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Chapter 250 - A True Monster!

Liam shook his head, putting the weird thought out of his mind and focusing on the specters surrounding him. The mana potion was still working so he had no problem.

He downed one bottle after another withstanding the itching sensation and the pain and slowly cleared the specters ganking him.

A few minutes later, the mist finally cleared and he also managed to gain a significant chunk of experience points.

Along with the already steady flow of experience points he was receiving, he was once again close to reaching the next level, his experience bar almost half full.

Liam drank yet another mana potion bottle and also popped in a few stamina recovery berries and once again continued down the tunnel.

”If I find the person who made this, I am going to beat him. ”

He expected another portion of the never-ending long and winding tunnel, but thankfully, that was not the case.

As soon as he turned around the next corner, three huge caves appeared in front of him. And standing guard in front of these rooms was an entire squad of death knights.

Liam instantly had a bad feeling. ”If I am correct, then these guys should have both high physical resistance and magic resistance. ”

He dashed forward bringing his sword down on the first knight standing and instantly a pathetic damage number floated atop the undead guy.


He then lobbed a fireball onto the same undead with his other hand and once again another pathetic damage number floated.


Liam hadn ’t seen bad numbers like this in a while and it made him cringe. ”Tsk. This is going to be a long grind. ”

But he had no time to think about it. Now that his presence was known, the undead came crawling towards him. 

Well, in this case, the knights sitting on their horses who were merely statues until a while back suddenly roared and neighed and sprang into action, coming to attack him with full force.

And Liam as well skillfully moved, twisting and turning his body, evading all of their attacks.

[Wind Burst] [Fire Blast] [Fire Bullet] [Lightning Snake] [Lava Rain] [Sword Dance]…

He activated every single powerful skill in his possession and tackled the knights with everything he had.

Unlike the skeletons and the specters, these guys were rather strong and more resilient. 

They did a lot of damage and not to mention they were Level 55, almost full ten levels above Liam.

So the fight was extremely difficult.

If he did not have an endless supply of health potion, mana potion, and stamina berries, he would have died after a few seconds.

Mainly, he also couldn ’t use any of his cheat items like the golems and grenades. These would have made his life exponentially easier, but he didn ’t want to risk dying.

More importantly, he did not want to risk this entire place collapsing onto itself and the inheritance perhaps lost because of it. So he did not dare use it.

But Liam did not complain. 

He took the abysmal damage numbers with a chill pill and was happy that at least these guys were not Rare Elites or Boss Elites.

Then he would have truly struggled a lot and would have probably failed at this task.

So the current situation was already the best he could hope for. 

This kind of rote grind had seeped deep into his bones and doing tiring hard work was nothing new to him. 

His body almost moved on its own automatically evading the few attacks based on muscle memory. 

His own footwork and swordplay had also tremendously progressed. 

Ever since he had faced the multitude of trolls in the old man ’s trial, he had gotten better at fighting against hordes of enemies single-handedly.

His rhythm, techniques, usage of both sword and mana in synchrony had also improved by leaps and bounds.

Though he liked getting the free passive experience points, it was this kind of training that Liam valued a lot.

But these were not the only weapons he had in his arsenal. The sword he was holding now and the sword he used then were two completely different weapons.

The purple sword currently dancing in his hand was a semi-epic ranked weapon. 

In situations like this, where he was really pushed up against the wall, the extra attributes on the weapon truly helped him out.

And also because Liam had imitated the same method he had used to forge Derek ’s shield and forcefully forged this sword, it also carried with it the same skills.

Passive Skill: For every attack blocked, there is a small chance to deflect the damage back to the attacker

Active Skill: Speed Burst – Temporarily increases agility by 5%; Cooldown: 1 minute

He couldn ’t exactly control the output of the passive skill as it triggered according to its own will. Also, Liam had never been one to get lucky and the last thing he would do was count on luck.

So he ignored the first skill and only relied on the second skill. 

5% agility boost could not be underestimated. It was huge!

While moving around and dealing with several knights at the same time, it was inevitable that he become cornered once or twice or even more than that.

In these sticky situations, he instantly activated this additional speed boost and managed to get out of the tough spot.

In this manner, the slow and tiresome fight continued on and on and almost two entire hours passed. 

At this time, even though Liam had potions and berries, he still felt the mental fatigue resulting from the prolonged fight and exhaustion crept in.

The weird painful, pricking, itching sensation was also becoming harder and harder to deal with. 

What the hell kind of debuff is this? In his frustration, he punched the knight in front of him with extra strength.

His only consolation was that these knights only fought with their weapons and were incapable of wielding magic.

If they had, this would have long since been over.

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