Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 243 - Your Friends Are Barely Online

”Brother! You also logged out! We did just now too! ” Mei Mei beamed as soon as she saw Liam walking out of his room.

Standing next to her, Shen Yue who was fiddling with her phone, almost dropped it in nervousness.

Liam luckily was close enough so he somehow managed to catch it with his hand before it dropped on the floor and broke apart.

”Oops. I got it. Here you go. ” He returned it to her.

Shen Yue immediately became bright red. She bit her lips feeling frustrated that every single time she was always getting embarrassed in front of this guy.

Mei Mei, on the other hand, giggled in amusement. ”Brother, what is this! Aha ha ha. Just like inside the game, here also you have super fast reflexes! Ha ha ha. ”

She just commented innocently but Liam ’s face slightly changed as soon as he heard it. Was he actually faster than usual?

A thought popped up in his mind. However, he was quickly distracted by the crying sounds from his stomach.

He was also very tired so he flopped down on their couch and closed his eyes. ”Mei Mei, can you order some food for the three of us? ”

”Ah. Okay. Sis Yue was doing that right now. I will add your favorite too. ” 

The food soon arrived and the three of them ate their meal watching the news on TV. 

These days most of the news was about the game so all three of them watched it with great interest. However, their priorities were different.

While Mei Mei and Shen Yue were admiring the various footage, interesting snippets, and player interviews, Liam was keeping an eye on the general growth of the various players.

The three were watching and eating in silence, completely engrossed in the news when suddenly the anchor started talking about the five most famous characters in the game right now.

”Let ’s hear from our fifth most famous player! Arya, the dragon tamer! ” 

”He has managed to tame five dragons and is currently rising in the rankings very fast. ” The beautiful woman announced loudly.

”Dragon tamer? Wow! This person must be awesome! ” Mei Mei exclaimed in awe.

The next second, unexpectedly, a young face appeared on the TV. He was definitely a teenager, no maybe not even that. The kid looked even younger than Mei Mei.

”Ehhhhh! He is the dragon tamer? ”

Mei Mei couldn ’t believe her eyes. She had expected someone taller and cooler looking, perhaps like her brother.

But this kid was the fifth famous player?? Where was justice in this world?

Not to mention that the kid seemed very arrogant and proud, making several bold statements about how talented he was.

This specifically ticked off Mei Mei as among the three of them, she was the only one who was weak and did not have anything special, not even a skill or a pet or a weapon.

Her class was also one of the common classes. 

So watching Shen Yue cakewalk through all the fights in the PVP tower when she had to struggle and win each and everyone, that too losing every two out of three, she was already filled with a lot of grievances.

And now seeing this brat talk about talent. It made her very frustrated. ”He definitely just got lucky and is now showing off by talking out of his ass. ” 

She chewed angrily, taking it out on the chicken drumstick

She spent the next minute lamenting about it but Liam only smiled in silence without responding. 

He didn ’t want to say anything because unfortunately, he already knew what was going to happen to this kid.

In this tutorial phase, this kid was one of the top players, thanks to his powerful dragon pets. Because of this, he acted very arrogantly, making enemies out of everyone.

His personality was also very crappy and selfish so he didn ’t have any friends in the game. He also did not join any guild.

He roamed around, proudly looking down on everyone, and PKing people left and right. Everyone had to bear with him because fighting with a brat like that was just a time waste.

He also knew how to run away when the situation got tricky as one of his dragon pets had the space attribute. So no one was able to touch him.

But… when the inevitable apocalypse ensued… he was suddenly weak and helpless.

He did not have his dragons with him and he had made far too many enemies. Liam did not know who but one of them squished him and killed him like swatting a mosquito.

Maybe someone else would have felt pity for him but Liam neither cared for him nor made any plans to change his shitty ending. That was none of his business.

The news anchor then announced the next famous player, the fourth person. Coincidentally, this was none other than Mia.

