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Chapter 242 - World Famous

”Announce this to everyone. ” Liam confidently declared.

”Every squad leader will get a gold coin and every platoon leader will get 10 gold coins as an additional reward for every single successful invasion mission. ”

”Along with that, every demon soldier participating in the invasion missions will also get a silver coin each. ” His voice rang crisply in the huge hall. 

The dozen demons standing in the hall were instantly stupified. They couldn ’t believe what they were hearing. 

1 silver coin for each demon soldier?

1 gold coin for each squad leader?

Many gold coins for platoon leaders?

Such an announcement was unprecedented. Completely unheard of!

Did their new leader perhaps misspeak? 

Did he mean to say silver coins and not gold coins?

The demon opened and closed his mouth wordlessly, waiting for the new leader to correct himself, but that never happened.

Liam still confidently stared back at the demon. ”You have something to say? ”

The demon hurriedly shook his big blue head and then scurried away. He was already on thin ice so he did not dare push his luck.

The other demons as well ran away to make the necessary arrangements. This announcement might be small but the repercussions were explosive!

Let alone gold coins, even silver coins were precious in their lands and the new garrison leader was giving them away for free like baked buns. 

They were certain that this single announcement was going to cause a massive uproar. Demons were now going to line up for participating in invasions.

Not only that, but other city ’s demons were going to migrate here and become a part of their city, just to participate in these missions.

Their markets and their growth were going to soar. Their city might even become one of the top cities in their land, their fame and fortune bringing in all sorts of opportunities.

But this was all… only if their garrison leader actually fulfills his promises.

Was he going to?

The demons were too nervous and stressed to think about that right now. They all simply ran for their lives as soon as Liam gave the order.

They swiftly reached all the important nodes in the city and set everything in motion. 

Soon, the entire city was in a huge commotion which slowly turned into a chaotic mess and then resolved into a mass surge of demons crowding near the central square.

Suddenly, all squad leaders, platoon leaders appeared from their rest, and the demon soldiers were littered everywhere.

The entire city was overwhelmed. 

And Beluga, the demon sitting behind the counter looked as if he had gone crazy.

”What did you say? Our Garrison leader is now him!!!! ”

However, the crowd in front of the counter did not give him any time to process this information. 

”Beluga, hand me the damned invasion scrolls! ”

”Beluga, do you want me to jump across and beat it out of you?! You are costing me gold coins! ”

The demon couldn ’t even move a muscle. He was so shocked. 

How could this be possible? 

He had just said some things for teaching the greenhorn a lesson… but now he was suddenly their garrison leader?

The demon slapped himself roughly. He really had to see if this was a nightmare or his new reality.

And the stinging pain he felt told him the answer. 

Beluga gulped and then slowly started handing out invasion scrolls listlessly, but his expression soon recovered after noticing the other new orders.

After that once again he started humming in amusement.

”Our new leader seems very generous huh? ” He chuckled, not voicing out his thoughts. 

For a moment he was worried but that was all for nothing. 

He now knew that it was only a matter of time before this greenhorn thoroughly embarrassed himself in front of all the garrison leaders.

How could anyone have so many gold coins? He was going to become a laughingstock of the entire realm! Ba ha ha ha!

The demon grinned and started handing out invasion scrolls more hurriedly. He really wanted to watch this show.


Liam was already back in the Gresh Kingdom. He was still receiving all the passive experience point bumps without having to stay back in the nether realm.

This made his life easier as he now had to spend some time amidst the humans to fill his coffers, to fund all the chaos he had caused.

The experience points he would have received if he had done nothing would have probably been enough but just in case he decided to further rev up his power leveling.

He had the means to make it happen, so why not?

More importantly, he didn ’t have to lift a finger to make this happen.

Liam covered himself from top to bottom in black attire and walked over to the auction house in Yleka city. He then began emptying his inventory space that was filled to the brim.

Of course, he only sold very basic low-grade weapons, saving everything that was even remotely valuable. He now had an entire city to equip after all.

However, this in itself was more than enough because of the sheer number of looted items. Even if each sold for some copper coins, he was still making a lot of profit.

Selling these trash weapons in the nether realm wouldn ’t fetch him anything. They were already poverty ridden.

But on the human side, in the Xion realm, since a lot of new players were entering the game at the moment, weapons and other equipment sold like hotcakes.

Even if they didn ’t have copper or silver to start with, there was constant currency exchange with the real world which brought in the influx of coins.

So he could essentially bring in these items from the nether realm and sell them here, making a ton of profit.

Though the idea was pretty simple and straightforward, this would have originally been a tedious task.

Individually dumping so many items in the market would have consumed a lot of time, but there were several mass dumping options available.

”At least this part is not convoluted. ” Liam chuckled and quickly finished his business transaction. 

This time he directly gave out buyout options for all the items and didn ’t put any open-ended bidding. 

He then left the auction house, checking his messages to see what the others were up to. 

Surprisingly, Derek was already online, and not only that, but he had also reached the 96th floor of the PVP tower!

”How long has he been online? Did he log back in immediately? ” Liam shook his head helplessly. 

This person was even more hardworking than him. ”He is probably going to work himself to death if I don ’t say something. ”

Liam smiled and sent a quick message to Derek, asking him to take proper rest, particularly stressing the importance of mental health.

He knew that the person was working so hard to repay everything he had done for him. His determination was impressive and more importantly, his loyalty was remarkable.

Though he seldom showed kindness to others, even he couldn ’t be moved by such a character. 

And now because of the garrison, he would finally be able to give him the necessary guidance, time, and resources.

Liam let out a long breath and then hurriedly checked on the other two, his personal troublemakers. He opened the system interface and checked the messages.

Luckily, this time they hadn ’t managed to get themselves into any sort of troublesome situation. 

They were still busy fighting in the PVP tower. They had also climbed all the way to the 70th floor.

And just as he was seeing their details, the two of them logged out of the game.

Liam was also tired from the continuous grinding. So he decided to log out as well and take a nap. 

With many things sorted out, he was now free to finally search for the legacy that could instantly give him the power that he had been working so hard for.

It would definitely not be a simple task, but he had a good feeling about it.

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