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Chapter 274 - The City Lord Wishes To Meet With You

Liam looked at the bunch of demons, clearly all sweating and shaking in nervousness. ”Hmmm? Did something happen? ” He asked as he started to walk over to the garrison hall.

”That… that… ” The demons stuttered, exchanging looks with each other. They did not know why but the current Liam was so much more powerful than the person they had seen before.

”Did something happen? ” Liam frowned, repeating his question again.

Now the demons no longer dared to not answer him and one stepped forward to quickly blurt out. 

”Leader, we have handed out all the rewards for the different group leaders and soldiers and we are about to run out of resources. ”

”We also need to pay tribute to the King in a few days. ” The demon directly brought out the main issue without hiding anything. 

One way or the other, Liam was anyways going to know about it, so he couldn ’t hide it and make things worse. He bit the bullet and became the bearer of the bad news.

And as soon as he finished talking, a deafening silence flooded the space and everyone gulped, waiting for Liam ’s verdict.

There was a huge mountain of pressure weighing on them. Each and every demon looked like their city was about to collapse and crumble in the next couple of days.

But unexpectedly, their new garrison leader did not seem to care? Or at least his facial expression was as such, cold and indifferent.

Oh no! What is going to happen to this city! Are we all doomed!

The next second, Liam casually opened his interface, selected the garrison option, and transferred the gold coins from his account to the garrison management account.

All the demons gaped in shock and surprise as their own interface popped up in front of them showing the incoming cash flow. Their garrison coffers were once again flush!

They silently followed Liam into the main hall, all repeatedly checking if what they had seen was indeed true.

Meanwhile, Liam started busily rummaging through the hall, especially checking the bunch of scrolls and drawings on the big table.

”Is there a map of the region? ”

His voice thundered in the big hall and the demons quickly got to work. Half of them scurried away to take care of the rewards and the other half stayed back to help Liam.

”Leader, we only have a rough map of the Kingdom. ” One of them fished out a bigger scroll from the jumbled mess and gave it to Liam.

”What is your name? ”

”Bika, leader. ”

”Bika, how long have you been working here? ” Liam asked.

The demon became nervous and answered. ”For a couple of decades now, leader. ”

”Ok. Do you happen to know if there are any libraries in the city or in another city near us? ”

”Ah… library… ” Bika scratched his head in confusion. ”Nothing comes to mind, leader. ”

”Hmmm… ” Liam stopped searching and pensively stared at the ogre demon ’s face, making the guy even more nervous.

He didn ’t know that though he was staring at him, he was thinking about something else.

Liam pondered where he could possibly come across the resources that could help him decipher what is written on the walls.

It did not look like it was common knowledge so maybe an older rarely used dialect?

Just to make sure, he took out a slab and showed it to the demons surrounding him, and those standing around in the hall.

But as he had guessed, none of them were able to help him translate the words etched on the surface.

Liam then gazed at the huge roughly drawn out map of the kingdom and saw the main red city marked by a skull.

”Something helpful should be there in the main city perhaps? ” His finger traced the skull mark on the map.

The issue was that this realm was very different from the Xion realm. Every area here was mostly a high-level zone, excluding the outskirts of the small settlements scattered around.

And moreover, the beasts here were more fierce than the beasts in the Xiong realm as more often than not they were demonic beasts that have lost their minds completely.

Liam was not completely helpless. He had the confidence to deal with some of these demonic beasts. 

The problem was that the journey to the city was far too long and he did not even know if it would help him at all or just waste more of his time.

As he was thinking about this, he suddenly had an idea. ”Bika, come here. For the invasion missions… where do we get the scrolls from? ”

The demon blinked as if he was confused but he quickly answered. ”From Itaka city, leader. All our scrolls come from the lord ’s castle there. ”

”Oh! ” Liam grinned. Success!

”Show me on the map. Where is this place? And can you tell me a bit about this Lord? ”

Bika nodded enthusiastically and pointed his chubby finger to show the location on the map. Thankfully it was not too far away.

Rather it was far but it was still closer than the red city, the main settlement where the demon king and his personal army resided.

Liam took a note of the location and roughly checked which was the best route to reach the same.

”Leader, about the Lord… I think the Lord should already be quite fond of you. ” 

”Our garrison leader Hongumbra, Cough. Cough. Previous garrison leader Hongumbra and the Lord did not get along. ”

Though the demon did not explain things openly, Liam got a gist of the issue and chuckled lightly. ”Alright then, at least this part should be easier. ”

Liam nodded and started making the preparations for the trip. He decided to travel by foot and take his special squad along with him.

There was still too much he didn ’t understand about this realm so while he was traveling around, he also wanted to explore as much as he could.

And there was yet another thing… he could now wield nether! So he wanted to train and start casting spells using nether!

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