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Chapter 244 - Searching For Nothing?

After a long sleep, Liam woke up completely refreshed. He got out of the bed, stretched his limbs, and then walked out to take a shower.

The apartment looked empty now, with his sister ’s room wide open and her game capsule light on. 

”Those two must have logged back into the game. ” He chuckled and quickly finished his shower. When he came back, he surprisingly saw Shen Yue still in the living room.

She was sleeping on the couch and hence he hadn ’t noticed her before. ”Why is she sleeping here and not in her own apartment? ” 

He walked over to her to wake her up, but when he reached near her, he dazedly stopped. Her beautiful face looked even more alluring while she was asleep.

Her red lips had slight moisture, her eyelids lightly moved perhaps because she was dreaming about something and her plump chest was pushed up revealing a lot of her cleavage because of the way her hands hugged herself.

The woman was sleeping completely defenseless as if she was in her own house. Even her shirt was slightly pulled up revealing her naked slender waist.

Liam ’s gaze silently traveled up and down the woman ’s body, dragging on as he took in the various delicious details. 

Even when she was sleeping without any makeup or adjustments, she was extremely seductive and beautiful. 

Of course, this wasn ’t a surprise for him, but for some reason, she looked more beautiful and alluring than normal today. 

Surprised by his own actions, he stood there staring at her like a horny teenager. He could only barely control his hands that were itching to reach forward and touch her naked skin.

His eyes moved down from her waist to her long legs that were exposed completely for anyone to see. 

She was only wearing a pair of short shorts that might as well have been panties. They covered nothing. Half of her round supple ass was hanging out.

Was this woman hell-bent on seducing him?

Liam bent down, his hands traveling on their own accord to touch the softness but at the last minute, he stopped himself and snapped out of the trance.

Retrieving his hand back, he instead picked up the blanket that had fallen on the ground and placed it on the damned girl.

”No wonder she managed to unlock the charm attribute. ” Chuckling wryly, he shook his head and moved away. 

She was not a bad girl but he couldn ’t afford to get distracted by her. There was too much at stake and there were too many hidden forces and unknown factors.

He walked back to his room quickly, logging into the game without further delay. His figure appeared in Yleka city ’s inn and as soon as he regained consciousness… 

Ding Ding Ding Ding…

Liam was completely caught off guard that he stumbled and fell back onto the inn ’s small cot, even breaking it in the process.

However, he did not look troubled at all. Instead, he was smiling like a maniac as he dusted his clothes and stood back up.

So many notifications! So many updates!

And every single one of them was either an experience points boost or a notification that he had leveled up.

Liam sat in the wooden chair in the corner of the room and quickly scanned through everything. He had actually managed to gain an entire level and another half while he had logged out!

Even for him, this was ridiculous! This was completely insane!

Especially considering that every level after 30 needed more and more experience points to fill up, this speed was astounding.

Not to mention, how he had gained this level by doing literally nothing. He managed to rest his mind completely while also simultaneously making progress inside the game.

Liam couldn ’t resist pulling up the leaderboard level rankings and taking a look. 

He was sitting at the top with a high 45 and the next position was held by an anonymous player who was Level 34.

Seeing this, Liam slightly frowned. ”I didn ’t know that this game was kind enough to allow a player to remain anonymous… ”

His gaze then traveled to the rest of the list, seeing several familiar names. Just like him, they were also completely exposed without any choice in the matter.

However, the second rank person alone was somehow able to remain anonymous.

Liam stood still for a moment but he did not think too much about it. He shrugged and started heading out of the inn. 

After all, even he only knew so much about this game world. He would only be conceited to think that his knowledge was exhaustive. 

So instead of worrying about this, he moved on to the next main step of his plan.

Though hiding a name was temporarily advantageous, in the end, everything would eventually be out in the open for the world to see.

At that time, only true power mattered!

Before leaving the city, Liam first made a quick trip to the auction house. Once again a series of notifications rang loudly, but this time he was prepared for them.

With a subtle smile on his face, he checked the total amount he had amassed. ”20 gold coins. Not bad, but I need more. Maybe this time, I will also auction a batch of potions. ”

He opened his inventory and dumped another load of low-grade gear that he had collected doing miscellaneous things, mostly from the invasion missions.

He then checked the messages from his business partners but weirdly not many were there. ”I guess the craze for the lava dungeon is already gone? ”

He opened the dungeon records rankings and checked the list, but surprisingly it looked like the lava dungeon was still not yet conquered.

There were absolutely no records available for it. 

”Hmmm… ” Liam then checked the last message that Assassin guild leader Abraki had sent him. 

[Your friends are barely online these days. Is there any other way to buy more potions from you? Also, do you have any anti-venom potions or invisibility potions for sale?]

”This explains it. ” Liam did not bother replying to the guy and closed the system interface. He then started finally heading out of the city.

”I wonder who it is that got the short end of the stick. ” He chuckled. ”It couldn ’t have been her. I just saw her giving an interview and she looked… fine… ”

”Hmmm… it should probably be the annoying redhead or that annoying guy. Seeing that I haven ’t gotten any retaliation from those three lately, maybe it ’s the redhead who is down. ”

In all honesty, it didn ’t matter to him who among them fell sick. He only needed one of the three to go down. 

Then the other two would probably have no other choice but to come to him begging for help. 

Fortunately or unfortunately they had met him. 

Perhaps things would have turned out different for them if they had never crossed paths, but since they did… they only had their own bad luck to blame for everything.

As Liam weaved in and out of the crowded streets, becoming invisible amidst the masses, no one turned to give another glance at him.

No one would ever guess that this person was the number one player right now in the entire realm. 

He quietly reached the outskirts and then jogged for a bit before whistling to call for Talon. The huge bird swooped down, having grown another size in the meantime.

He could now comfortably sit on its back, with a lot of space left, even enough for two other people to climb on.

Liam thought about calling the other three.

But he quickly gave up on the idea as Derek was probably logging in and out based on what time he had and Shen Yue and Mei Mei still lacked the appropriate combat experience.

So the two women would probably be of not much help. If he was just hunting down an elite, then perhaps he could have carried them. 

However, he was right now on his way to deal with an inheritance or at worst a hidden class.

How could such a thing be easy?

Even Shen Yue ’s inheritance was a sure shot death trap if he did not possess the naga ’s pearl. The difficulty was simply off the charts.

As for calling the snake lady once again to help him out this time, it was best to forget it.

Instead of the enemy that wanted to kill him, the snake would probably kill him herself. 

Other than these options, the only one who could have helped him significantly was Luna, but she was also MIA at the moment.

”You chose the wrong time to evolve, little fox. ” Liam smiled. ”I should maybe pay the lava dungeon a visit soon to help you more. ”

As the huge wind ripper bird rose up into the sky, the city becoming a distant sight, Liam started looking ahead to the east where the thing that would probably decide his fate resided.

Even without it, he knew that he would be more strong this time around compared to his previous life.

But that was now no longer enough for him. The future was uncertain and he wanted to be as prepared as he possibly could. 

Liam pulled up the realm ’s map and his gaze landed on the Gresh kingdom borders. He needed to go to the eastern border between Gresh and Thunderbolt.

He ran his hand along the back of the bird ’s neck, patting the sharp metallic feathers covering its body.. ”Keep going east. ”

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