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Chapter 262 - You Too Luna?

Liam did not even know what to think anymore. He just silently stood there and watched as all the specks of light happily rushed to the egg.

Since the process lasted for a few good seconds, it gave him a break as well. 

But Liam was far too stunned to relax. 

With a blank expression on his face, he raised his hand again and tried to command the swirling nether one more time, targeting the opposite wall now.

And once again, the same process repeated, creating a blinding light in the dark desolate tunnel. Since when was extracting herbal essence so easily achieved?

However, it made little difference to the egg. 

Even though now the concentration of the essence had almost doubled, becoming frighteningly high, it still greedily sucked in this batch of herbal essence also.

From the looks of it, it had no problems in taking in essences from the moss on both the walls.

”So the distance doesn ’t matter? ” Liam observed.

He had a hunch that he wanted to verify so he did not stop there and started slathering the tunnel in front of him with nether, top, bottom, and on the sides.

The nether that was swirling around aimlessly was all of a sudden pulled to the walls as if being attracted to a magnet.

He was able to easily control and manipulate the nether in that entire section with unsettling ease.

This was the first thing that had come to him so easily! 

Was this the result of his SSS affinity?

But before he was not able to do this. So what changed between now and before? 

Was it something related to this tunnel?

That couldn ’t be possible since he was not the one who reaped the rewards here.

Ruling everything out, there was only one other thing that Liam could possibly think of. His death!

Did he have to die once to feel nether? 

He was not sure. This time when he had died all he felt was anger.

Liam continued to think about this as he waved his hand and casually extracted the herbal essence from the moss on the walls in front of him, the light specks from this as well floating to the egg.

When he was using mana, he couldn ’t even control it properly to not burn the herbs but when it came to nether, he was actually able to do the whole extraction process without a hitch.

What the hell was happening? Was this SSS-affinity this terrifying?

Liam did not think too much and tried to focus on the egg for now. Everything else could be slowly unraveled and deciphered later.

With the stress on his mind and body greatly reduced, Liam continued to walk down the tunnel, clearing section after section of the moss on the walls.

Dust and debris fell down as he moved forward and the walls became completely bald and empty. The egg was also sucking in everything relentlessly.

In this manner, he slowly traversed the twists and turns of the tunnel, finally arriving at the first stage where he had fought the horde of skeletons. 

The white bone dust still covered the ground in this part of the tunnel. Liam gazed coldly at this and continued to walk forward. 

They next arrived at the spot where he had faced the numerous specters. 

And after a while, he was once again at the beginning of the last turn of the tunnel that led to the three caves. 

This was the place where everything had changed. He was just a second away from finding out what happened after he had died. 

Liam patiently waited for Luna to eat everything and then took a step forward. 

Were the death knights still there? 

He placed the egg down on the ground while it was still absorbing the herbal essence and then cautiously moved forward, with his stealth activated.

And just like he thought… the entire place was completely deserted.

Not even a fly was there in the vicinity. The lesser death knight, the level 80 elite death knight, skeletons, specters, nothing was there.

The only thing that was present was the moss on the walls.

Looking at this scene, Liam chuckled wryly and shook his head. ”So they completed looted everything huh? ”

A vicious glint flashed past his eyes as he canceled his stealth and returned back to the egg. 

He no longer bothered to remain cautious as clearly whatever was there in the tunnel and the three caves had been thoroughly looted from top to bottom.

Someone else would have balled their eyes out to see all their hard work stolen away just like that but Liam remained calm and indifferent, at least on the surface.

He patiently continued to feed Luna, the duo effectively clearing out the only other thing remaining in the tunnel. 

And finally, in this last section of the tunnel, the light specks, or rather the herbal essence that was being absorbed by the egg finally slowed down a bit.

It was still inhaling everything without even wasting a single dot of the essence but the rate had considerably slowed down.

Liam observed this and revealed a small smile. He had lost a lot on this trip but at least he didn ’t lose her.

He lifted the egg up and looked at it more closely. The cracks were still there but the pitch-black color stopped spreading and the red liquid had also stopped leaking.

He did not know if this meant anything but at least it was a good sign, perhaps a sign that she was healing?

Continuing to look at the egg more closely, Liam lifted his hand to send waves of nether to extract the last bit of moss that was sticking to the tunnel.

With this, the tunnel was completely emptied out. Only the three caves were left out.

Liam waited for all the herbal essence dots to get absorbed into the egg and then proceeded to the three caves.

He ignored the two on the sides and directly headed to the central cave as this was the one from which the Level 80 death knight had stepped out.

So whatever it was guarding would have probably been here. He walked over to the cave and pushed the door open.

1 second passed. 2 seconds passed.

But after opening the door, Liam simply stood there at the entrance, staring at the huge space.

Whatever doubts he had before were now completely settled.

Right in front of him was a small treasure chest that had clearly already been opened and tossed aside like garbage.


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