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Chapter 25 - Unexpected Changes

Human beings were not all the same and some had blessed constitutions even while living on an unawakened planet such as earth.

Liam himself did not have any such special constitutions.

In his previous life, he had envied those people who had because they were able to easily soar up and stand above when everyone else was struggling.

The body was the vessel that absorbed, stored, and acted as a conduit for energy and magic. So when one had the upper hand in this aspect, their progress was smooth and steady.

In his second time around, Liam had no plans of underestimating such an important factor especially when the said thing was knocking at his doorstep.

”Do you have a divine affinity? ” Liam gazed at Mia and asked, directly coming to the point. ”SSS grade? ” He added.

The girl in front of him was stunned. Her lips parted slightly and she asked. ”What? How do you know that? ”

Both Alex and Rey were also shocked and looked at him with questioning eyes.

Liam smiled. He did not have to wait for their answer. Judging just from their reactions, he could tell that his guess was indeed correct.

”Ha Ha… Nothing like that. ” He chuckled and raised his hands. ”I was just wondering why you would select a class like priest. ”

”Senior, I told you right. We are a strong team. ” Rey chuckled. Apparently, only he had bought Liam ’s answer as the other two women squinted their eyes and looked at him warily.

”Alright. I am almost done. ”

Liam did not dwell on the topic any longer as he knew that convincing the other party right now for the thing that he wanted from her was almost impossible.

He picked another one of the skill books, the basic skill for a necromancer class, and quickly learned it.

”This should be enough for this dungeon. ”

He flicked his inventory close and then stood up, unsheathing one of the swords that he had picked up from Niria ’s lair.

[Sizzling Iron Sword]

[Weapon type – One handed sword]

[Durability – 20/40]

[Attack damage – 15 ~ 20]

[Agility – 5]

”Let ’s go. The first mob should be up ahead. Ignore the ones flying in the sky. They won ’t come down to attack us. ” Liam explained.

The group walked forward with Liam and Alex at the front and Rey and Mia at the back.

Mia couldn ’t help but glance at the lean and muscular man in front of her. Why did he ask me that? She silently wondered.

A few seconds later the first beasts popped up. A group of wandering wolves stood in front of Liam and Alex.

Before anyone could say anything, Liam dashed forward and took control of the situation.

”Tank take the two on the left. I will attack the two on the right. Rey, provide support for the tank. Healer, keep an eye out for sudden damages. ”

Alex frowned wondering who put this guy in charge of their team but she decided to just go along with the flow and once and for all, really see what the guy was worth.

She used her basic paladin skill [Block] and jutted her shield forward. The two wolves immediately growled and attacked her but their claws and canines were blocked by the shield.

She skillfully moved, blocking their every single attack, again and again, even anticipating their attack pattern.

However, these were just wolves, so Alex was even able to catch a break and swung her sword forward.

Rey supported her by shooting arrows from behind, the two of them quickly finishing off the wolves in under a minute.

”Woo! ” Alex shouted as the string of experience points flowed in. She was about to turn and see how Liam was doing but the next couple of experience points also flowed in.

He single-handedly finished the two wolves in the same time it took for the both of us? She was dumbfounded.

She wanted to open the system interface and check the damage numbers as they only received notification for experience points, but Liam ’s voice bellowed again.

”Get the wolf meat and place them atop that giant rock. ” He muttered and casually picked up the few copper coins that had dropped.

Alex ’s eyes went wide. This shameless guy!

But the other two didn ’t seem to care and quickly did what Liam told. They sliced the bodies of the animal and prepared a heap of fresh meat.

As neither of the women wanted to touch the ultra realistic chopped up meat and Liam had already walked over to the rock, Rey volunteered and brought the pile of meat sloppily over to the rock.

”Now what? ” Alex asked, crossing her hands in front of her ample chest.

Liam remained silent, but soon distant flaps of wings sounded.

”Now it begins.. ” He smiled.

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