A tall elegant blonde appeared on the TV, her long locks cascading down to her hips. However, unlike the brat who had previously appeared, Mia ’s temperament was calm and composed.

She had a celestial aura about her as if she was an angel stepped down from the heavens, albeit a cold and distant angel whose eyes were as sharp as swords.

Mei Mei immediately became silent as she was one of Mia ’s ardent fans and she and Shen Yue watched her interview with their eyes glued to the screen.

Liam as well was once again silent as he already knew that Mia was someone who would become extremely popular. 

Even in his previous life, her skills not to mention her looks brought her a lot of attention. So this was nothing surprising.

And since Mia was a very silent and quiet person, the interview did not last long and quickly got over. 

Unlike the brat, she answered all the questions with yes or no, not using any other words. But still, the fans of this ice goddess cheered loudly with thunderous claps.

Even his own sister was clapping! Liam smiled helplessly and continued eating. 

As he shoved the next spoonful of food into his mouth, the news anchorwoman announced the third famous player.

”Our third famous player is actually a mystery player. This person excels in PVP and is… aha ha ha… fondly nicknamed the black-masked oni! ”

Liam almost spat out the food in his mouth. Were they actually talking about him?

Before he could digest this piece of news, the next shock soon followed.

”Unfortunately, we still don ’t have the identity of this player so we don ’t have an interview for him at the moment. ” The beautiful anchorwoman pouted.

She then giggled playfully and continued. ”In fact, all our top three famous players are very mysterious and very unknown. We don ’t have the identity of all three players. ”

”Anyone who knows anything about them can come forward and give us more information. There is a huge reward waiting for you! ”

”We will also compensate the players for exclusive interviews! ” The anchorwoman flashed a V sign making a cute pose.

The TV then displayed three black-cloaked figures. 

Under one, the nickname ’black-masked oni ’ was written. 

Under the next, the name Derek was written and under the last, the name Liam Chang was written, along with the snippet that he was at the top of the leaderboard in level rankings.

Liam stared at this dumbfoundedly. Why was he alone occupying two of the top five famous slots? What happened to the other flashy players?

And Derek!

He did not know whether to laugh or cry and silently continued eating. 

In reality, he couldn ’t care less about these things.

He did not have any social presence and he was a nobody. His name as well was a very common name. So it was near impossible to find him unless he exposed himself.

But the two sitting next to him, Mei Mei and Shen Yue, both looked at him with their eyes wide in admiration.

”Brother! You are so famous! ” Mei Mei abruptly stood up, pointing to the TV. ”You don ’t want to call the news lady? Then, you can also give an interview on TV! ”

”Everyone across the world will know how awesome you are! ” She beamed excitedly. 

Shen Yue smiled lightly and continued eating. She looked very happy, but she didn ’t want to say anything and make things awkward for Liam.

She was also older and knew fame was not always a positive thing.

But the other party lacked maturity and was brimming with happiness and pride. Liam caught the little girl and flicked her forehead.

”Stop shouting and eat your food. I know what to do when. You should finish your meal and sleep properly. ”

”I am also going to sleep for a bit. Remember, don ’t go out. Lock the door and sleep well. ”

Ignoring the girl ’s protests, he dumped the plates into the sink and jumped onto the bed to rest for a while.

The news anchorwoman as well had now moved onto other top players in the game, re-running some of the interviews from last week.

Their rankings were very arbitrary and often changed every day so the news continued running on and on and moved onto other real world affairs after a few minutes.


Author ’s Note: Hi guys, thank you so much for supporting me and the book. We are right now at a very juicy part of the story. I hope you are all enjoying it. I have another good news. 

Since a lot of readers requested me, starting from March I am planning to release more chapters as bonus chapters for specific goals.

Every 1000 power stones – 1 bonus chapter

Every 500 golden tickets – 1 bonus chapter

Every super gift – 3 bonus chapters

Let the March Madness begin! I hope this month we can reach the top 10 rankings!

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