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Chapter 268 - What Do You Think Of This Game?

Seeing that things were beginning to get out of hand, Mia stepped forward, coming in between the two. ”Liam, please. We are not here to fight with you. We are here to apologize. ” 

Her steady calm gaze had an unmistakable sadness and loneliness with them. ”After we met the last time, several things have happened and somehow… we are here. ”

She let out a soft sigh, looking very tired.

”And? Am I to blame for that? ” Liam sat down on the bed in the room casually. ”I did make you three an offer but I also did not force you to accept it. ”

”No. You did not. ” Mia smiled bitterly. What she didn ’t say was that he didn ’t do it before but he had done it now.

She didn ’t want to talk about that right now, so she started with the other thing that they came here for. 

”We have made several mistakes, I admit. But please, you have to trust us, we did not spread the rumor about the slave contract. We had nothing to do with that. ”

”Hmmm? ” Liam ’s gaze shifted to Alex. He knew that Mia couldn ’t have done it but what about this one?

Instantly, Alex stiffened up and angrily retorted. ”Bastard, even if we had. It ’s the truth, isn ’t it? ” She coughed roughly since her throat was coarse after being almost choked to death.

”Oh, so you still haven ’t learned your lesson? ” Liam took a step forward but Mia quickly intervened. 

”Alex stop this. You are going to kill Rey! Why did we come here? Do you even remember? Or do you just not care anymore! ”

Alex immediately stopped talking. Tears dripped from her eyes and she buried her head in her knees, not even caring how vulnerable it made her look.

Liam also finally understood why the two were really here, risking their lives just to meet with him, especially knowing that he was not a forgiving type of character.

So the person who took the most beating was Rey? He was not really that surprised by the outcome. 

While these two or at least Mia was a born genius, the other party was a normal person like him. So how could he possibly take it when multiple people fucked him up again and again?

This was simply bound to happen, sooner or later.

”How is he doing now? ” Liam asked nonchalantly, looking at the two women. He really did not have an ounce of sympathy for their plight.

He also didn ’t seem to care that he had caused everything to happen.

Utterly bewildered by how someone could be like this, Alex looked up at the monster in front of her, her eyes filled with tears and regret.

She regretted that they ever met him in the first place. This single person was responsible for everything that went wrong with their lives.

If she could kill him, she would… thousand times over.

Mia as well clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. ”He is not doing great. He is barely even talking or eating. He just sleeps all the time. ”

”Oh. ” Liam nodded. He then paused for a second and added. ”Alright. I will believe you both then. THIS TIME. You had nothing to do with this event. So are we done? ”

”Huh? ” Mia was shocked. No, this was not what they wanted to talk about with him. They had come here for…

”I am busy. I really have a lot to do. ” Liam shrugged and then got up, stretching his limbs as if he was preparing to log out. 

If these two wanted to beat around the bush all day without telling him why exactly they were here… then they had another thing coming.

They were already here, so why not just get to the point?

Mia sighed looking at the person and his acting. She was able to see right through him. He really was hateful.

But they also did not have any other choice. This guy was their only hope right now. So she did what she should have done from the beginning.

She did not bother with any further pleasantries and directly kneeled in front of Liam. ”Can you help my brother, please? ”

For a second, Liam was utterly shocked. Was this the same proud Mia now begging him? Literally? On her knees?

Even Alex who was also on the ground sniffing and sobbing looked at her cousin in a daze. More tears streamed down her eyes.

No matter how she acted on the outside, she felt a pang of enormous guilt weighing her down on the inside. She was the reason for all of this mess. She knew that.

If she had just left him alone… then perhaps things wouldn ’t have come to this and Rey wouldn ’t be the one paying the price for all of it.

”Me? Help your brother? Heh. Impossible. ” Liam chuckled wryly. ”It ’s too late. You should have come to me sooner. ”

”Liam please… ” Mia ’s lips trembled. ”I am ready to… ”

But before she could finish her sentence, Alex stood up in anger and once again pounced on Liam. 

This time, however, she did something before pouncing on him that made even Liam stagger and lose balance, with the two of them falling onto the bed.

Liam blinked, staring at the unbelievable sight in front of him!

The woman had actually removed her armor and tore away the blouse that was covering the upper half of her body and was now straddling him, completely naked from the waist up.

Not stopping there, she took his hand and rammed it on her chest, squishing her two well-endowed mounds.

”This is what you wanted, right? Take it. Take everything, but please help my brother. ” Her long red locks hung loosely, as more tears dripped from her eyes falling on Liam ’s chest.

Liam sighed. He didn ’t do anything this time. The woman on top of him looked so pathetic right now that he did not feel like kicking her again.

”I don ’t know how many times I have to tell you this. Get it through your head. I am not interested in you or your sister in this way. ”

He wiggled his hand, freeing himself from the boob prison, and then using the same hand, he pushed aside the naked figure sitting atop him.

”Long back, I did suggest something on these lines, but that was just a shortcut. There are plenty of other methods to become stronger. ”

Taking one more look at the naked woman on the bed, he repeated his words. ”Again… they don ’t feel bad, but I am really not interested. ”

Alex was completely dumbfounded. She had acted out of haste and desperation and now that she had become slightly clear-headed, she felt very embarrassed.

She quickly pulled the blanket over herself and asked again. ”Then… then… why won ’t you help my brother? I am sorry. I am really sorry for everything I did. ”

”I was just… ” She trembled.

Liam saw where this was going and quickly stopped her. ”I am not done talking. I am not interested in your body, but I still need something else from you. ”

”The same offer I gave you back then, still stands.. If you want my help, I need all three of you to sign the contract. ”

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