Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 267 - Please Help My Brother

Mei Mei: [Brother, you are being slandered. Log out of the game for now. Everybody wants to hunt you and kill you.]

Shen Yue: [Liam, someone is spreading false rumors. Please watch your back. Many people are discussing targeting you.]

”Hmmm… ” Liam saw the cryptic messages from the duo. He then opened Abraki ’s message.

Abraki: [Liam, what happened? Heavenly Retribution guild is accusing you of forcing slavery on other players. This matter is blowing up. You should do something about this soon.]

”Oh? ” Liam knitted his brows together in puzzlement. He now understood what was going on, but there was something unsettling about it.

”If it is about slave contracts, then… ” 

”Shouldn ’t those three be kind of busy right now? Why would they target me now of all the times? ” 

He pondered as he walked out of the PVP tower onto the busy streets of the city. 

His opponents were extremely popular at the moment so he had no doubt that this news also spread like wildfire.

As he walked by, he could already feel a few eyes looking at him. Were his face and identity also leaked? 

”This will make things a bit difficult, ” Liam murmured. He slightly increased his speed and soon disappeared into the crowd.

This definitely made everything very cumbersome for him. For the people of the current world, something like slavery was unimaginable and unforgivable.

But when the world inevitably changes, such a thing would once again be mainstream. 

In fact, many would willingly become slaves so that they could gain the protection and favor of a powerful Master.

However, the world hadn ’t changed yet. So it was only normal that people were after him with knives and pitchforks. 

The interviewers who were praising him yesterday were probably cursing him right about now. His fame would have already turned into infamy.

But right at this moment, Liam didn ’t have the time to deal with this.

He also didn ’t have the necessity to, because he was going to be in the nether realm for the next few days and by that time, this news would have probably died out too.

After all, several shocking things were about to begin happening, starting with the spreading of the grave camping and the possibility of true death.

When that news comes out, then the world would truly begin to change and everybody would suddenly start becoming afraid of the game and the implications it potentially had.

At that time, his news would become a piece of old news that no one would care about. This setback was just temporary.

This was also what bothered him. Why would those two risk a lot in clashing with him again, especially for something temporary like this?

It felt like a losing strategy to him and Mia he knew wasn ’t this stupid. Maybe this is that redhead ’s work. Liam sighed, shaking his head.

This didn ’t affect him too much. Nevertheless, he was still not amused about this. He did not know if those three were responsible for this, but if they were then…

Mingling in the crowd, Liam inconspicuously walked over to an inn to log out and take a break. Just as he was about to enter the inn, a familiar voice sounded behind him.

”Liam, can we talk. ”

The voice was sharp and cold, neither submissive nor oppressive.

Talk about the devils… Liam sneered and did not look back to see who exactly it was. He did not need to. 

But he was still surprised by their unexpected visit. Shouldn ’t they be running away from him right now? That too after what they had done…

”Come in. We can talk. ” Liam said. He silently walked over to the innkeeper, booked a VIP room.

VIP rooms had a silent mode function which meant that whatever was spoken inside couldn ’t be overheard. Also, other people wouldn ’t be able to disturb them.

Considering the way everyone else in the inn was looking at them right now, he thought that this was necessary.

So he booked one and then started heading upstairs, still not giving the two even a glance.

With Liam in the front, the two followed him without saying anything else. Finally, when all three of them reached the room and entered inside, Liam turned around to look at the two.

Standing in front of him, two tall and beautiful women waited and watched his every move.

Liam ’s eyes as well, traveled up and down, looking at everything they had gained in these past several days they hadn ’t met each other.

As he did, his gaze inevitably met the hot glare from the redhead.

Almost instantly, the woman who had been controlling herself all this time, with great difficulty, pounced forward. She was like a tigress and she clearly wanted to claw his face off.

”YOU! Why did you do this? ” Alex bellowed, dashing forward with her fists clenched.

However, before she could touch Liam, his figure blurred and the next second, her body was lifted up and slammed on the wall.

”I suggest you try this again because I don ’t have a lot of time to waste. ” Gripping her throat, he rammed her on the wall another time to get his point through.

Under his iron grasp, she could only choke and suffocate, gasping for air. She tried hitting the man ’s chest with her fists but it was useless.

”Liam, please. ” Finally, the other person in the room, Mia spoke up.

Only then he loosen his grasp on the redhead making her slide down and collapse on the floor weakly. 

”You have something different to say? ” He asked her again with a cold indifferent face, not showing one ounce of regret for what he had just done.

And Alex dumbly stared at him, clutching her throat, completely speechless. Just a second ago, when he had choked her, she knew that the man really intended to kill her.

There was no doubt about it.

No one has ever treated her this way.. Countless men in the game looked up to her and revered her as a goddess, but in front of this person, she only felt invisible and worthless.

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