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Chapter 276 - Wife Or Daughter?

Liam knew that this was bound to happen sooner or later. This was also the reason why he was here in the first place.

So he silently nodded. ”Alright, let ’s go. ” 

He waved his hand, calling back Hiruyu and he and the ten demons followed the group all the way to the big castle in the city.

Just like the city, this castle was also on a completely different level when compared to the garrison tower back at Thol city. 

In fact, this one was almost as grand as the royal palace of the Gresh Kingdom!

”Hmmm? Must be all the cash coming in from the inscription scrolls. ” Liam chuckled lightly in amusement and observed everything around them.

No matter where he looked, there were pristinely clean marble structures, well-maintained gardens, and wait a second… 

Liam ’s eyes almost squeezed out of his sockets when he saw that the gardens were actually herb gardens with a lot of precious herbs!

This demon was definitely different from the rest of the demons who did not care about any appearances or beauty.

Must be a demon with high intelligence! Liam made a mental note and kept moving, not showing that he was visibly shocked.

A few minutes later, the group arrived at the main hall, where another group of demons was just leaving the castle.

”So we are here. ” Liam prepared himself mentally. Though he knew that this demon was not particularly hostile with him or his city, he still did not dare to underestimate the opponent.

He walked in keeping an eye on all the surroundings and noticed the three figures sitting at the end of the hall.

”OH! HA HA HA HA! The famous new garrison leader of the Thol city is here! Nyaka welcomes you! ” The demon immediately stood up and walked over to welcome Liam.

And to Liam ’s surprise,  this demon, Nyaka, was actually very human-like or rather elf-like. He was a tall and lean demon with dark skin and bright red eyes.

His ears were long and pointed. His teeth slightly protruded out. Otherwise, the rest of his features were just like a normal human being.

”Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. I have been meaning to personally make a trip just to visit you! Do you know why? ”

”Because I hated that stinky Hongumbra! HA! HA! HA! ” The demon loudly chortled.

Liam as well smiled in response, but he did not make any efforts to fawn over him or flatter him. 

He had a feeling that this might impress the demon and just like he assumed, his technique also worked. 

”You seem to be a man of few words huh? ” The demon grinned in amusement. 

He patted Liam and with a hand over his shoulder, ushered him over to the throne area as if they were best buds.

”Come. Come. Let ’s have a feast. ”

The two of them then walked over to another room beside the hall which was also equally bigger. 

It had a huge table at the center and the demon sat at the head of the table. 

Liam sat beside him on the side, deciding to broach the main topic after everyone was filled with meat and booze.

Surprisingly, not long after they settled down, another two figures waltzed in.

”Hmmm? ” Liam turned to look, only to be instantly floored. Walking over towards them were two extremely alluring demons.

Their beauty was shockingly superior even compared to the enchantress whom he had faced a while back! 

Though he was currently in the presence of many tempting women like this, these two still stood out because of their exaggerated assets.

Their curves were… 

”Cough. Cough. ” Liam quickly turned around as he felt a pair of eyes scrutinizing him closely. 

He kept a straight and indifferent face as if what he had seen just now did not affect him one bit.

Inwardly, he sighed in relief since he managed to salvage the situation quite fast. 

He had almost forgotten why this demon had hated Hongumbra so much. It was probably because he couldn ’t control himself and openly lusted after these two?

Not that the two did anything to help with the situation. 

They were dressed very provocatively in revealing attire, jutting out their assents both on the front and the back.

They gracefully carried themselves and sat down at the table at the other side beside Nyaka with a slight smile on their lips.

However, Liam kept his head down, only looking at the food on his plate. 

”Garrison Leader Liam, this is my only wife Yuki and my daughter Misa. ” Nyaka grinned with pride.

Oh? So they were mother and daughter? 

Liam couldn ’t believe it as both of them looked extremely voluptuous and young, but he simply smiled and replied with a few casual words.

”You are very lucky to have such a beautiful family, Lord Nyaka. ”

In fact, now more than ever, he avoided the two like a plague, refraining from even taking a single glance.

He knew that demons were usually not monogamous and were very free and unrestrained when it came to matters like this.

So if Nyaka specifically introduced the two as his family, Liam immediately knew what to do and what to avoid.

The guy was probably very possessive and considered the two women to be his treasures or perhaps even loved them dearly.

And maybe Hongumbra attempted something stupid, and that ’s why he had it out for him. Liam was not about to repeat the same mistake. After all, he had come here with a purpose.

He behaved like a complete saint during the entire dinner and only focussed on his conversation with Nyaka as if the other two were not even present at the table.

The demon as well looked pleased with his behavior. 

The two of them chatted about a few things here and there and Liam learned a lot about the war preparations.

Of course, the topic of what he had recently done and how he increased the rewards also came up. Unexpectedly, Nyaka praised him for having this foresight.

He talked to Liam about the various rewards he had set up for managing this city ’s garrison. 

In reality, their rewards were a lot more exaggerated, but that was because this demon was one of the inscription masters, preparing all the war invasion scrolls.

So he naturally had a lot more resources to spend and so the rewards he could give out were also similarly higher.

In this manner, the rest of the dinner continued very smoothly, and Liam as well enjoyed himself by savoring the various delicacies served on the table. 

There was some sort of wine served called the blood wine and Nyaka drank several huge mouthfuls of the wine, his mood becoming better with every gulp.

Finally, it felt as if the time was ripe and Liam slowly opened his mouth to talk about the main agenda of the evening, the main reason why he was here.

He wanted to know if this demon recognized the language that was scribbled on the rocks or perhaps had some scrolls or books pertaining to the same.

He was just about to take the modified scroll and show it to Nyaka when suddenly Liam froze. 

Something just touched his legs!

Correction, someone kept touching his legs!

Someone was actually running their bare leg up and down his leg!

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