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Chapter 277 - New Tutor

Damn it. Liam became nervous. What is this new development? Or am I just overthinking things?

He paused hoping that it would stop or maybe he had mistaken things but the other person didn ’t seem to take his hint.

There was a foot still rubbing him up and down his leg, going even higher as if they were trying to dare him, wanting to be exposed or at least enjoying the thrill of it.

Liam ’s eyes widened in shock. What the hell was this new development? Who among the three was doing this nonsense?

Was it the bored wife?

Was it the daughter who was being wild?

Or perhaps… a frightening thought entered Liam ’s mind. Was it the Lord himself?

He dropped the piece of meat in his hand as his fingers trembled slightly and his eyes twitched at the thought.

No. No. The angle was wrong. He quickly calmed down. It was either the wife or the daughter!

To confirm his suspicions, he slightly looked up, only to find the wife grinning at him mischievously with a seductive twinkle in her eyes.

So it was her…

Liam quickly adjusted his position and moved away, shoving a piece of meat into his mouth and acting as if he was coughing. 

And he felt the leg leave him as well.

Thank god. He sighed inwardly in relief as if he had avoided a great catastrophe and was about to broach the topic again, when suddenly…

Fuck! Once again there was a warm leg rubbing him intimately, the little toes twirling around and making circles.

This time, Liam knew that it couldn ’t be the wife as he was a bit too far away from her. However… as for the daughter… it couldn ’t be, right?

He again looked up… his mouth wide open… only to find the daughter this time grinning with the same mischievous smile.

Damn it. What the hell is happening? Liam felt a headache incoming.

He did not bother shifting his chair anymore as it would make his plight very obvious and just silently continued eating.

Finally, after a few more minutes, the city Lord ended up breaking the awkward silence that prevailed.

”So garrison leader, what is the reason for your visit this time? Don ’t tell me you came here just to greet me and dine with me? ” 

Nyaka raised his wine glass, chuckling, and then added with a wink, ”Or perhaps to take a look at my beautiful wife and daughter? ”

Liam coughed, almost choking on his food. The two in front of him also grinned mischievously.

I am screwed, aren ’t I? He smiled bitterly and shook his head. ”No Lord, ha ha ha. ”

Now he knew that it was probably not Hongumbra who had gotten into trouble but one of these troublesome dangerous beauties had dragged him into it, kicking and screaming.

Irrespectively, this was a good chance to bring the subject. 

So he pushed aside the weird mother and daughter pair and the leg that was still rubbing him and took out the scroll.

”Ha Ha, the city Lord is so observant. ” Liam shamelessly flattered him. ”I did come here to consult the Lord on a matter. ”

He passed on the scroll to the intoxicated demon and asked him. 

”I came across this when I was doing a specific invasion mission, grabbed it from some dark mages. ”

”Does Lord recognize any of these words? ”

”They seem to be some sort of strange symbols, perhaps an old language? ”

Liam cautiously asked, while being very humble and respectful, of course, also ignoring the leg that was continuing to stroke him.

”Oh. I see. ” Nyaka nodded. He narrowed his eyes as he focused on the scroll in his hands. 

”Hmmm… I don ’t recognize them together… but I might have seen them here and there. Hic. ”

”My apologies, garrison leader. I am afraid I won ’t be able to help you out right now. Our war preparations are in full swing. Hic. ”

”These days I am in my inscription room from daybreak until late night. Hic. ”

”But since I owe you one for trashing that Hongumbra, let me think of something. Hmmm… ”

”How about you visit my collection of books and scrolls in the library and search for yourself. Perhaps you might get some hints? ”

”Then I will do that, city Lord. ” Liam quickly accepted his suggestion before anyone had a chance to change their mind.

The rest of the dinner then went smoothly as the demon completely sloshed himself. 

Liam did not dare look at the other two and he quickly excused himself after a while. 

He did not look back and left the castle at his top speed as if he was running away.

”Boss, did something happen? ” Hiriyu hesitantly asked him. He did not want to pry but the way Liam was acting he was a bit worried.

They almost couldn ’t keep up with his speed.

Hearing this Liam finally slowed down. He also saw that he was far enough from the castle so he relaxed a little.

”Nothing. Nothing. You guys find an inn to stay in and take some rest tonight. I still have some work to do. ” 

He sent the demons away and continued to walk towards the exit of the city.

Somehow things had gone smoothly today and tomorrow he would know whether he would be able to find the answer to his question within this castle or not.

But in the meantime, he had an entire night to kill and he wanted to train his control and manipulation of nether.

Especially during the night, the beasts and monsters that roamed the lands were much higher. 

Most of them were also demonic beasts, so it was an ideal time to train.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Liam, one mother and one daughter watched his figure leave the city from atop the castle, standing on different sides.

Both of them simultaneously sighed in disappointment and then returned back to their chambers, as if they couldn ’t wait for the next day to come.


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