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Chapter 26 - God Of Death

”Do you guys have any potions handy? Keep it ready. ”

Liam barely finished talking when the distant trees shook and the leaves rustled. About five black ravens with big red eyes flew towards them like bullets.

”Tank! Heads up! You take 2. I will deal with the other three. Rey. The same rule. Follow it. Provide support to the tank first. Come to me after dealing with the 2. Healer, look alive. ”

Alex was furious. What the heck was with this fellow? Did they not have names? Only Rey had a name?

She activated her skill [Deafening Roar] and attracted the attention of all five ravens, but Liam quickly slashed at three of them.

His damage numbers were double that of Alex, so he immediately pulled the three away from her, giving her a stern look. ”Follow my instructions. ”

The birds were a bit more agile than the wolves and their main attack pattern was with their beaks and claws, pecking furiously at their targets.

Nevertheless, Liam dodged their attacks nimbly, his tempered body keeping up with his movements. Every single move he made was accounted for and had absolute precision.

Beside him, Alex also blocked the birds and parried with them. Soon, the first wave of birds was brought down, again almost at the same time.

A string of notifications rang in their ears giving out experience points.

Alex immediately turned towards Liam and pointed her shield at him. ”Do you have something against women? ”

”Umm… What? Watch out. There are three more waves. ” Liam warned her and not long after, the trees once again rustled.

This time a flock of 10 birds came down and Alex no longer had the luxury to be pissed at Liam. [Deafening Roar] She once again shouted loudly, drawing the attraction of the cluster of black ravens.

”Tank, can you handle 5? ” Liam shouted and slashed at the few birds in the back.

Heavy damage numbers floated and feathers scattered left and right, but even Liam was not able to dodge all the peckers. A few bloody gashes appeared on his body.

However, just as his health dropped, nourishing energy enveloped his body, quickly healing him. Mia ’s spell casting was on point as she anticipated the damage and aided the team with great timing.

Liam nodded in approval. This woman was indeed worthy of being one of the top battle priests. She was a natural.

His own movements as well were extremely fluid and confident, but the difference between the both of them was that he had actually swung his sword a million times before he got to where he was today.

It was something that was drilled into his very bones.

But the other party was simply born with a godly talent. The world was truly unfair!

The ravens did not have any special attacks so with just using his basic sword moves, Liam was able to deal with them in a matter of seconds.

Alex and Rey, on the other hand, were still barely holding on. Alex grit her teeth in frustration as the experience points pooled from Liam ’s kills.

Unlike the earlier mob, this one showed the skill difference between the two, leaving nothing to the imagination.

While they were struggling, Liam was already done and he now dashed forward to help with their half of the mob.

He would have gotten to them faster but he did not want to use any of his new skills just yet.

[Ding. 10 Experience points gained]

[Ding. 10 Bonus Experience points gained]

[Ding. 10 Experience points gained]

[Ding. 10 Bonus Experience points gained]

One of the ravens dropped a skill book this time which Liam bent down and picked up.

”What is it, bro? ” Rey asked excitedly, but to his disappointment, it was only a holy heal spellbook.

”You have this skill? ” Liam asked Mia and she nodded silently. He then turned and tossed the book to Alex. ”You should also learn it. ”

”Why would a paladin need a heal skill? ” Alex frowned. She was still sulking about the fact that he was much stronger and skilled than them.

”Your choice. ” Liam did not engage her and wiped the blood off of his sword, preparing for the next attack which was about to hit them any time now.

He took out a violet colored fruit from his inventory and munched on it. ”Another wave incoming. Recover your mana and stamina quickly. ”

Alex gripped her shield tightly wanting to bash it on the back of his head. What a hateful guy!

”10 again this time, ” Liam shouted as the trees began to rustle and another group of ravens flew towards them. ”5 each. Same as last time. ”

He swung his sword, prepared to jump into the battle, but suddenly, he froze. Liam almost couldn ’t believe what he was seeing. Something that he did not expect to happen.

Instead of the norm, the 10 birds mob, a mob of 20 black ravens shot towards them like sharp arrows!

Hmmm… Liam ’s eyes widened in realization. He knew that this had something to do with the special objects he had collected from the dragon ’s lair.

He snapped out of his shock and immediately shouted again. ”More than 10! Watch out! ”

”Yes, I can see that genius. ” Alex angrily retorted but the man was too busy to listen to her.

[Awaken] Liam muttered under his breath, finally using another one of his skills.

Black mist swirled around the many raven corpses littered on the mound, broken pieces of their skeleton slowly coming together. They bonded and fused like there was some sort of invisible glue.

Some even had pieces of flesh and feathers stuck to it, making it extremely gory and disgusting to watch. Not to mention the pungent smell.

”What the hell? ” Alex took a step back, feeling nauseous. Even Mia ’s face was scrunched up.

Only Rey watched the whole thing with a dazed look on his face that was full of admiration and worship. ”Bro! How cool! You got the undead skill! Nice! This looks freaking amazing. ” He gave Liam a thumbs up.

Everything happened quickly and from the mess of the several corpses, three raven skeletons rose up from the ground, flapping their rotten bonny wings.

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