully run invasion missions every other day, then the experience points he would be raking in…

Liam felt his blood boiling in excitement. He had no doubt that this garrison would play a major role in his growth.

With this he no longer had to worry about his level growth and grinding.

He could peacefully focus on honing his skills, techniques and thoroughly investigate this world and Xion realm for treasures and other artifacts.

He just might be able to reach Level 100 also… 

Pondering for a moment, Liam decided to make a slight adjustment first before he moved onto other pressing matters.

His cold gaze landed on the demon who was still shivering in fear and anxiety. The demon became more afraid wondering what this new leader was now going to do.

However, he did not expect what came next.

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