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Chapter 275 - Someone Is Touching Me

As per Liam ’s instructions, his personal team of ten demons promptly arrived at the garrison tower and this time, they had an even pronounced look of respect and reverence for him.

In fact, they were just a step away from worshipping him. 

They already believed that their leader was capable of great things and now just like they wished for he had accomplished the impossible and become the garrison leader! 

That too this soon and so young!

Not only that but their garrison had recently almost doubled its war chest and war activity. 

If their progress continues this way, then it was only a matter of time before their city becomes a greater demon city.

”What happened? Why are you all staring at me this way? ” Liam chuckled, patting Talon.

The ten demons silently shook their heads in response, as they were too terrified to talk to him.

”Alright then. ” Liam smiled. ”Are you guys ready? Let ’s go. ”

The group quickly prepared themselves and left the garrison and the city boundaries, walking on the outskirts with Liam.

This was not an invasion mission but they still were very thrilled to travel with their leader as if something exciting might happen at any given instant. 

Liam on the other hand, walked with a blank look on his face the entire time. Inwardly, he was trying to cast some spells using nether.

But nether and mana were basically two different energies, and he was not able to mimic the same control he had for mana in case of nether.

He was able to easily manipulate it but he was not able to mix it with any elemental attributes to give it a more specific purpose.

However, simply weilding it as well had it owns perks. 

When the group came across a pack of Level 40 desert vultures, Liam was able strangle two of the birds by just suffocating it with concentrated nether.

Unlike mana this energy was very nefarious. 

So when concentrated, it had its own effects and properties just like how the tentacles were using a slightly venomous version of the nether to do their damage.

Liam silently tried to grasp these concepts as the group slowly moved from Thol city to Itaka city, slaughtering whatever mobs that came their way.

Since he was not that concerned about gaining experience points anymore, he only focussed on his technique and honing his skills.

Unfortunately, most of the drops were just coins and random items, he did not get a single skill book from the mobs so far.

This was disappointing as Liam had hoped that he could get a nether based skill book from this realm, but it looked like skill book drops were even rarer here.

”Talon, come here. ” He waved at the bird wreaking havoc on a hound. ”Can you fly around and see if there are more mobs? ”

The other demons grunted in excitement on seeing this. With Liam around, this was a golden opportunity for them to fight against stronger beasts and improve themselves.

And now with Talon gathering more and more mobs, even those that were not on their path, they had plenty of beasts to train with.

If anyone at any point became overwhelmed with an opponent, almost receiving severe injuries, Liam promptly intervened and helped them out.

In this way, they continued training each in their own method and the group slowly moved towards their destination.

By nightfall, they doubled back on their speed and finally arrived at the city. However, Liam did not immediately enter the premises.

Instead, he set up a small camp outside with his demons. He asked them to cook and feast on some of the meat they had gathered so far.

So if any outsider were to look, it would simply seem as if they were celebrating.

And all the demons were in fact celebrating, except for Liam who quietly sat at the back and took out a rock slab from his collection. 

He also took out a scroll from his inventory space and started copying the contents of the slab onto the scroll. 

He did it slowly and carefully, making sure that the signs and symbols were copied properly onto the scrolls, not leaving any details out, even the smallest of the details.

After this, he did not stop here and took out another scroll, in this he copied the contents of the first scroll once again but in a modified manner, things slightly jumbled up.

He did not copy all the words and whatever he copied was in the wrong order with certain symbols differently etched.

He made a couple of copies of this and when he was finally satisfied, he everything in separate inventory spaces, properly making note of what is what.

”Now we are ready to go to the city. ” Liam smiled. He walked over to the group and grabbed a roasted vulture leg, chomping down on it with ferocity.

The group then marched into the city boundaries. ”Halt. ” The guard at the entrance bellowed.

But Hiruyu quickly stepped forward and explained. ”This is the Thol city ’s garrison leader. We are here on official business. Move aside. ”

”Oh. ” The demon grunted and hesitantly stepped aside. 

At the same time, he also whispered something in his comrade ’s ears who walked away from the guard post into the city in big strides as if he was in a hurry to convey the message that he had just received. 

Liam did not mind these things as he assumed that one leader going to another city was something that the higher-ups needed to be informed about.

Instead, he paid attention to the huge city that was sprawled in front of them. 

Though both Thol and Itaka were cities, from what was in front of him right now, they were clearly not on the same level.

When compared to this city, Thol could only be called a town at best. The place was enormous with all sorts of demons and beast kin wandering around the streets.

It was so much more crowded than even Yleka city back at Xiong realm. 

Liam wanted to explore it a bit, but he decided to first take care of the important business that was weighing heavily on his mind.

”Hiruyu, come here. Get someone to escort us to the Lord ’s castle. It won ’t be good if we roam around without meeting with him first. ”

The demon nodded and quickly ran away to do his bidding. Not long after a group of huge bulky demons arrived on their own, coming to a stop in front of Liam.

”The city Lord wishes to meet with you. ”

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