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Chapter 252 - On The Sidelines

Madan: What do you mean? What is happening?

Kouske: We cannot fight him. Big Brother was correct. There are three rooms here. My quest item is definitely inside one of these rooms.

Kouske: When he clears the mobs or when the time is right, I will throw a disorienting bomb on him. I will also give you guys the signal.

Madan: And then what?

Kouske: And then prepare to run the hell away from here. What else?

Kouske: If possible, you three need to create a disturbance and lure a lot of monsters to this area. Otherwise, this time this mission will be a failure.

The three standing outside immediately turned silent and serious. Not because they did not understand the plan, but because they understood it too well.

Kouske was trying to avoid a one-on-one, head-on fight with a guy who had been fighting non-stop for a while now.

He might surely be very tired right now and not at his best ability. But still, he was avoiding confrontation and conflict.

And this was Kouske no less! The guy was a cheat character!

Especially after listening to all of the big brother ’s advice and instructions, he was the one who had reaped maximum rewards.

So no one dared to oppose this plan of action and silently agreed to it. 

The three standing on the top did not waste time and quickly scurried away, placing themselves in appropriate positions, ready to take action.

Meanwhile, Kouske saw another death knight drop down dead. He knew that he did not have enough time. He took a step back and retrieved an item from his inventory.

It was a small bottle of yellow liquid, labeled… [Invisibility Potion]

Kouske hurriedly dunked it down and then stepped out of the corner. He had another potion ready to go in his hand.

”Is it possible for me to cross them? ”

He stopped and moved, patiently observing the situation around him and reacting accordingly. His actions were hurried but at the same time, there was a kind of stability to them.

He took his time, carefully maneuvering the combat area as even a single attack that spilled his way would immediately give away his presence.

Then without a doubt, he would be dead the next instant.

So he proceeded with the utmost caution and finally managed to reach the room on the right. Thankfully, it was not locked, but he still needed to open the door.

This alone was enough to attract Liam ’s attention and give away his position. He would still be invisible as the invisibility potion worked slightly different from stealth.

Nevertheless, it was too risky. It was probably the only chance he might get. He needed to be extra careful in this step.

He needed to make sure that he got the quest item in this one try. He waited patiently and watched until an opportune moment presented itself.

And soon it did.

Liam ’s speed had suddenly increased and he was using this chance to do high-intensity burst damage to the death knights.

His concentration was completely on the knights in front of him as their attack patterns were complicated.

Kouske knew that he wouldn ’t get another opportunity better than this. He quickly hurried over to the door and then opened it.

However, things did not go smoothly. The door was tightly jammed and it made a loud creaking noise as it opened.

It was a strong sturdy heavy iron door. So he had to use a lot of force, and the effect of his invisibility potion completely disappeared. 

He was now fully visible. Kouske ’s heart almost leaped out of his chest and he started sweating buckets. 

Without paying attention to anything else, throwing all caution to the wind, he directly barged into the room and then closed the door quickly behind him.

His head was spinning, his brain was overheated and he stood frozen right at the back of the huge iron door, waiting for something to happen.

Did he fail already?

Luckily, no such thing happened and there was only silence everywhere around him. The noise from outside did not reach inside at all.

Finally, Kouske calmed down enough to take a look at the room in front of him. Rather than a room, it was more appropriate to call it a cave.

It was dark and dingy and the smell was unbearable, but he didn ’t act immediately. He tried to remain still and listen to the silent darkness around him.

Kouske very well knew the risk he was taking right now. He was in a new unknown place. There was a monster behind the door but there could be more on this side.

To make matters worse, he was also in a very vulnerable state at the moment. He did not have his undead with him. He only had his bow and spear to rely on.

Taking another moment to see if anything had already sensed his presence, he finally took out a flare stick from his inventory and used it to observe the room in brightness.

Kouske was once again utterly astonished. For a second, he wondered just where exactly was he. His quest did not prepare him enough for this sight.

In front of him, the huge cave space sprawled about, covered in cobwebs and untouched for decades?

And in this huge room, there were only three tables. The tables were made of solid ground and had a black-colored sticky substance atop them.

Otherwise, the tables were empty.

But more shockingly, the walls of the cave covered by the thick dense layer of moss had numerous skeletons hanging on them.

These skeletons were chained to the walls, adorning the space everywhere like grotesque sculptures. These skeletons were very similar to the ones at the entrance.

They were still alive, but very barely. They obviously noticed Kouske and their hollow heads all turned to look at him creaking and groaning. Otherwise, they were unable to move.

Based on this and the way everything was arranged, it was very clear that these people had been tortured in these caves, probably while they were still alive?

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