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Chapter 246 - Someone Is Already Here?

A dark purple long sword that lacked any luster whatsoever currently flashed in the sunlight shining brightly here and there. 

Its movements were obscure just like the movements of the person wielding it. 

However, every time the sword flashed, blood was spilled and bloodcurdling howls resounded in the empty dense jungle.

”That ’s the last of the wolves. ” Liam bent down to pick up the coins scattered around and a couple of wolf pelts.

These wolves were not the common dire wolves but level 50 green spiked wolves. However, Liam was still able to easily see through their attack patterns and cleanly finish them.

He could have dealt with them more quickly using the golems but the two giants were a bit too attention-grabbing. 

So he saved them both for emergency and dealt with this small pack by himself. This was the fifth pack of wolves that he had come across.

But Liam did not plan to take a detour. It was better to search the grid by moving around in the wolf territory rather than something else ’s.

And he was almost done searching the area.

After a while, he moved onto the next zone, searching around everywhere and turning over every rock.

He continued doing this for a long time but it looked like it was going nowhere.

”Tsk. Tsk. Do I have to go to the other side? ” 

Liam sheathed his sword back and then let out a small sigh before heading deeper into the jungle towards the other side of the border.

And just as he did, suddenly a small cry sounded from a distance. 

Liam hurriedly dashed towards the source of the sound and from a distance saw a few rabbits hanging around the bushes.

”Hmmm… just rabbits. ” As he was in a hurry, he turned around to leave when he stopped in his tracks. ”How are these things here in this zone? ” 

Only now, he paid more attention to the actual state of the rabbits. ”These are undead rabbits? ”

He moved closer, but the rabbits noticed him and started coming right at him without any fear. 

Even though there was so much level difference, they did not hesitate at all and came straight for him without holding back. These were the common characteristics of the undead.

It only took Liam a second to deal with this bunch of rabbits, but he did not leave the spot just yet. 

He had originally wanted to observe them and see where they go about but now that they were dead he had to find out things for himself. 

He lingered around thoroughly examining the ground, trees, and everything around him.

This was the first undeads he had seen in this area and since he was looking for a necromancy inheritance, he almost camped out in the area.

He spent the next couple of hours combing this place upside down, even pulling out all the grass around and uprooting trees.

And finally… when he stepped foot on a particular spot, his feet sunk and he felt the ground loose underneath.

Hiyuup! Liam grunted and started hastily slashing the ground, removing all the dirt and the rocks, clearing the path underneath him.

Soon, a huge hollow underground tunnel was revealed and Liam immediately activated [Stealth], jumping into the tunnel.

However, his stealth was immediately canceled as something prickled his skin. It didn ’t affect his health or cause any other injury so Liam continued moving ahead.

He no longer bothered keeping the stealth as he couldn ’t see properly and had to conjure a small wisp of flame.

It was more difficult than usual for some reason but Liam did not mind it and continued heading deeper inside.

The anticipation coursing through his blood was palpable. He was so close to it. This had to be it, right?

Liam continued walking when suddenly a groaning sound came from the side. He instantly increased the size of the flame in his hand, illuminating everything around him.

Whatever was around him, the groaning sound probably alerted them already, so he did not hold back.

Immediately the entire underground tunnel lit up and Liam couldn ’t help but gasp as he took a look around.

Skeletons! Bony Skeletons!

Numerous white dusty skeletons were present all around him without even a chunk of flesh left behind on their bodies. 

Liam hurriedly unsheathed his sword, preparing himself to fight. However, the next second he sheathed it back because that was clearly not necessary at least for now.

The several dozens of skeletons lining the walls of the tunnel were actually chained to the wall and were unable to move, even though they tried.

”These are so weak. It ’s as if they have decayed or something. ” Liam squatted on the floor to observe one of the skeletons. 

It could barely even move its arm towards him, only producing dull grating sounds of bones rubbing against each other.

”First the rabbits and now these skeletons… ” Liam grinned as he stood back up and started walking further deeper into the tunnels.

There seemed to be an elaborate network of tunnels under the ground, each steeper than the previous one, inclined downward.

He was walking deeper and deeper into the earth as he moved ahead. 

A thick moist smell of the earth along with the putrid smell of decaying skeletons together assaulted his nose.

But Liam scrunched his nose and kept walking as he knew that he was definitely in the right place. He might not even need a clue that led him to some other tomb or cave.

From the looks of how things were unfolding this was probably it!

He had a feeling that he almost had the necromancy inheritance in his grasp!

He just needed to walk down and take it!

The only thing that was a bit worrisome was the complete lack of traps or any other sort of beast or undead creature.

Was obtaining an inheritance really that simple? Was he just going to walk all the way down and get what he wanted?

Before even Liam could finish his thought, a loud rumbling sound echoed.


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