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Chapter 266 - Can We Talk...

After arriving at Yleka city, Liam directly headed over to the PVP tower. Derek wasn ’t online at the moment so he checked his progress with the system.

Their team was currently on the 98th floor with 5 more fights left. The guy had actually managed to climbed all the way up to 98 floors!

”Alright, one more floor then. ” Liam took the elevator all the way to the 98th floor of the tower and registered his name at the arena.

The last time around he hated this grind, but this time…

He barely even lifted a finger and just like that the 103 fights were finished in under 2 hours.

”Damn it. That guy cheated by using some secret weapon. ”

”I don ’t think that guy ’s stats were reduced properly. ”

”This arena is rigged! ”

Several complaints echoed in the huge stadium with the entire crowd in an uproar. However, Liam came in and went away without paying attention to anything.

He was very short on time at the moment to even bother scamming more gold from this crowd. So from the start to finish, he simply went all out and settled all the battles in one hit knock out.

After clearing the 98th floor and 99th floor, he was now finally able to enter the 100th floor and this was also what Liam was aiming for.

Unlike the others lower floors in the tower, the 100th floor was like sort of a threshold. Here is where the majority of the players typically hang out or rather were stuck at.

Every fight above this was incredibly difficult and was not so straightforward. The players that they would be facing would also be top experts and cream of the crop.

But Liam ’s purpose in coming here was something else. 

For now, he didn ’t register for any more arena fights. He headed over to the various facilities on the floor, crossing the huge market area selling an assortment of high-grade items.

Among these different facilities, the one he was looking for was a particular training room. Liam walked along the long corridors and finally arrived at this specific room.

However, using these training rooms wasn ’t that simple. There was a fee for it.

Especially for this room, the fees were almost ten times higher than the fees for the surrounding training rooms, a whopping 200 gold coins!

But Liam did not even bat an eye and readily paid this exorbitant price.

Click. The door also became unlocked, allowing him the entry inside.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Liam pushed open the door and stepped in. Now he would know everything.

And just like he expected and wanted, the room was not empty.

In front of him, there was a black ball of swirling mass, and the moment he stepped in, suddenly this black ball exploded.

Now instead of the black ball, there was a human being standing and this was none other than Kouske, or rather a copy or clone of him that was a better version of the current him.

Liam immediately unsheathed his sword and dashed towards him. The fake Kouske as well did not simply stand there and used a scythe to block his charge.

A group of five undeads appeared behind Kouske and they, in turn, charged at Liam. These were all strong and powerful bear undeads and five of them surrounded him on all sides.

Liam, on the other hand, simply stood with a big grin on his face. Just in this one exchange, the answer that he wanted was now crystal clear. 

His grin widened as he swung his sword and defeated the fake undeads, while also simultaneously aiming for Kouske.

Slash. Slash. Slash.

His semi-epic weapon slaughtered him in a few moves and soon he was completely defeated. The Kouske standing in front of Liam right now was weak and useless.

Without his undead army, it looked like the guy did not amount to anything. His close combat skills sucked and he also did not have any spells in his repertoire. 

The fight was over sooner than expected, in fact in less than a minute, making it seem like the 200 gold coins were just a waste.

However, Liam collapsed on the ground and grinned from ear to ear without thinking about that one bit.

”YES! YES! YES! ” He clenched his fist and pounded on the ground. Now he was more than sure that Kouske did not get the inheritance!

Or rather no one had gotten it yet.

The inheritance most probably was the engravings on the wall that he had retrieved. That was the only possible explanation.

Because this training room Liam had rented was a special training of the PVP tower. It allowed one to compete with a clone of an opponent they had recently faced.

And for Liam, this was Kouske.

This clone would, to a certain extent mimic the powers and abilities of the real player, helping in training. Of course, there were also some drawbacks.

The items the player had on at the moment won ’t be reflected. Skills and bonuses attached to the items also won ’t be revealed.

But something like an inheritance or a hidden class would definitely be revealed, that too a stronger version or fully trained version of what the player possessed.

If Kouske had indeed gotten the inheritance, then Liam would have right now faced an army of undead, strong and powerful undead, not the weak ones like he had just fought.

This was precisely why this training room was special and was more expensive. But considering its invaluable potential for training against specific unique enemies, this cost was nothing.

When more players reached the upper floors of the tower, this room would then be always occupied on every floor as more often than not, the players would be training for their fight against a specific opponent, the floor masters, the real monsters of the PVP tower.

Liam had also selected this particular room to see just what exactly Kouske had gained. But it turns out that he had gained nothing!

”Hmmmm… that is probably not true… he must have gained something. ” Liam pondered while walking out. 

Then he remembered the huge Level 80 elite death knight that was guarding the hall. 

Kouske couldn ’t have possibly defeated that monster and yet when he visited the hideout again, the big guy was missing.

So perhaps Kouske had gained some way to control that undead…

That could possibly mean that he now had a powerful Level 80 undead lackey under his command just like Liam had his golems.

In fact, that was even better than the golems because the golems were not as strong as the death knight.

However, even if this was true, Liam did not care about it as much since this much gain was nothing when compared to what Kouske had gained in his previous life.

He had an army of strong powerful undeads! And now, he did not have them anymore.

Liam hurriedly walked out of the room and then started walking out of the tower. 

He had a feeling that the engravings had something to do with the inheritance, especially because the blue flame fragment was also hidden along with these engravings.

As he was wondering about this, he suddenly thought of a plausible explanation for everything that happened.

From what he knew, Kouske was a calm and steady person. 

Perhaps in his last life, he took his time to deal with the Level 80 elite death knight and then explored the cave and the tunnel taking his own sweet time.

So he must have also reaped the full rewards, including the flame fragment and the engravings. 

But in this life, he had run away in the fear that Liam would come back to hunt him down and take revenge for ambushing him.

So in a hurry, he probably left everything that was actually important. 

Sure, controlling the elite death knight would give him a huge power boost and speed boost.

But Liam was the one who possessed the true inheritance!

This was also probably why their quest was incomplete and they had also missed out on the nether moss.

”Ok. I should not get ahead of myself. ” Liam clenched his fist, barely controlling his excitement. ”All these are just guesses and speculations. ” 

”I need to get to the garrison to see how I can translate these symbols and learn what is inscribed in the walls. ”

”This should tell me everything. ”

And if things still did not work out, he could always spend the time, hunt down the four, and forcefully take the truth out of them.

Liam stretched his neck and limbs and walked out of the PVP tower, deciding to take a nap first before heading over to the nether realm.

He also opened his system interface to check his messages when abruptly a bunch of messages popped up.

”Hmmmm? All these are from Shen Yue and Mei Mei? ” He also saw a couple of messages from Abraki.

”Did something happen while I was inside the PVP tower? ”

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