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Chapter 271 - Will Be Eaten Alive?

A couple of seconds later, the newcomers all arrived one after the other and Liam waved at the group to invite them in.

The others hadn ’t really seen them before, but he was already familiar with the bunch. 

The first one was Berat whom he had briefly met and the other four were the Korean players, Shin Soo, Kim Hyun, Kang Mina, and Chung Hee whom he had teamed up with for running dungeons.

”Hello, brother. ”

”Hello, boss. ”

One by one everyone greeted Liam as they walked in and Liam as well casually handed them the contracts. 

The five did not even bother reading the contracts first. They just directly started signing it by letting a drop of blood.

Moreover, they seemed very happy to receive it like they are getting some sort of precious treasures.

Alex rubbed her eyes not able to believe this. ”You guys know this is a slave… I mean follower ’s contract right? ” She was beginning to doubt if these people were just plain stupid.

Her voice startled the group as other than Liam, they hadn ’t really seen anyone else. 

They were extremely nervous and anxious if he would allow them to join his group, so they did not register anything else, and just wanted to sign the contracts as fast as possible.

But now… they suddenly turned around, and the group was instantly dumbfounded.

One! Two! Three! And Four!

There were not one but four beauties standing in the room, all four of them looking at them. Two of them were even extremely popular internet celebrities and…

Didn ’t the whole slave issue start with these two?

”Goddess… ah… ”

”Bro, they are… ” The four guys opened their mouths wide and their jaws dropped to the ground.

”They are all on our team too. ” Liam smiled and nodded, answering the question on their minds. The four simultaneously gulped, losing their voice.

No one could bring out words in front of these goddesses. The only other woman in the team, Mina, the healer, rolled her eyes at this sight.

She also did not say anything and stood on the side. 

”Alright then. I will leave you all to get accustomed to each other. I have some things to do so I will be on my way. ” Liam stood up to leave.

”Liam, one second. ” Mia stopped him. ”Can I speak with you privately? ”

Instantly, every single eye in the room looked at Liam and then at the ice goddess in shock. Only Shen Yue and Mei Mei had a different kind of look on their faces.

”Alright. Let ’s head out. ” The two of them then walked out of the room in front of everyone else and sat down at a table in the inn.

”Is this fine? ” Liam asked.

”Yes. ” Mia nodded. ”So what should we do now? ”

”You wanted to ask me this? We can discuss this in front of the team. Each and every single one of them is trustworthy. ” Liam smiled.

”Oh? ” Mia looked surprised, but then she remembered the contracts and nodded.

”Just talk to them. Get to know them and then make the decisions on your own. I trust you. ” Liam casually delegated some responsibilities to her.

”I suggest you disband your old guild and start a new one. You will be the sole guild leader and put Berat as management. He is good at that stuff. ”

”Also, if you trust some people from your old guild, you can bring them over. I mean your guild was targeted a lot right? ”

”So if some players still stuck it out with you, then I think they are pretty trustworthy. But remember they will be at the outer circle. ” 

”Only the people you saw here today and one more person will be on the inner circle. This concerns our life and death inside the game and also in the real world. ” 

”Keep that in mind while making decisions. Be careful about whom you trust. Sometimes people change when faced with adversities. ”

”Also, it is a bit inconvenient for me to be in the Xion realm at the moment. So take care of the new guild set up and other things. ” 

”This is my insignia. As you know, I am a Duke in the Kingdom so use it to your advantage. ” Liam passed over his token and gave Mia a bunch of instructions.

She also took a mental note of everything and only asked very few questions in response. She was a born leader so he knew that she would handle it well.

They continued discussing a bunch of things and a few minutes later, Mia hesitantly brought up a topic.

”Liam, one more thing… I want to become stronger… faster… do you still want to… ” 

”Huh? ” Liam was confused for a second as he had forgotten about this part.

”I don ’t want you to force yourself. I don ’t want you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. For now, I have some other suggestions that can bring up your strength. ”

”Why don ’t we discuss this specific thing later? I mean if you still want to do this? ” He explained.

”Ummm. ok. ” Mia nodded with a dazed look on her face. She honestly did not know what to expect after the ’special ’ contract.

A part of her was even scared that she might be forced to do some things in-game, but she definitely did not expect this.

The same guy who was so ruthless and heartless earlier was now treating her with respect and care. So from the beginning, everything was about trust?

She couldn ’t help but wonder just what might have happened in his life that he had such big trust issues. 

Seeing how well he was treating her, the resentment she harbored for him, considerably lessened. 

When all was said and done, in the bottom of her heart, she felt a sort of relief that this person was no longer against her but he was now standing with her.

She followed him in a daze as the two of them walked back to the room where the others were present.

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