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Chapter 256 - A Heavy Price

After successfully evading the attacks and connecting the rest to Kouske who stood behind him, Liam did not dare stay any longer in the deathtrap. 

He had taken a gamble that the attacks Kouske sent and the attack the rare death knight sent were both nether attacks or at least dark elemental attacks.

If so then the corresponding damage he would receive would be negligible or not existent and it might even heal him up.

In fact, it was not even a gamble. He had to do it. He simply had no other choice.

But luckily just like he guessed, both the attacks simply dissipated and did no damage to him. The health he had lost so far was also replenished.

He smirked in delight but the next second, his painful reality came crashing down. He was not yet done. How was he supposed to defeat a Level 80 death knight?

The only consolation was that… if he was struggling then the other guy wouldn ’t be faring at better!

Just as he swung around his body to see Kouske ’s movements and more importantly the death knight ’s next moves, suddenly his vision blurred.

Out of nowhere, a horrendous ringing sound inexplicably echoed in his head, rendering him completely stiff and useless.

He couldn ’t see. He couldn ’t think. He couldn ’t do anything. His whole body felt faint and he was swaying without even a modicum of balance.

He tried to swing his sword forward, forcing himself to stabilize but he was too late, the death knight was already in front of him.

In his blurry vision, he could only vaguely see and he saw the huge axe that came swinging down at him.

It landed right in the middle of his head.

The next second…


Liam ’s body was casually split apart. The death knight had sliced him as if he was simply a slab of meat. The single attack instantly killed him. 

There was nothing he could do. There was no way he could block. He was simply defenseless like a block of butter.

The two halves of his body fell on the ground and then they quickly dispersed into ash and dust, leaving no traces of him behind as if he had never been there in the first place.

[Ding. You have died]

When Liam regained his consciousness, his mind spun. ”I am dead? ” He stared at the notification dazedly.

Everything had happened too fast and he died before he could do anything about it or even see it coming. One second he was fighting and the next second he was dead.

He looked down to see that he was now a ghost, waiting for the seconds to count down before he could be reborn in a graveyard.

And the soul integrity that he had been guarding safely, almost obsessively since the beginning of the game until now was also gone.

He was essentially broken and no longer whole. He could probably never be whole again. 

Liam sighed. He had worked so hard to prevent this from happening, but somehow he still ended up dying.

In all honesty, he was not naive enough to think that he could keep this up for the entire time. 

After all, he had to take risks to grow stronger and that would mean playing with death ever so often.

Otherwise, if he did not take any risk at all, he would never become truly strong. So though he was disappointed that this happened, this was not what bothered him.

He didn ’t care that he died, but to die like this…

In a split second, everything had changed and he had died because of that guy! 

Not only had he managed to use him to clear the dungeon, but he also successfully got rid of him by using the guardian.

If he had not interfered… maybe… just maybe… Liam could have at least gotten out of the tunnel alive and tried again after sufficient preparations.

But now… everything was probably already gone.

Liam was sure that the guy acted with some tricks up his sleeve.

While he was here, completely dead and as a ghost, the other person was probably clearing out everything from the tunnel.

He might have even figured out some sort of way to take care of the guardian and…

Just as he was thinking about this, suddenly he remembered the other important thing!

FUCK! The inheritance! He would have also obtained the inheritance just like before!

That damned guy would have also gotten his hands on the inheritance that he had struggled so hard for!

As his mind became clearer and clearer, Liam was furious. 

He had lost everything and he was now even dead, but the other guy gained everything at his expense.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He was going to make that guy pay. He didn ’t know how but he was definitely going to make that guy pay.

He had definitely lost the inheritance? What else did he lose? One or two pieces of equipment? A level? He would only know after he was resurrected.

Because of that guy, he had paid a terrible price!

But Liam was not planning to let him off just like this. He was going to pay back for everything with interest compounded.

And not everything was lost! 

So what if he managed to get his hands on the inheritance piece by giving him the boot? 

It would take him a single minute to find out his current location and then PK him into oblivion. Maybe he could even drop the inheritance piece then.

Liam still had the level advantage over him and was a lot stronger than him.

No matter what inheritance, it could never make him instantly powerful. As long as he could take him down while he was still in the developing stage, there was hope for him.

He would definitely be able to defeat him.

This was probably why that guy had waited for him and trapped him purposefully. 

Otherwise, he would have fought with him head-on from minute one and snatched the inheritance out of his hands by force and not trickery.

Liam was raging. This was the first time after he received his second chance that he had suffered such a crushing defeat.

He was completely enraged. He was boiling. He wanted to shout at the top of his lungs. His anger surged within him like a seething volcano ready to erupt.

Liam did not realize it but right at this time, the graveyard in which his soul was waiting to be called upon again, thrummed with nether.

Thick swirling coils of nether gathered around his soul and his soul alone.

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