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Chapter 255 - In A Second

”FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! ” Liam cursed out loud. 

There were two of them there and yet this humongous monster was staring down at him and not the other guy?

The other four death knights as well were still alive, buzzing around him and sinking their teeth into him like mosquitoes.

How the heck was he supposed to face both these guys and this monster? 

And what about the random guy who rolled out? Why is there no fucking aggro on him? Where the hell was he even?

Liam did not have any time to look around as the huge death knight lifted his axe, aimed ready to split him in half.

”Fuck. ” He moved, coming to stand behind the big guy, and swung his sword at the thick metallic armor on his back.


An even more abysmal damage number appeared.

”Don ’t think that I don ’t see you insect! ” The thunderous voice roared. 

Immediately, a multitude of black spheres materialized around him, and all of them shot forward towards Liam about to hit him one after the other.

At this exact same moment, the other figure in the tunnel finally made a move. He dashed past Liam, trying to once again get into the central cave.

However, since Liam and the boss death knight were standing right next to the entrance, he did not escape the attention of this duo.

And finally, Liam also managed to get a glimpse of this intruder!

It was someone whom he already knew and it was someone whom he did not expect!


This fucking guy again! Are you serious? How is he possibly here today!

More importantly, how long had he been here!

Liam only needed a second and suddenly everything was clear to him. This bitch tried to sneak in when he was busy fighting the horde of lesser death knights.

Sure, he had done the same to the other group, but that doesn ’t mean he would allow him to do the same to him!

He grunted in frustration and changed his course, now dashing towards Kouske instead of the huge death knight.

And all the black spheres that were about to hit him and carve out his health also landed on the solid wall behind. Dodging that attack looked like child ’s play to him.

”You want to get into that room so badly? ” Liam sneered, reaching him in seconds. ”Why is there a treasure inside? Did you get a good look? ”

He sent a sword slash at the petty thief without caring about the monster behind him.

Kouske flinched. From Liam ’s words, it was clear that he had been found out.

He had wanted to sneak in taking advantage of the chaos all around but he didn ’t expect Liam to pay attention to him and not the Level 80 undead that was behind his ass.

However, now that he was found out, he no longer feared him or showed any nervousness. 

He lifted his hand and sent out a ball of black flames similar to the one the death knight had thrown.

And speaking of the devil, the death knight as well, sent in the next attack with an annoyed grunt. 

It looked irritated at being unable to deal with the two mosquitoes, so it sent out a barrage of black arrows and lifted his axe again, swinging down at Liam.

Liam was essentially jammed right in the middle of it. 

With Kouske on one side, the Level 80 monstrous undead on the other side, the four pests behind him, and the wall in front of him, he was essentially cornered and screwed.

How will you get out of this one? Kouske ’s eyes coldly gazed at his biggest competition.

However, as opposed to what he expected, Liam did not even look worried. In fact, he seemed as if he was leisurely fighting with some low-level bunnies.

He twisted his body, moving slightly avoiding two of the attacks while the rest casually bombarded him.

”NO! ” Kouske screamed. Even though they were both on the opposite sides, right now he was rather rooting for him. 

The thing was… he was counting on Liam to keep the giant occupied. 

If Liam died then the next target would be him and he would have to face this Level 80 opponent.

In reality, for a Level 80 rare, this death knight was quite weak. 

Sure it had high attributes, imposing size, and the ability to use magic, but when compared to some of the other high-level monsters he had seen, this one was weak.

Perhaps because it was an undead its abilities and potential were lower. 

For instance, it lacked the ability to pressure the two significantly weaker beings running around in front of it.

Just last week, Kouske experienced fighting against another elite that had been at a higher level than him, a Level 65 tree nymph.

But unlike this death knight, that woman had made him freeze, unable to even breathe and move an inch.

And here, the two of them were freely moving, dodging attacks, and even fighting back.

Nevertheless, he did not for once think that he had a chance to defeat this guy. The moment he had barged into the cave, opening the door, he was flung out like an insect.

He couldn ’t react.

And unlike Liam, he wouldn ’t be able to avoid even a single attack. 

So his only option out of this impossible situation was if Liam actually managed to grasp the attention of the big guy for at least a couple of seconds.

However, that now seemed like a distant dream.

Big black spheres of energy barraged Liam ’s back, making him fall down, and collapse on the floor. 

Kouske ’s heart sank as he saw this sight.

The four lesser death knights as well used this chance to stab him with their weapons. This was it. It was game over for the both of them!

He knew it.

Liam was going to die and he was going to die. 

After that, he would be free from the death knight but he had a feeling that the other monster in the room was going to hunt him down relentlessly.

If kill stealing was hated, then sneakily looting a treasure chest was… he is going to kill me. Kouske sighed.

But the next instant, the guy who was down on the ground, suddenly sprang back up, standing without a drop of blood on his body.

Not only that, the ax that he had managed to dodge by falling flat on the ground now was aimed at Kouske.

”Fuck! ” Kouske moved, running for his life.

He couldn ’t make up his mind if he wanted Liam dead or alive. This guy seemed to be capable of completely turning the tables in the smallest possible gap.

It was infuriating and scary at the same time!

He needed to settle this soon. Otherwise, it would be too late and he would only wake up as the graveyard.

He took out the item that he had been saving so far and tossed it towards Liam.

The very next second… everything changed…


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