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Chapter 273 - Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

After discussing a couple more things, mainly with Mia, Liam then left the small inn room which was pretty crowded now.

But even in the hurry, he did not forget to mumble a few warnings to his sister about being careful and not dying.

He also gave her the two golems as additional support even though he didn ’t feel that they were necessary because this time Mia and Alex as well were in their group.

Seeing this Alex grimaced. She could never get used to seeing this side of his. The guy was either too kind or too cruel.

”Don ’t forget to tell your friends to stop hunting us down. ” She reminded Liam with a sarcastic tone, to which she did not get any reply.

Watching his figure disappear into the crowded street from the window of the inn, she whispered to Mia. ”Should we kill his sister a few times to teach him a lesson? ”

”Alex, stop it. I am also upset about what happened to Rey. Do you think that I don ’t care about brother? ”

”No… I mean… ”

”We cannot blame this on him, Alex. You know it. I know it. This is your fault and mine. He did not do anything until we leaked out his information. ”

”Just tell it ’s my fault. Why beat around the bush? ” Alex sighed.

”No, it is my fault also. I should have stopped you, but we did not know things would turn out like this. ” Mia shook her head. 

”For god ’s sake, this was supposed to be just a game by a mysterious company. And now… So please don ’t blame yourself and more importantly, not him. ”

”I really want to give this a chance. Be allies. Did we not sign the contract by taking a leap of faith? Don ’t ruin it now. ” Mia patted her.

”Fine. I won ’t. I wasn ’t planning to. Sorry. I just got a little ticked off seeing him being so affectionate to his sister when our brother ’s condition is like that. ” 

Alex smiled sadly, her gaze once again falling on the bubbly girl in the room. She reminded her of her brother so much.

”If Rey was here, he would have been jumping up and down to team up with this guy. ” She muttered.

”Don ’t worry. He will soon be here with us. I will continue that quest. ” 

”As Liam said, if I can become a good enough priest, I should be able to heal soul damage also. ” Mia held her hand gently, comforting her.


Liam walked out of Yleka city with high spirits. He reached the outskirts of the city and whistled to summon Talon who was hiding amidst the tree cover.

”Shall we leave? ” He patted the bird and then opened the portal to the nether realm. This time, however, the portal was different, or rather it felt different to him.

”Hmmm… ” Liam took a deep breath and pensively entered it along with Talon.

Almost instantly, the thick intense surging nether hit him in the face. Liam was shocked. It was an indescribable feeling.

It was as if he was in air one second and underwater the next, well except that he could breathe freely under the water and the waves of the water nourished him, every time it touched him.

”This is interesting. ” Liam sucked in another deep breath as if he was inhaling everything around him. He had expected to feel different in this trip to the nether realm but he did not expect this.

More importantly, he noticed something unusual. ”The nether here is not that dense. ” 

Liam summoned a ball of nether and lobbed it up and down as if he was playing with a basketball. ”Shouldn ’t the nether be thicker in the nether realm, hmmm? ”

Since he had just now visited the necromancer ’s hideout back in the Gresh kingdom ’s borders, the feeling he had at that time was still fresh in his memory.

The nether in this realm was actually weaker than the nether back at that hideout. So he couldn ’t help but wonder if this was really the ’nether ’ realm?

Seeing that his thoughts were wandering, Liam lightly chuckled and shook his head. ”I should first focus on translating the scribblings on the wall. ”

He patted Talon and then climbed on top of the bird. With the wind ripper to fly him around, it only took him a few minutes to reach Thol city.

Of course, the respect he got now was completely different from the respect he had gotten the previous times.

Moreover, he did not even bother to stop at the entrance. 

The bird flew low, giving the guards a chance to look at him, and then directly landed at the garrison tower in the heart of the city.

”Ok, Talon. It will take a while. So feel free to roam around. ” Liam hopped off the bird. The two of them were right now standing on the terrace of the tall garrison tower.

Their arrival as well was very flashy and almost everyone in the city noticed it. 

Of course, this was because everyone in the city was waiting for Liam, the new garrison leader with bursting anticipation.

No later than a second after he landed, a group of demons ran over to him, all huffing and panting. 

These were the demons who were posted previously to work at the garrison tower, taking care of the management and such. 

Since Liam did not change anyone or anything, they all still continued doing their jobs like usual. But the thing was… he did change one thing.

To be more specific, he had introduced an outrageous reward system and then disappeared completely for the next couple of days. 

So these demons were the ones who faced the brunt of that effect. 

Earlier, they were all extremely happy and satisfied with their jobs because they enjoyed power and authority and not to mention a good income without doing much work.

But ever since the new garrison leader took charge, their lives had become a living hell. 

Not only did they earn less than the other platoon leaders and squad leaders and sometimes even soldiers, but their garrison coffers were starting to empty out fast.

This was technically not their fault. The garrison leader was the one who issued the command but the pressure and the stress fell on them.

And if by chance, the garrison leader did not like the result that he was inevitably about to witness, they would also be the ones to receive his wrath.

So their cushy easy jobs had suddenly turned into a complete and utter nightmare. The group of demons all shivered, waiting for Liam to arrive and now he was finally here!

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