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Chapter 272 - The Garrison Leader Returns

As soon as they entered the room, everyone immediately looked at the two with a million questions in their eyes, especially Mei Mei and Shen Yue. 

But Liam did not make any efforts to clear the misconceptions.

He instead directly started listing the bunch of the dungeons that they needed to target and the strategy for all of them.

Liam decided to give the group some time before he started with the really important things. 

As for Mia, Alex, Shen Yue, and Derek, he still needed to sort some things out and see what could bring out their potential the most.

And also… he needed to sort out this own mess.

”Liam, where are you headed to now? ” Mia asked.

”I am going to the nether realm. It ’s a different world that will open up soon to everyone. I will go ahead and do some preparations for you guys beforehand. ”

Alex quickly perked up after listening to this. ”Is that how you are leveling so fast? ” She looked like a hungry wolf waiting to devour the guy and know all of his deep dark secrets.

Now that he was their ’Master ’, he should reveal everything right?

Liam, unfortunately, only smiled. ”I will explain later. ” 

He then paused and after some thought, he took out a couple of the rock slabs that he had cut out from the necromancer ’s hideout.

”Do any of you recognize the words etched on these rocks? ” His gaze specifically landed on Mia as he asked.

Everyone took a look including Shen Yue and Mei Mei, but no one had seen anything like this before so they couldn ’t help.

At this time, everyone turned to pay attention to Mia who was still staring intensely at the slabs. ”Do you recognize something Mia? ” Alex asked.

”Hmmm… Yes… ” Mia unexpectedly nodded.

She then looked at Liam with a strange glint in her eyes. ”I think this is an old demon tongue. I did a quest related to a place called abyss. ” 

”So I recognize maybe one word from this, but I could be wrong. ”

”Oh? Which word? ” Liam became curious. 

He had only casually taken out the rock slabs on the off chance that someone knew something but he did not actually expect it to happen.

”This one. ” Mia pointed to a particular word that kind of looked like an infinity symbol. ”This one should be ’Soul ’. ”

”Are you sure? ” Liam asked.

”Yes. Kind of. I did this quest with a high priestess of the divine temple. She told me that this word meant ’Soul ’. ”

”High priestess? What quest is this? ” It was now Liam ’s turn to become curious.

But Mia shook her head, ”I actually haven ’t made much progress in this quest. I was asked to fight some elites in the north and retrieve a couple of artifacts. ”

”In one of these artifacts, this symbol was carved and she told me that this meant soul. ”

”So why didn ’t you continue this quest? ” Liam wondered if perhaps the elite was a high-level monster. In that case, he could help her.

However, Mia simply smiled without answering. Instead, Alex helped her answer. ”Didn ’t you put a bounty on our head to keep us busy? How are we supposed to do quests then? ”

”Oh. ” Liam heard her and then completely ignored her. 

”Alright, you should then focus on this quest. Since your divine affinity is excellent, quests from the divine temple will have a lot of benefits. ”

Especially considering how amazing his SSS-nether affinity was, Liam did not dare to underestimate the SSS-divine affinity.

Meanwhile… at the other side of the room…

Seeing the three standing close and discussing, Mei Mei shifted to Shen Yue and nudged her lightly. ”Sis, do you see that? Those three seem very close. Hmm… ”

”Ya. ” Shen Yue absentmindedly replied. She was also at a loss for words. However, the person standing next to her loudly mouthed her thoughts.

”I don ’t like it. ” Mei Mei declared.

Hearing this Shen Yue couldn ’t help but chuckle. ”Huh? Weren ’t you their hardcore fans? ” She smiled as she didn ’t expect the girl to change teams so soon.

”Ummm… Yes, but… I still don ’t like this. ” Mei Mei clicked her tongue. ”Do you think that they are scheming something, sis? Do you think that they are trying to manipulate him? ”

”Huh? Why do you say that? ”

”I don ’t know, sis. I hope those girls don ’t take advantage of my brother. He is a very nice and kind person. ”

”Mmm… ”

”He worked very hard to get where he is today and these people just want to take advantage of him now. ”

”Maybe… ”

”Girls like that… will eat him alive… ”

”Mmm… You are right. ”

”We need to protect him. ”

”Absolutely. ”

The two then continued to look at Liam, Alex, and Mia with a strange glint flickering in their eyes.

The other five, however, simply stood on a side as everyone around them was a bigshot. 

They were far too nervous to contribute anything and just tried to hear what the three were intensely discussing.

”Did I or did I not tell you this was a good idea? ” Shin Soo whispered to his group. His teammates silently nodded in unison as if they were dolls, all agreeing with him.

Liam was already enough for them to hitch their wagon to his cart. After all, they had personally experienced just how amazing he was. 

But now these two goddesses also combined, they couldn ’t even imagine the full potential of their group! They were surely going to explode!

They swallowed hard in anticipation of what was to come. 

Especially considering that all the guild contracts were no better than slave contracts, they did not regret their decision one bit. Who wouldn ’t want to team up with these experts?

They had gotten in on the ground floor of something that is sure to become huge. So they happily waited for their orders with their pulse racing and blood thumping.


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