Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 253 - Who Dares?

as all alone in this tunnel. He had to be alone, because if there was someone else…

The tunnel was also pretty narrow. He had to search this zone for hours and uproot trees to find this spot. How could there be someone else?

But if there was someone else… It was impossible that another player stumbled onto this location before him!

But what about after? Could it be Kouske and his group?

No, Liam shook his head. He was not yet Level 50. Kouske and the other were also not yet Level 50. In fact, none of the players were Level 50 yet.

So it was not possible that they decided to come to this place so soon. That would just be a foolish move, literally asking for death.

Also, why would they choose today of all days to come to this quest ’s location? It just seemed too improbable.

Could it be some other player who was passing by this place and coincidentally noticed the huge gaping hole he had dug in the ground?

No, that was also not possible. Why would any low-level player come to this remote location? The chances of that happening were too less.

”Am I just imagining things? ” Liam was too tired and maybe for a second, his vision was blurry. He tried to rationalize the nagging thought in his brain.

If he had gotten a better look, he wouldn ’t be in this dilemma, but whatever he saw, it was just momentary and fleeting. So he was unable to put a finger on it and explain it.

And as he was mulling over this issue and continuing to fight the remaining four death knights, suddenly the entire tunnel trembled.

Without any warning, the huge door of the middle cave banged open and someone came out flying from inside. 

Liam instantly froze, and then spun around, moving out of the way of the debris. 

Fuck! He was indeed correct! There had been someone here all along! How the hell had he missed this!

However, right now, he did not have any time to pay attention to this person who came flying out like a flea.

Because in front of him, a humongous death knight stood, his eyes flaming blue in color and thick vapors of nether seeping out of him.

And on top of that, a string of unbelievable words lingered.

[Ding. Level 80 Rare Elite Bastion]

”Level 80? ” Liam ’s face changed, a grave look appearing. The consequence of something like this appearing out of nowhere had not escaped him.

Also, there was the other person…

His brain whirred, trying to desperately find a solution to this disaster but before he could think about anything, a loud dark voice boomed, echoing in the closed tunnel.

”Who dares to desecrate my Master ’s lab? ”

Liam was shocked. This one can even speak? 

As if the fight was already not tough enough just based on the level difference, the undead in front of him seemed to possess actual intelligence.

More importantly, its soulless terrifying eyes were fixated specifically on him.

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