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Chapter 251 - New Plan

Another couple of hours later…

Liam panted, after having managed to finally take down about half of the death knights. 

However, the other half was still staring down at him, all of them looking angry and furious, blue flames seeping out of their soulless eyes.

Not only from their eyes but from their bodies also, thick blames fumes seeped out. ”Is this nether? ”

He was not able to sense it well as he was not yet adept at using nether like he used mana. However, the presence of nether was so thick that he was roughly able to feel it.

Looking at this Liam couldn ’t help but worry a bit about his poor perceptivity of the nether. Even though he had a perfect affinity, he was not able to perceive it well.

This was fine at the moment. Perhaps after obtaining the inheritance, he might be able to sense the energy better?

So he didn ’t worry too much about it.

But as he mindlessly continued slashing and blocking the chunky knights, his brain wandered to the things that he was lacking on its own.

His concentration was beginning to waver. 

Liam heaved a huge sigh and then went back to the grind, pulling his mind back and tethering tightly the focus and concentration that was beginning to wander away from him.

And this also seemed to be the last set of guardians standing between him and the three rooms. So perhaps this was the last hurdle?

This thought helped him persevere and he continued clashing with the bunch of strong sturdy death knights, all wearing a full suit of gear and armor that still had a lot of integrity left in them.


Horrendously loud screeching metallic sounds continued to echo in the narrow space.

However, at this time, neither Liam nor the undeads noticed the presence of a third party, the dark elemental spirit beast.

Right now all four experts, three standing out, and one who was in the tunnel, a safe distance away from Liam, were all dumbfoundedly staring at the party chat.

Madan: What the fuck is happening? Why is he here?

Barret: Ya, shouldn ’t he be in the nether world or whatever? Kouske, what is happening?

Anya: …

Kouske: I also don ’t know. The last time I checked he was in the nether realm. I haven ’t checked recently, so I am not sure.

Anya: The problem right now is not that he is here. The problem is his level.

Madan: Kouske bro, at least outside, the four of us could have together taken care of him. Maybe. 

Madan: But what are you going to do alone? Does he have a lot of undead minions?

Madan: Or just five like you? Did he notice you already?

Anya: Stop talking.

Kouske: No, he hasn ’t seen me yet. I think I might have a plan. Madan can you ask your bird to see if he is busy fighting right now?

Madan: Okay.

Madan: Yes, he is busy fighting. He is outnumbered and he is using only a sword. He also doesn ’t have any minions on his side. I think what you are planning might work.

Anya: He hasn ’t told the plan yet.

Madan: Oh, I forgot that you are a blonde.

Suddenly, everyone stopped typing and Kouske as well moved forward, inching closer to Liam while making sure that he is not seen by him.

He did not want to underestimate the opponent especially when the said opponent is the number one player on the ranking leaderboard.

It ’s not that he did not know the method that Liam was using to level up this monstrously. He was well aware of this method and in fact, he had the same opportunity available to him.

But that was precisely why he did not dare underestimate him.

As Kouske carefully moved forward, paying utmost attention to every little thing, he soon arrived at the junction in front of the three rooms.

And the next instant, he completely froze, standing on the spot. His eyes were wide open, bulging like a boiled egg and his mouth was also similarly open.

If there was a fly nearby, it could have easily gone in and come out. Kouske was that shocked to see the scene playing out in front of him.

He saw Liam ’s figure almost flying constantly, bouncing between the various Level 50 and higher death knights.

Just by looking at this, he could tell exactly how difficult the fight was. Otherwise, the person wouldn ’t be struggling so much.

This alone maybe he could have digested but the truly frightening thing was the number of death knights already killed and littered on the ground.

Not to mention the white powder dust he saw which could only be bone dust and maybe even other mobs that he could have potentially faced in this long winding tunnel.

And even after fighting with all those, he was still soloing this impossible mob? Just what sort of a monster was he?!

Kouske gulped subconsciously and dazedly stared at the brilliant swordplay being demonstrated in front of him.

His eyes also lingered on the purple sword that was dancing splendidly.

He was also a necromancer just like Liam but his own combat strength? 

Both were completely unmatched! 

If he were to compare his own fighting abilities with Liam, then he would only be deluding himself!

More importantly, there was something that was weird. 

The person was not just using swordplay. He was also using fire magic spells and at times even lightning spells.

Be it his casting speed, the proficiency with which he was coordinating his swordplay, and his magic spells, every single move he made was top-notch.

It was as if he was seeing a high-level NPC showing off his skills to a bunch of noobs.

Even the really powerful mages he knew were not this skilled.

On top of all of these things, just what the hell was he? A mage? A swordsman? A necromancer?

It took him a minute to fully grasp the gravity of everything that was going on and then he hurriedly typed in the chat.

Kouske: We are going to have to use a different approach.

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