Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 270 - New Team

Liam looked at the two women in front of him and they both stared back at him dumbfoundedly. In fact, he was half-confident that they were going to think of him as some sort of idiot.

How could a game affect real life? Such a thing was inconceivable! It was the stuff of fiction and fantasies, every weeb ’s dream come true.

But unexpectedly, they looked like they believed him? At least their reactions were as such.

”So… that means Rey can be cured by something right? This world has magic, herbs, elixirs, dragons, something should be able to cure my brother right? ” Alex anxiously asked.

In reality, they both also had a feeling that the game was not so simple, but until Liam actually said it out loud, they did not dare to think about this.

Because if what happens inside the game could be brought out… then… the consequences were truly unimaginable!

”I also think so. ” Liam nodded. ”There should exist some sort of cure. If not now then later. ” 

”And also, being a priest, if Mia ’s level is high enough or perhaps with a special skill book, she should be able to heal your brother. ”

”I know I said I don ’t have a way right now, but I will do my best to find one. I don ’t want there to be any hard feelings between us. ”

”We were enemies before, so I retaliated for what you did, but now that we are on the same team, I will sincerely try my best to heal your brother. ”

”Let me tell you the information I currently have. ”

”I think when a player dies inside the game, that person ’s soul is corroded a bit. So the more they die, the more they become weaker. This is the explanation I came up with. ”

”So if when you both are out exploring, doing quests or dungeons, keep an eye out for anything related to the soul. ”

”Alright. In a minute, there are a few more people coming here to this inn. So I request you both to not reveal this information to them just yet. ”

”I will later think of a suitable situation and slowly break it all to them. ”

”Ok. ” Both Mia and Alex nodded. They themselves hadn ’t digested this information yet. So they did not have any issues in agreeing with Liam. 

They were also surprised that his attitude towards them had changed so suddenly. He was being unusually generous by revealing such a huge discovery.

Just as they finished talking, the door cracked open and two people walked in. 

One was a young teenager and the other was a young woman who looked like she was the same age as Mia and Alex.

However, both the girls were very pretty. Especially the woman was very gorgeous and had an enticing body that could even seduce other women.

”Look at this guy. Do you think he tricked these two too? ” Alex whispered in Mia ’s ears. The contract was still weighing heavily in her mind.

Mia glared at her, silently signaling her to keep quiet.

Meanwhile, Mei Mei barged into the room and ran directly to Liam, hugging him tightly. ”Brother, are you alright? Did something happen? We saw your level go down. We became very worried. ”

Shen Yue also walked in to stand beside the two. 

She looked very concerned but did not ask any prying questions. Her eyes rather fell on the other two astoundingly beautiful women in the room.

She instantly became surprised, especially since she recognized these two in a second. They were very famous personalities interviewed a lot on television.

And their guild was also the one who had publicized that news about Liam and slandered him, left and right! 

Shen Yue frowned. It was their guild, so these two definitely had something to do with it.

They had defamed Liam so horribly and now they were sitting here? As if they had nothing to do with it!

This was the last place she had expected to find them!

”Liam, it was them. Did you check the forums and news yet? These two slandered you and caused this whole big mess. What are you both doing here? ”

Shen Yue took out her dagger and stepped forward, but Liam quickly pulled her back. ”Wait. Wait. They are not our enemies. They are our new friends. ”

He intimately held her hand and her waist as he pulled her back, so Shen Yue blushed and quieted down without a single sound.

Seeing this Alex rolled her eyes. Does this rude heartless jerk have a girlfriend? She was speechless.

”Oh. ” Mei Mei also noticed the two because of all the commotion and she reacted worse than Shen Yue by shrieking.

But while the former was angry, the latter was simply shouting in shock and awe.

”Goddess Mia! Oh my god! I can ’t believe you are going to be playing with us. ” 

”I knew you had nothing to do with that stupid rumor. How could my goddess spread false things about my brother? ” She happily beamed.

Alex was about to say something when Mia quickly pulled her back, making her fall back on the bed. ”Ah! Goddess Alex! I am your fan too! ”

Liam watched as the little girl had already forgotten about him and started fangirling those two. 

He was still holding Shen Yue ’s hand, so he let her go and shifted his gaze to the door as if he was expecting someone else.

Mia observed this as her eyes had never once left him. ”Are you expecting someone else? ”

Liam did not answer her, instead, he smiled mysteriously. 

The thing was… he didn ’t know how to explain this. 

The two women in front of him had begged, pleaded, struggled, and fought with him because they did not want to sign a contract. 

But the people whom he was expecting at the moment… were doing the same things in order to sign the same contract.

Even though he had repeatedly rejected them, they begged him and pleaded with him to let them sign it!

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